20 hours
Kali is college girl living in a sorority house, unknown to her that it is a hub for the FA community to pick and choose their victims of fattening. The soroity girls have decided to fatten up Kali, a boy named Dylan taking special interest in the bloate
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A spin-off of my Meeting Mary story. Welcome to Fatworld focuses on Mary, who has been shipped to Fatworld. A place where overweight people are taken to to get beyond immobility. Note: This story includes humiliation and can be harsh.
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2 weeks
It all started off so innocently, but things soon get complicated when Damon and Jenny meet and accidentally start to put on a few lbs together...
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2 months
A cute love story in a brutal setting. Contains giantesses, lesbianism, dominant females, and occasional vore. I hope you like it!
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3 days
Told from the perspective of a Adam meeting a young and beautiful SSBBW woman named Hannah who becomes Adam�s subject by making Hannah thirty times bigger. Image from DeviantArt
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Jack�s sister Emma sets her brother up on a blind date with Abby, a young and attractive SSBBW that changes their night forever
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Jacob Morris is an overweight, disgruntled high school math teacher whose most passionate romance, to date, has been with the free donuts in the teacher's lounge. The charming new gym teacher sets him on a path to self-liberation. (Slow build)
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4 months
A story told from the perspective of Ryan who meets a girl named Mary who is a bit overweight that is looking for a feeder, but she isnt aware of what Ryan has in stores for her. The image from DeviantArt is to show how large and beautiful Mary looks
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A humiliation story of Fattie Farrah being humiliated and forced to eat by her boyfriend Joe
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