haley's gain

Follow Haley, A popular hot college freshman through her college years. Themes of humiliation/revenge Note: First story. Feedback/support is super appreciated in helping me to keep this story going.more ▼
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lila and matt

It is a slow burn, more emphasis on the relationship. Matt and Lila grow up as close family friends, but what if their relationship becomes more? In the same world as the stories: Suburban Mom AND Jake and The Nanny. (Story order: 1. Suburban Mom, 2. Lmore ▼
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Grace is sure that couple, Christian and Dianne, indulge in a little kink she's always been fascinated in. But as she learns more, Grace soon realises that the sexual interest she thought she had quashed in herself, is back - and hungry for more!more ▼
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post passion patties - a totally spies fanfic

The WHOOP trio of spies, Sam, Alex, and Clover end the waistline-expanding cookie "Passion Patties". Post Passion Patties follows Clover, one of the spies affected by the fattening cookie, and it's ramifications.more ▼


college jackie continues

The continuing story of college Jackie. Follow her and her friends through Halloween and beyond. Jackie is prone to drunk and high pigging out.more ▼
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suburban mom

The tale of a mom in the suburbs. In the same world as the stories: Lila and Matt AND Jake and The Nanny. (Story order: 1. Suburban Mom, 2. Lila and Matt, 3. Jake and The Nanny)more ▼
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🍩 repayment in full

When a starving homeless girl is caught robbing a bakery, she's forced to work there for one year to make up for her crime. As she gets to know Frida, the owner's granddaughter, however, she starts working to gain a lot more than just her freedom...more ▼
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the fattest cookbook - reloaded

Dumped by her boyfriend, Judy decides to write a cookbook about how to get fat & the problems begin......... COMING SOON... "Island Woman-Revisited" (Another story I wrote some time back.) Hope you enjoy.more ▼
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After escaping prison Mia’s ex decides to give Mia what he believes to be some well deserved payback after all he ended up in prison so she should be okay losing something in return or should I say ‘gaining something’ (I’ll be posting a chapter for everymore ▼


the curious + curvy cat: part ii, weeks 1-2

My adventure of discovering who I am, what I want, and learning to love my body just the way it is through a BDSM relationship. Loosely based on my life and experiences right now. Weeks 1 + 2 cover the lessons of Exposure and Growth!more ▼
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