Le beurre (butter)

Theo works a job he hates and comes home to an empty apartment every night. His cat, Oliver, is his only true companion. After one drunken night on the net, he gets a text the following day that will change his life forever.   More ▼

Fat for paolo

Trevor is a drama freak and Paolo is an Italian jock. They go to the same school and they're both pretty popular among their peers. Paolo is secretly an encourager while Trevor just happened to have gained some winter weight...   More ▼

The artful expansion  

Steven is a college student taking an art class when the model of the class catches his eye. Steve has also been having vivid dreams of his growing body. Worlds collide in this artful tale of mutual gaining.   More ▼

Bad habits

Oliver quits running cross country and finds himself in a confusing and dark relationship with his best friend's brother. Dylan is good at manipulating Oliver and preying on his weaknesses making him unhealthy and immobile.   More ▼

Douglas's dilemma  

A male nurse working in a busy hospital by day, Douglas aspires to advance his skills to become a certified nurse practitioner by night through online coursework. His stressful life is upended as he falls for two attractive men, simultaneously.   More ▼

Feeding cedric - a victorian age gay story  

When Cedric meets Hugo in the club, his life is about to change. While he wants to obey, beautiful, slender Hugo wants him to expand. Can Cedric give in to his own and the other man's desires and where will they lead him?   More ▼

Bulking with coach

Student gains weight due to over-supportive coach. A fantasy I've had for a while now. I'm a fan of "guy gains weight simply because he is in an enviroment that allows it and doesn't care enough to stop it" type of story.   More ▼

The glow room: mightier than the sword

A young journalist journeys to a self help retreat hidden in the heart of Florida. Where she encounters the eccentric owner and a mysterious Russian woman. All while succumbing to a magical curse placed upon her. Experience a tale of romance and revenge.   More ▼

A rivalry gone too far  

Brayden and Hunter were both star quarterbacks on their collage, and, although they put up a friendly demeanour, they're always competing against one another, trying to be #1.   More ▼

The stowaway

A desperate young man on the run finds himself stuck in the high seas after a tumultuous night. Will he be discovered, and what punishment awaits? Themes: Submission and domination, forced weight gain, gay eroticism and sex, EXTREMELY gay.   More ▼
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