A taste of his own medicine

chapter 1: background

Maria and Donovan Stout were epitomes of success. Dating for two and married for three years, their first five years together led to nothing but happy lives of abundance. Both were enormously successful in their respective fields. Maria had already become a household name and Donovan, unbeknownst to he was about to as well.

At the early age of twenty six, Maria was one of the world's leading behavorial psychologist. She then became an instant celebrity when her methodologies helped Chelsea Sexton to lose over 200 lbs on the reality show,"Celebrity Chubbs".

The name said it all. The show's design was to make your average Midwesterner feel better about him or herself. The show's cast had not one thin celebrity. Contestants were all famous or at least semi famous, former hollywood star and starlets that had let themselves go.

While the show's producers publicly stated that "Celebrity Chubbs" was a weight loss show, it most definitely was not. Unbeknownst to the contestants, the show was really about making it virtually impossible for these slightly chubby and obese former stars to lose any weight. The show's producers actually tempted them to grow even fatter.

Celebrity Chubbs was publicly based on the premise that the contestants had to lead "ordinary lives" like "ordinary Americans". They were forced work ordinary jobs (usually at one of their favorite fast food joints), while simultaneuosly spending their meager salaries to pay for an outrageous rent and their gym memberships. The producers stocked their shared house with their favorite foods and made sure that their work schedules absolutely didn't allow for much time at the gym or working out. Needless to say, the overwhelming majority of contestants not only failed to lower their BMI, but gained a significant amount of fat, being surrounded with every confectionary temptation known to man. Needless to say most overweight Americans loved knowing that even the rich and famous were now losing the battle of the bulge.

For the first three seasons, Americans litereally ate up the show faster than the contestants ate their heeping plates of lasagna. The show was a huge success. Most Americans laughed or were slightly revolted as episodes usually showed these "Growing Stars" eating huge amounts of fattening foods and quickly growing out of their fast food uniforms. But to those who secretly enjoyed feederism and to those who had been suppressing their feederism desires, the show took on a slightly different feel. As a result, within just three weeks of airing in its first season, Celebrity Chubbs became America's top prime time rated net work show.

However, the show's ratings started to dip after a circumstantial case was brought against the show's producers. They'd been accused of lacing their contestant's food and drink with MD227-B, a controversial and experimental drug that increased appitite and lipid retention. While the case could never be proven in a court of law, public opinion hypocritically turned into outrage.

To prove once and for all that the show was "legit", Celebrity Chubbs hired Maria Stout from the prestigious Kaymar Institute to design a behavioral model that would help these stars to actually lose weight.

The plan worked, it worked so well that the all seven of seasons three's Stars lost a total of nearly 600lbs. The show's biggest winner was Chelsea Sexton. While every single contestant lost on average 30 to 50lbs, Chelsea lost over 200lbs and likewise managed to keep the weight off and simultaneously reinvigorating her acting career.

Book deals, television interviews and countless interviews helped to make Maria famous, almost over night. The media couldn't get enough of this prestigious and hugely fat doctor's from the Kaymar institute. Overnight, she'd become the weight loss doctor of Hollywood.

Oddly enough, Maria at three hundred plus pounds became one of Hollywood's hottest commodities. Reporters and fans alike were fascinated by how this grossly obese doctor could develop a plan that helped women to shed tons of weight, when she herself seemed to only grow fatter and fatter. Never ashamed of her size and shape, Maria's tight dresses that seemed to emphasize her wide hips, big belly, and bouncing bottom were plastered throughout tabloids and popular magazines.

Her husband Donovan, was an internet zillionaire that prefered his anonymity but that all came to an end when the press discovered that Dr. Stouts husband was a rock hard and handsome stud.

Physically they were complete opposites. Donovan was tall and lean 6'5" and Maria was 5'8" and weighed well over 300lbs. The press affectionately called them "Fat and Skinny". For the most part, Maria was happy with how things had turned out. No matter how many interviewers asked her about her own weight, Maria kept silent on this issue, usually deflecting the question with some quip like "You never ask a woman her age or weight". Secretly she'd always been turned on by fat bodied people, especially broad hipped females with their prominent bellies, jiggling asses and floppy, swollen breasts.

Before meeting Don and becoming a doctor, Maria had always been and avid runner and and gym rat. Toned, fit and hard bodied, if anyone was the "fat one" five years ago, it was Don. It was Don's soft belly, spilling love handles, and bulbous ass that had originally attracted Maria to Don. She remembered how cute he was struggling to get just a few crunches done before the burn wiped him out. Day after day she watched him until she finally got up the nerve to ask him out to dinner. Don agreed, they went out to a buffet later that evening and the rest is history.

Maria and Donovan were in love. She secretly used some of her behavioral modification techniques to conditioned him to lose weight, as she knew how obsessed Donovan was with not looking fat, ever again. Maria loved Donovan and if that meant him losing hos sexy little belly, she figured that to be a a regrettable but necessary loss. Don continued to workout, working harder each day until it became a complete addiction. Over the first two years together, Don dropped almost 60lbs of fat and added a ton of muscle to his tall and now impressive frame. Maria was a little disappointed, but didn't say a word. No matter how skinny he got, he was still her man.

Where Donovan's had conveniently been scheduled to allowed him to work out whenever he got a break, Maria's new job at the Kaymar institute didn't afford her any real time to run or workout, even though weight-loss regimens were her specialty. As a result Maria's hard body softened and began to expand.

At first Maria was terrified. Somehow she'd gained almost 20lbs to her small frame in under a year. To most the change was negligible and even somewhat flattering. Maria's angular face softened a bit, her hips flared out a and her flat chest blossomed into a full sized c cup.

However, it was her growing belly that caused her the most concern. Secretly she loved the new softness and curves that her new weight delivered. Don, for his part seemed unphased and was constantly complimenting her new body. Whenever she complained about starting to get chubby, he'd say something like, "You've never looked so beautiful" or "No real man wants a stick for a girlfriend" and "I'd love you even if you weighed 500lbs".

Maria adored her new figure and if sex told her anything, it was that her at that point, it was her fiancé liked her growing body as well. Relaxed in her new life, Maria felt emboldened to "let herself go a bit" and to actualize her fantasy "a bit" buy actively gaining "a bit" of weight on purpose.

"A bit" quickly turned into a rapid 80lb gain in the six months leading up to their wedding day. While happy with the extra money attained, the seamstress at Maria's bridal boutique became a bit annoyed after having to let her dress out for a sixth time in as many months.

Maria's weight and body type rapidly transformed from a somewhat lean but curvy 130 lbs to a zaftig, 210 lb pear shaped hour glass. At 5"8 Maria wasn't truly fat, but she'd moved from the young office "hottie" to the office "chubby".

Most people, including family and friends either quietly and wrongfully assumed and/or out rightly gossipped that Maria's weight gain and growing belly must be the result of pregnancy. While no one said anything to the happy couple leading up to their wedding day, a hushed silenced followed by "I told you so's", took hold of the wedding party when Maria tight wedding gown caused the newly fattened bride to be to awkwardly waddle down the isle. The spectacle was made complete by her jiggling ass and big round belly, bouncing to and fro. Maria's belly was barely covered by a thin layer of white spandex material. Her seamstress was forced to replace the dress' original silk with spandex to accommodate Maria's rapidly growing belly. So tight around her middle, the white dress showed off every new fold and texture brought on by her now obese body. Especially prominent was the large and deep crevice formed by layer after of fat that had accumulated around her belly button. To most onlookers she looked tacky and disgusting, but to Donovan, she looked perfect. Even though he was standing in a house of the Lord, his thoughts while standing on the alter drifted to fantasies of feeding and thrusting her from behind, while watching and feeling all of her flab.

Most guest had only heard or seen photos on line of Maria's transformation. But now, here in the flesh, her wedding dress extenuated all of her new abundance, especially in her prominent midsection.

Their love for each other blossomed over the next three years as did Maria, gaining well over another one hundred pounds of soft flesh.
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