Weight gain stories

Piper is putting on pounds  

Piper did an online variety show, Perry was a fan, but what happens when a variety turns to a singular focus? See what happens when the two find each other and find themselves. My attempt at being just a little realistic despite Piper having a show.   More ▼

My coach made me fat  

A swimmer boy is in love with his female coach, Denise, with already astonishing curves and dreams about feeding her even further. But for cheating on Denise with her own daughter, she decides to feed him instead of letting him know she found out.   More ▼

My weight gain - an interactive story (recently updated!)  

I thought you were after my perfect body, but you wanted more than that. From the day I met you at that bar, my life has never been the same. My name is Freja Dawn and you are the love of my life. And you made me fat.   More ▼

The club

Grab a roll, there is plenty to go around! (Once again, darker feedism ahead, along with some very morally questionable decisions. I also know half of you love this stuff)   More ▼

Empathy gain

When an aspiring author finds herself sporting a new belly and a new embarrassment near friends, she wonders if she could seize the opportunity to understand the mind of a character in her novel who is struggling with weight. (FINALE, 02/02).   More ▼


True things that have involved my being a Feeder In my life. I am adding some more stories in here. Sorry if it seems confusing I’m trying to get the content out so I don’t forget it. I’ll add more the more likes I get   More ▼

Nick's lucky break  

Synopsis: Nick is a subcontractor working on a mansion job in Beverly Hills. The homeowner is a real piece of work and, in a last-minute bind, forces Nick to stay late to help her out. But it’s more than money that Nick receives from an unlike source   More ▼

Suze's suit  

Suze realises her dream of owning her own fat suit but is she ready for what comes next?   More ▼

The gift of pounds

Four good boys and girls wish to gain weight, but something is holding them back. When advent calendars filled with truffles containing a special ingredient land on their doorsteps, they might get their wish and more by Christmas morning.   More ▼

His mother

When Michaela met Brendan, A famous actor she knew that her life would never be the same once they started dating, However what she didn't know is that his mother would bring the biggest change to her life   More ▼
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