Attitude adjustment

chapter 1

Attitude Adjustment
Ned Fox

Jane had a fit! Her daughter, Jenny had gotten in trouble again! This time she was caught riding around with her boy friend, a total loser in Jane's opinion, in a car he stole!

This was the third time this year that Jenny had had a run in with the law and Jane was getting pretty fed up!

She picked up Jenny at the police station and drove her home, lecturing the whole time, but Jenny, little miss know-it-all, just rolled her eyes. When they got home, Jenny just ran up to her room and slammed the door.

Jane had had it! She called her Mom in Iowa. "Mom, Jenny just got in trouble again! I just can not control her. She is eighteen, but there is no way I am letting her out on her own. I have got to do something, she is driving me insane!"

Jenny was petite, she was only five foot two, and weighed on one hundred and four pounds, dripping wet as they say. She was very promiscuous do to her skinny little body and her attitude.

Both Jane and her Mom were heavy, though they too were quite short. They had been slim in their youth, but having kids and being married packed on the pounds. Both women though were comfortable with their weight and bodies, as were their husbands.

Mom suggested, "Why don't you send Jenny here for the summer. I think I have a plan to tame little miss smarty pants, too!" "Oh Mom are you sure, she can make you miserable with her snotty little attitude. What kind of plan? Mom." Asked Jane.

"Jane, I will bore her to tears and stuff her like a Christmas goose, I think a few pounds on little Jenny might do her some good." Replied Mom.

"Mom that is a wonderful idea, fatten her up until she is a docile and plump! Do you think you can trick her into over-eating and getting fat?" asked Jane.

"Jane, dear, you should know better than to ask me whether I can fatten someone up!" admonished Mom. Jane thought, "She has a point there, Dad has been so fat, she had him up to over three hundred pounds, until his doctor convinced Mom to stop feeding him so much so Dad could lose some weight."

Jane said, "You're right Mom. When do you want me to send her to you?"

"The sooner the better, so I can get started on her new figure, tomorrow is good." Replied Mom.

Jane was elated, nasty little Jenny would go spend the summer with her Mom, this was awesome.

Jane broke the news to Jenny first thing the next morning, surprisingly, Jenny did not make a huge deal out of it.

Jenny thought, "Grandma and Grandpa are such pushovers, I can really get away with nearly anything there, plus she is a better cook than Jane is any day."

Jane took Jenny to the bus station and made sure she got on the bus.

Jenny arrived in Iowa several hours later, hot and tired from the long trip, she was also hungry. Grandpa, still pretty fat, picked her up and the bus stop in town and drove her out the farm.

Grandma (formerly referred to as Mom) had a huge lunch with all of Jenny's favorites weighting for her. Jenny was pretty hungry too. She had an attitude toward eating, which would play into Jane and Grandma's plans. Jenny always felt she could eat what ever she wanted and as much as she wanted and not gain any weight. She believed her metabolism could handle any amount of food, no matter how rich and fattening it was.

Jenny squealed in delight when she saw the table covered with wonderful food. Jenny ate two brats, a cheeseburger and a big serving of potato salad. Grandma fixed her a huge sundae which Jenny pounded down too.

Much to Grandma's delight, Jenny was showing a bit of tummy bulge from the huge lunch. "Jenny, why don't you go in and check out the computer or the television, we have internet and satellite too!"

Jenny was only too happy to take Grandma's suggestion.

Jenny sat at the computer for three hours and then watched a movie on the large flat screen television. All the time, Grandma was plying her with candy, chips, soda and ice cream causing Jenny's flat little belly to bulge.

Soon it was time for supper. "Jenny, time for supper dearest, I have your favorite, macaroni and cheese, dear!" called Grandma.

Jenny thought, "I am kind of full, but I love her "mac & cheese" oh well I can eat some more." She absently reached down and patted her bloated belly.

Jenny plopped down in a chair and ate three helpings, plus two glasses of whole milk and then three slices of pecan pie ala mode!

Jenny really felt stuffed and full. Grandma just encouraged her to go in the den and watch a couple of movies on big screen. Jenny lay slouched on the couch, snacking on candy and a milk shake, not even thinking how many calories she had taken in that day. Her belly taught and bulging with all the calories.

Jenny went to bed late and full. Grandma fixed her a little snack before bed. Jenny slept in until ten. Grandma woke her with a tray covered with pancakes, an omelet, French toast, sausages, bacon, glasses of milk and sweetened orange juice. Jenny stuffed herself, just lying in bed, not even noticing how bloated her tummy was. Jenny got up an hour later, showered and what do you know, but it was time for lunch.

Grandma fixed Jenny another huge lunch, which Jenny gorged herself on. Then to the den for a nice sedentary afternoon!

This would be the new schedule for Jenny's summer visit. She would eat a huge breakfast, snacking, lunch, more snacking, supper, snacking, "top off" and bedtime and repeat!

In just three weeks Jenny had a nice little pot belly, bubble bottom and plump round thighs. She was getting lazier and lazier too. If she wanted to do something or go shopping Grandma would "make a deal" if Jenny finished a particularly large serving or meal, then she could go.

Jenny weighed now at least one hundred and twenty five pounds. Certainly not fat, but as short as she was, she was becoming a round little plumper! Jenny's belly bulged out past her modest boobs, she wore bikini panties and t-shirts around the house, as Grandpa was out working nearly all day. She had a nice three inch roll of fat all the way around the waist band, and two nice round rolls of cheek fat escaping her panties.

Jenny's attitude was improving too. The overeating was calming , she was full most of the day and loved the feeling of a full stomach. She was so much more obedient, especially if Grandma used food as a reward. Jenny was making her bed, keeping her room clean, helping with dishes and light chores. (minimum exercise!)

One morning Jenny went in the bathroom and was looking in the mirror. She slapped her belly and it jiggled. She pulled the waist band of her panty back and let it snap up against her love handles. She hefted her little belly and let it drop and it felt wonderful! Jenny thought, "Oh my God, I am getting fat! But darn, this feels so good! No wonder Grandma and Jane are so fat, it feels pretty good to have a pot belly and fat little butt!" Jenny was turned on!

She went downstairs. Grandma was in the kitchen, fixing another fattening breakfast for Jenny. "Oh dear you are up! You usually don't get up for another hour, is everything okay?"

"Grandma, I am getting FAT! Look at my belly sticking out and my butt is barely in these panties!" shrieked Jenny.

Grandma could not tell if Jenny was mad or just excited.

"Jenny you look great, dearest you are not Fat at all, you have a very nice figure! You have just "filled out"! Praised Grandma.

Jenny giggled, "Grandma, it is okay, I love the way I look! I feel so sexy when my body jiggles!"

Grandma took a serious look at Jenny's rapidly expanding body. She noted the nice, round pot belly bulging out past Jenny's little boobs. She also noticed that Jenny's underwear was now much too small. Her bikini panties were barely containing expanding bottom cheeks and her pot belly was creating a "roll" over the panty's waist band.

"Jenny dear, after breakfast let's go into town and get you some new panties and bras."
Suggested Grandma.

Jenny giggled, patting her little pot belly and then slapping her round bottom, too. "Grandma, I am going to need some new clothes too, nothing fits anymore, you have taken such good care of me, I really am getting FAT!"

Grandma managed to find a pair of old coveralls for Jenny to wear. Jenny had been right, none of her clothes she brought with her fit anymore! Grandma and Jenny went out to the car and drove into town.

The stopped at Grandma's favorite store, a family owned department store. Their town had not yet received their "Wal-Mart".

The co-owner, Alice greeted them. "Mrs. Jones it is great to see you again. Who is this with you? Oh my, is this Jane's little girl?"

"Yes, Alice, this is my grand daughter, Jenny, who is staying with us this summer. I am afraid, I have been too good a cook and she has grown a bit since arriving." Smiled Grandma.

Jenny just giggled, "Grandma is such a good cook, it seems all I do is eat!"

Alice said, "Well ladies, let's go into the fitting room and I can measure Jenny and see what we can do."

They headed for the back of the "Ladies" department into a private fitting area. Alice had Jenny take off her coveralls and get up on the raised platform.

Jenny loved looking at herself in the mirrors that surrounded the room, she could really see now how fat was really was getting. She poked and prodded herself making her bottom, belly and love handles jiggle, all the time giggling to herself.

Alice got the measuring tape out and wrapped it around Jenny's belly and then her hips. "You must really have a good appetite, Jenny, your waist is thirty-two inches and your hips are thirty eight."

Jenny and Grandma had to stifle laughing at how surprised Alice was.

"Jenny, let's get you some new panties, those look very uncomfortable, they are so tight! What style lingerie would you like, dear, bikini's, low rise briefs or high ris
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