Coming out

chapter 1

Coming Out

Jen was just graduating from high school. She was slim and petite only five foot one inches tall. She weighed only one hundred and ten pounds. Jen had played soccer while in highs school the exercise kept her slim despite a good appetite. But Jen wasn't particularly concerned with staying slim. In fact she envied her now heavy sister and mom.
Jen started to become fascinated with being overweight when she was fourteen. Her sister Alex, several years older, had gotten married to her high school sweetheart. He was in the Navy and Alex was pregnant while he was deployed. Alex stayed with her parents and younger sister while he was away. They didn't want Alex alone while she was pregnant.

Alex loved being pregnant, especially having the excuse of eating for two, which she did with gusto. Alex put on seventy pounds giving her a huge pregnant belly and wide, fat bottom. She stayed in her old room next to Jen's. Alex, though was having some trouble with day to day tasks given all the weight she put on and she asked Jen several times a day to help her.

Jen was fascinated by Alex's now very round, soft body. She had to help her pull on panties and bras as well pulling up, way to tight stretch pants. Jen loved to feel of her sister soft, flabby love handles which she touched daily helping the very pregnant and overweight Alex get dressed. She was amazed how round and large her sister's belly was. Not to mention her huge, perfectly round thighs. Jen never forgot that time when Alex had stayed before her baby was born.

Jen was going to work and a fast food restaurant for the summer before going off to State for college. She came downstairs a few days after graduation. Her mom was fussing around the kitchen fixing some breakfast and cleaning up after Jen's dad's breakfast. Jen's mom was decidedly plump, being the same height as Jen, but at least sixty pounds heavier. She had a pronounced belly and a large round bottom, both of which jiggled whenever she moved.

Jen was just wearing bikini panties and a t-shirt. Modest, well small breasts ran in the family so a not wearing a bra was not any big deal at all. Mom looked up, "Good morning dear, did you sleep well?" "Yes Mom I did." "What would you like for breakfast honey?" "Oh I'll just have some cereal Mom, I'll fix it." Jen watched her Mom's round butt jiggling as she carried her breakfast over to the kitchen and table and heavily sat down.

Jen fixed a bowl of cereal, a glass of milk and a cup of coffee and sat down next to her Mom. Jen's Mom was having a several eggs, three slices of toast covered with peanut butter, a large glass of sweetened orange juice and a cup of coffee with cream and sugar.
Jen looked over at her Mom, watching her clearly enjoying her large breakfast. "Mom, can I ask you a very personal question?" Mom looked up, her mouth full, she swallowed, "Yes of course dear." "Mom does it bother you that you have gained weight?" Mom absently ran her hand over her belly. "No Jen, it doesn't bother me at all. I'm really very happy with my weight. Why do you ask honey?"
"Mom, I really envy you and Alex. I really admire your figures and that you eat whatever you want. I really don't like being skinny." "Jen you have a lovely figure dear, you're so slim and athletic." "Mom I only stayed so slim because I was getting so much exercise with soccer. I really don't miss soccer and I'm not planning on playing at State either." Mom looked at Jen, "It sounds to me dear that you want to put on weight?" "Yes Mom, I think I do. I'm just not happy with my body being so skinny. I still think about helping Alex dress and everything when she was staying here before Jimmy was born. The more I think about Alex's figure, the envious I am of her. Mom, would you and Dad freak out if I started gaining weight?'' "Of course not, dear, it's your body, just be sure if this is truly what you want." Mom giggled, "Jen are you "coming out"? Jen's turn to giggle, "Do you mean, Mom a skinny girls coming out wanting to be fat?" "That's what I meant dear." "Yes, Mom I'm coming out, I want to be fat!"

Jen started the next afternoon at Dad's Burger Barn out near the highway. The burgers and fries were excellent, large and greasy. It was a locally owned fast food place, so no corporate portion controls, the burgers were hand formed, broiled or grilled whatever the customer wanted. They also had a selection of shakes and malts as well as the usual soft drinks and sweet tea.
You didn't eat there if you were "watching" your figure or work there for that matter. Jen loved it, she liked the smell of the grease and the burgers cooking. She liked the fast place too. They always seemed to be busy. Jen volunteered to be on the closing shift which stayed until eleven at night.

It didn't take long for Jen to fall into the bad eating habits of her co-workers. The "Barn" did finally slow down customer wise around ten thirty. The late movie crowd was done and it was time to start cleaning up. The advantage of closing was the nearly unlimited leftovers. Everything that had been cooked or prepared had to be thrown out or eaten.
The crew cleaned and got the place ready for the morning shift, once they were finished it was time to select their favorites before the rest was thrown out. Jen and several of the other girls got in the habit of having a couple of burgers, fries, a shake and a sundae every night after closing. She would come home and go to bed, sleeping in until nearly ten. Jen would get up and have a late breakfast with her Mom, shower hang out on the computer or her cell, then head to work for the three to eleven shift.

One morning in late July, Jen came downstairs in just her bikini panties and a now, tight t-shirt. Jen had put on twenty pounds in the past five week overeating at the burger barn. She had a nice pouch of a belly, love handles, a much plumper bottom and her thigh gap was shrinking. She loved it!

She walked in front of her Mom, who was sitting at the kitchen table eating some pancakes. Her Mom giggled, "Well, well, someone's little bottom is getting bigger!" Jen looked over her shoulder and patted in chubby bottom cheeks, which were being squeezed by the tight bikini panty, "Yup, and they're going to get bigger too!"

Mom asked, "How much have you gained?" Jen giggled, turning and patting her tummy bulge, "Twenty pounds! It feels great too! I jiggle when I walk now, too!" She lifted her t-shirt up and walked toward where Mom was sitting and patted her bulge causing it to jiggle. Mom laughed and poked Jen's bulge, "Well look at you all nice and plump! The Burger Barn's food is doing wonders for your figure. How much longer are you going to work there, Jen. You have to leave for State in four weeks." Jen giggled, "As long as I can, I love the food and what it is doing to my body. But I will stay three more weeks. That will give me a week to get organized for going away to college." Jen thought to herself, "and three more weeks of four thousand calorie meals too."

Jen fixed herself some of Mom's extra pancakes, smothered them with butter and syrup. She sat down heavily next to her Mom. Mom couldn't resist poking Jen's pouch and plump thighs. "We are going to have to get you some new panties, bras and clothes before you go off to State." Jen giggled, "I know, I'm a growing girl!" She slapped her bottom cheeks to emphasize her point.

Jen true to her word spent the next three weeks working at the "Burger Barn" and stuffing herself every chance she got. She managed to put on another twelve pounds before resigning to get ready to go to State.

Just a few days before she was to leave, Mom and Jen went clothes shopping. Jen was down to wearing sweats and tight t-shirts due to her gain. Her bottom cheeks bounced around in the tight sweat pants, showing off some serious panty lines as well. She had to constantly pull down the t-shirt as it rode up on her growing pot belly.

Jen and Mom went into Wal-Mart to get her some new lingerie. Jen went for the bikinis, now having to get size sixteen to eighteens. She had to get larger bras, as her current ones barely contained her plumper boobs and were also cutting rolls of fat under her arms. Mom tossed a pair of high rise, size eighteen briefs into the shopping cart. Jen giggled, "Mom am I so fat I need to wear "granny panties"? Mom chuckled and poked Jen's bulging belly, "The rate you are gaining weight dear, this belly of yours will be sagging over those little bikini panties in no time!" The both laughed, but Jen was getting turned on just thinking about gaining more weight.

Jen conned her Mom into going to the food court. They ordered burgers, fries, shakes and sundaes. Mom had to admit, she did enjoy watching Jen eat and how much she loved eating.

It came time for Jen to leave. Mom and Dad drove her to campus, only a couple hour drive away. Close enough that coming home was not a big deal, but far enough that she felt she was truly away at college.

They pulled in to the dorm lot, several upper classmen were there to help unload Jen's things and take them to her room. Mom, Dad, and Jen all went up to her room to meet Jen's roommate. Much to Jen's delight and really Mom's too, Jen's roommate, was a plumper too! Denice was from out of state, so she was happy to have a roommate who lived relatively close to campus.

After helping get Jen settled Mom and Dad went to leave. They hugged Jen and Denise and went to the car. While driving home, Dad asked, "Did you encourage Jen to put on weight this summer? I really think it becomes her and she is so much happier too." "Yes Jim I did. She talked to me about her weight right after graduation, just before she went to work at the "Burger Barn", which I think she deliberately took the job there. She told me she loved my figure and Alex's
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GrowingLoveH... 8 years
What's not to love about this story! Except that I want more.... please.
Jazzman 8 years
Very good except the panties sizes are off.Too big.She would probably be in 10 or 12 at the most. Otherwise awesome. The 4 lbs a week is right on the mark!