A pleasantly plump conversation

Chapter 1 - a pleasantly plump conversation chapter 1

My wife and I had bought a combination bakery/gift shop in a small Colorado town, just off Interstate 70 going through the mountains. It was a great little business. Skiers would get off the highway for donuts and coffee during the winter months. Tourist coming through in the summer would stop for pastries and souvenirs. The fall and spring were a little slow sales wise, but the winter and summer months made up for it.

My wife had started working in the shop. She was already nearly obese when we bought the business, but soon she was gaining weight. She became alarmed that she could become morbidly obese like her mom and admonished me to take over the shop duties. I already did some of the baking and I also did a lot of wood working for gift items on the "gift" side of the business.

When Katie, my wife, broached the subject of me running the shop I said, "Honey, I know I will gain weight too. Are you going to be upset with me putting on weight?" "No Nat, I won't I promise. I really appreciate you taking over in the shop for me. I just don't want to get as heavy as my mom." "Okay honey, I will take over working the shop."

I started the very next day. I already came in around five thirty to start baking and frying donuts. So I just ended up staying a lot longer that I had before. The first week, I was pretty good about not eating too much or snacking a lot. The second week we started our spring slow down and there were a lot of left over donuts and pastries at the end of the day. I just couldn't throw them out. Of course they started to "find" their way into my mouth. I started putting on weight, by the end of my first month working the shop I had gained twelve pounds. It showed on my waist, adding two inches in my then thirty six inch waist. It also went to my butt, though only an additional inch.

Katie seemed fine with my new weight. She remembered that she had gained working the shop too and really couldn't "look who's calling the kettle black" when she herself had weight issues. I also was actually enjoying the new pounds. I loved to eat, especially sweet pastries and donuts.

During the spring slow down, I did adjust the amounts of items I baked, but even doing that I still was steadily gaining. The second month I put on eight pounds, the third ten more. I now had gained thirty pounds in three months. My waist had bulged out to forty three inches and my butt had grown to forty two inches.
Katie and I decided to add ice cream to our shop's offerings. I really think she suggested this knowing I would not be able to resist adding ice cream to my steady diet of fattening donuts and pastries. The ice cream was a big hit during our summer season. The tourists now pulled in all day long, rather than just in the mornings as before. The summer was over before I knew it.

Thought mentally the summer went by quickly, it did a toll on my waist! I love ice cream and any slow down during the day, my face was in an ice cream cone, or bowl and even sundaes. I gained forty more pounds. I had ballooned from a thirty six inch waist weighing one hundred ninety pounds to a bulging fifty two inch belly and fifty inch butt and weighing a whopping two hundred and sixty pounds. I loved being fat! I loved to eat as much as I wanted too. Katie even seemed to appreciate my increasing girth. She was far more intimate as I gained more and more weight. She loved to tease me in the bathroom, kneading my fat belly and bubble butt. I deliberately did not buy any new clothes. By the early fall, I could not fit into any jeans or pants. My XL t-shirts would not cover my belly fat, so I wore an apron in the shop and sweat pants barely covering my ***, with my belly sagging over the waist band.

We had started into the fall slow season when she came into the shop. She was younger than Katie and I by several years. She was with her Mom and husband, she was, much to my delight, and hers, very pregnant. She looked nine months along, with a huge bulging belly, a wonderful, full, round bottom, plump thighs and modest boobs. She really glowed and was clearly enjoying being pregnant. She eyed our pastry/donut case with glee. Her stretch pants looked so tight, that they were becoming transparent. You could even see the pattern on her bikini cut panties. She had to pull down her blouse to keep her awesome belly covered. I was definitely smitten!

She was just about to order some treats when her bitchy mother said; "Carolyn, you've had enough to eat already this morning, you really need to watch your weight, dear." I saw Carolyn and her husband Jim roll their eyes at her Mom's snide comment. "Okay Mom, let's go then, the smells in here are driving me crazy!" She smiled at me, "Thank you!" She waddled out following her Mom and followed by her husband, who patted her awesome bottom.

It was a fairly slow day after the morning crowd had their coffee and donuts. It was around two thirty and Carolyn came back in, this time alone. "Hi, how are you this afternoon?" I asked. She smiled, she was very pretty, long dark hair, brown eyes, great smile, "A lot better now! I'm really hungry, my Mom only let me eat a salad for lunch, she keeps telling me I'm gaining too much weight with my pregnancy." "How far along are you?" Thinking to myself she has to be eight and half or so. "Oh I'm seven months along!" I almost said something, she was huge! Her belly had to be as big as my huge gutt!

I spoke up, after recovering from my initial shock, "We have all of the cookies, pastries and donuts on half price after two o'clock." She giggled, "Oh that's wonderful!" She looked over the counter at me, I'm sure she noticed how fat I was. I patted my huge belly, "I put everything on half price to clear them out so I don't eat them all myself." She giggled, "I would love your job! I will have six donuts, a dozen cookies, the oatmeal/raisin ones, Oh and a dozen chocolate chip too." I started to get a box out, and she said, "Oh you don't need to box them up, I will eat them here." I felt my knees weaken a bit. I collected her goodies and put them on a tray. She waddled to one of our small tables and sat down heavily.

I struggled to pull my t-shirt down to cover the roll of fat, that bulged over my sweat pants, but it was no use. My belly shook like "jello" as a walked over with her order. Her eyes lit up when I put down the tray.

She looked up at me, smiled, "My name is Carolyn and what's yours?" "Nat." I blurted. "Nat please join me, I love to eat, but I don't like eating alone." I pulled up a chair and lowered my fat butt into it.

"Carolyn, where are your Mom and husband?" She giggled, with her mouth full, "Well obviously not here, at least my Mom. Jim let's me eat as much as I want." She looked at me, staring for a long minute at my belly. "Nat, do you mind if I ask you a question?" "No not at all Carolyn." "Nat, uh um, have you been heavy your whole life, I mean have you always been, uh, you know overweight?" I chuckled, patted my huge belly making it jiggle. "No Carolyn I have only been this fat for a few months. My wife Katie and I bought this business last year. Katie started to work in the shop, but she worried she would become morbidly obese, so she asked me to take over. I warned her, I would gain weight, but she said that was okay with her. As you can see I have gained a lot of weight working in here."

Carolyn smiled and giggled, "Nat do you mind telling how much weigh?" "Carolyn, I have gained over seventy pounds!" "Oh, Nat that is wonderful! Oh I'm sorry, I hope you're not offended, but I have been fascinated about gaining weight since I got pregnant, it is virtually all I can think about, and of course eating!"
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
I have always loved your easy writing style. It’s great to see so many of your stories here.