3 weeks
When Matthew Yellow, was a child he was smaller and weaker than most kids his age. But he changes his looks to get his older human soulmate.
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2 months
One man's sick fantasy of creating a human farm where females are bred and milk is harvested.
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A fat new mother grows to Immobility with the help of her boyfriend Zack and loads of fattening foods!
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(Note:this story has no exact time period) Doug had recently left his wife Marilla on her own with their 18 year old daughter annie,but the two then discover that dad had left a little gift that leaves a big impact on Annie's body.
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Zoe's insecurities during her first pregnancy lead to her husband Austin making a drastic lifestyle change for love.
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Kali is your average girl that needs to fill a void in her life and finds a new job that just might do it. What she doesn't know is this new job will make her gain a whole lot more than just cash. (Updated)
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Brooke has just found out she is pregnant and is terrified about getting a belly but Jessie will grow her own for mutual support.
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This piece is described by its title. It is very short.
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5 months
Twin brothers: Dylan and Dalton Love share and do everything together. They even share lovers: weather they'er Guys or Girls.
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Ed's gut grows when he knocks up Molly May
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