When the unsuspecting Hayley gets a job working for The Food Company it wont be just her horizons expanding...
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2 days
A girl will do strange things for money and love. (Donít know how Iíll do this story yet, but I think I want to try jumps in time rather than put in so much detail.)
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8 months
*NEW chapter 08/06/18* Professor Paulson has been obsessed with not only his brightest but his biggest student, Anna. We join the story when temptation finally becomes too much and the professor takes the first step over the the student teacher boundary.
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3 days
A fantasy fed gets him real pudgy
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In the 21st century, why go any further than Fantasy Feeder to find a man who would like to be stuffed like a turkey for thanksgiving?
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Having gotten back together with her old friend, their relationship is taken to the next level as they become closer than ever before. But Max finds herself struggling to control her appetite or resist Chloe's encouragement which has severe consequences f
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An exclusive club on 22nd century earth brings all of your fantasies to life.
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Bunch of lil stories. All catagories. Gay and straight Male and Female
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Mark runs into a girl he dated in college. She's a little bigger though. Just a bit.
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