chapter 1

Emma Thompson felt like such an ass, as she entered their school's gym where she interned. Carrying a large piece of chocolate cake, she came in looking for Satako, the fat, middle aged Japanese foreign exchange student that she'd fat shamed and made fun of ridiculously yesterday.

Emma for her part felt party justified in saying something to the lazy old hag. Sure, she'd gone over the top making fun of Satako's eating habits, and complete lack of self control, but the woman was trying to change, right. She was working in a gym, right?

"Regardless of her age, There were standards to maintain" thought Emma to herself. Maybe this fat Japanese lady didn't take her elective that seriously, but Emma did. She was a kinesiology major that wanted to run her own gym one day. The mere idea of having a lazy, old, fat ass just siting around and eating all sorts of fattening foods at the front desk infuriated Emma.

She and the others wanted to see the fat Asian woman make a pig out of herself that day with a cake type, they knew she enjoyed. However today, seeing as Satako was eating a small piece of sushi instead of her usuall meals consisting of fried meats, noodles and desserts, Emma thought to herself, "Hmmmmmm? Maybe my little critique yesterday did some good. Now if she'd just wash her face and worked out a bit, she might actually not look so fucking disgusting". Her last internal comment caused the pompous Emma to chuckle as she approached the obese Asian girl.

"Here Satako", said Emma placing the whole chocolate cake with frosting before her, "I know I was a bit rude to you yesterday.... and.... I'm sorry" she said looking around with a smile to her other coconspirators.

"I do not want your aporogy. No Need to aporogize. I just want to to warka more in my shoes", said Satako through her heavy Japanese accent.

" Whatever the fuck that means?", thought Emma to herself before saying out loud, "Hey Satako I know how much Fatties like, I mean... big girls like you, like chocolate cake.... so I brought you one. So.... I guess enjoy she said with an aire of superiority.

"Thank you Ms Emma. You, so kind, but I have aready eaten today. I'm sure someone wirr want it"

"Fine!", said Emma as she stormed off, pissed off that the girl hadn't accepted her cake and that their prank was off.
As Emma huffed off to her work station she took a finger of the frosting, "Mmmmmmmmmmm. That's fucking delicious she thought to herself. I guess one piece wont hurt that much", she thought while finishing off the first piece in record time.

"I didn't have anything for breakfast", thought Emma as she dug into a second thick slice.
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Emma's boss is probably going to have a fit if they notice her torn attire