3 years
Tales of a demon of Gluttony, who is enjoying his new status. All the while remembering the tale of a Valley girl. (chapter added June 7, 2016)
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(Note:this story has no exact time period) Doug had recently left his wife Marilla on her own with their 18 year old daughter annie,but the two then discover that dad had left a little gift that leaves a big impact on Annie's body.
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What happens when a feeder finds his perfect match?
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A fatty gets lost in the woods and encounters a witch who'd be happy to make the plumper fatter. Comment what you think so far.
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What seems like a chance encounter with the girl of his dreams turns into more than he could have ever dreamed for.
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After years of sliently watching her grow slowly, John takes matters in his own hands
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Jake, A regular customer to the Amarilia Cafe meets a new worker named Rowan.
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2 weeks
A young girl on a journey
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2 months
The story of our protagonist's change in this buffet
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1 month
When Brandon insults the wrong young witch, he pays in a way he'd never have expected
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