is this seat taken - part 1

Chapter 1 - The First Meeting

I was heading to Las Vegas for another business trip, on one of those airlines that do not assign seats, when I noticed a very fat woman desperately looking for an aisle seat. She was doing her best to move down the narrow aisle, but her wide hips and huge ass were rubbing against the seats and her fellow passengers. Several travelers gave her looks of disgust as if they were trying to convey ‘you fat bitch, how could you do that to yourself’ but undeterred, she kept moving down the aisle. Little beads of sweat were forming on her forehead and her breathing was becoming more labored as she worked her way towards the back of the plane. She almost looked as if she were going to break out into tears.

My trick on these no assigned seat airlines is to sit in the middle seat, since no one wants to sit by another person, and it usually works. The aisle seat on my row was open and she looked hopeful. She asked, “Sir, is this seat taken?”

I looked at her beautiful face and instantly felt a connection to this woman. I stammered a little as I told her, “No mam, this seat is all yours.” I moved to the window seat.

Smiling with relief, she placed her carry on suitcase in the overhead bin and sat down in the aisle seat. Her wide hips and massive ass spread over into half of the center seat. Out of the corner of my eye I watched as she settled into her seat, making herself as comfortable as she could for the 2-hour flight.

I have never been attracted to large women but for some reason I was becoming aroused. Overall, her body was massive, and her size is what I found most appealing. Naturally, my view was of her profile and not only was she wide, but her belly extended and rested in her lap, and her bra clad generous bosom laid on top of her belly. I found myself increasingly attracted to this lady.

The crew finished boarding the passengers and we pushed back from the gate. As we taxied out to the runway, every little bump and jostle caused her body to jiggle and shake and she caught me watching, “It’s quite a show, isn’t it,” she said smiling, nodding towards her quivering body.
Trying to form a response, I just sat there but the words would not come. She let me off the hook with a response that took me completely by surprise, “I can tell you have not been around a lot of fat women and your inclination to observe is natural,” she said with that same pleasant smile, “so feel free to watch all you want.”

Knowing I had to say something, I finally managed a tepid response of, “I’m so sorry, I do not mean to stare. But I find you extremely attractive.” I had no idea where that came from, but it was an honest statement.

By now we had reached the runway and as the pilot advanced the throttles and the aircraft accelerated, the jostling of the aircraft increased, and the jiggling of her body responded accordingly. Amazingly, she seemed comfortable with my gawking at her and to my dismay, when the wheels left the ground, her jiggling stopped.

I did my best to hide how fascinated I was by her, but I was not doing a very good job. She looked at me and patted the seat by her. She said, “If you’ve never felt how soft a large woman is, now is your chance.”

I did not hesitate to slide over next to her and it took a little effort, but I managed to squeeze into the middle seat. Her soft fat molding and pressing into my body. Her softness felt so damn good and then she put me over the top. “Here, give me your hand,” and I gave her my hand and she felt my uneasiness, “relax, just go with it.” She placed my hand on her thick thigh. I’ve never felt a thigh so large. She then pulled my hand up and across her upper belly and placed it under her heavy bosom. This lady is an absolute tease. She put her mouth close to my ear, her hot breath in my ear, she whispered, “My name is Maria.”

I was ready to explode, but I managed, “Hello Maria, my name is Dan.”

During the flight we chatted and talked about everything. I discovered that Maria had not always been big, but she met a guy when she weighed 115 pounds, that told her she would look good if she gained some weight. Long story short, when her weight gain went to the bottom part of her body, he took off. Apparently, he was a ‘belly guy’ and was no longer interested in her. By then she had put on 150 pounds and didn’t know what to do. She didn’t know if she should diet or keep gaining weight. She loved her thick body and she decided to grow even more.
She wrapped up her story with, “So now I weigh 437 pounds and each of my thighs are 42” and my hips and rear measure 75” in circumference.”

I was smitten! Apparently, she is a plus size model and is in town to do a photo shoot for a plus size clothing line. Gathering my courage, I told her, “Look, I’ve really enjoyed talking to you. I can tell you’re a lot of fun and I would like to get to know you better. Do you want to hang out while we are here?”

Her reply, “Why Dan, I thought you would never ask.” We both laughed.

We waited for the plane to empty before departing. Maria confided, “Thanks for waiting with me Dan. I know my size can sometimes be a disadvantage and I accommodate when I can.”

With all the passengers gone, she got out of her seat and reached up to retrieve her bag. That’s when I got a full appreciation of her size. I let her lead as we deplaned and walked up the jetway, out into the terminal. I had never observed and walked behind a woman with such a large rear and wide hips. The way they swayed under her dress was mesmerizing.

She turned her head to the side, “Whatcha doing Dan?”

My reply, “Just admiring the view.” And with that, she put a little more sway into her walk.


On our fifth wedding anniversary, I was following Maria, now 586 lbs., down the hall of the resort we were staying at. She turned her head to the side, “Whatcha doing Dan?”

My reply, “Just admiring the view.” We both chuckled as I opened the door to our suite.
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