Exchanging habits

chapter 1: outrage

"How could he have done this to me? How could I have been so stupid? How can I make this son of a bitch pay for what he did to me?", thought Claudia a she read Guy's copious computer logs and reflections as to how he'd fattened her over their ten year marriage. As a world renown behavioral psychologist, Guy knew every trick and scheme to alter behaviors and even body image. He'd manipulated her in every way, including her view of fat, which she had to admit now excited her.

Claudia wondered if all of her feeding proclivities were implanted by guy or if he'd just awakened the hidden beast within. Whatever the case, Claudia was honest enough with herself to admit that she now craved food and fat.

At first she just enjoyed the way her husband grabbed her ample assets when making love. Maybe it was her imagination, but Guy seemed to grow more passionate and even loving with every pound and inch she added to her once svelte and toned body.

Then as time went on Claudia began to love the feel of her jiggling body. The sheer touch of tight fabrics digging into her flesh went from simple arousal to orgasmic ecstasy after she gained her first 50lbs. From then on her appitite and respective body grew fatter by the day.

At least she had a confident self image which led to her wearing some revealing outfits. Most people would never have guessed that this voluptuous vixen weighed 400 lbs. Her beautiful face, with pouty red lips sat atop an exaggerated hour glass 6'1 figure. She was a head turner to say the least. She might have drawn negative stares and comments due to her sheer size, but usually she was being ogled as the giant MILF with a great rack, big butt and sizeable belly. She grown accostumed to this role over the years, but she'd been a model before marrying Guy. "I'm gonna kick his skinny ass!", she thought silently.

Now that she had it all in front of her, it all made sense. From day one of their honeymoon he'd started altering her habits and eventually her waistline. It started out slow, replacing water with, juice, then cokes, and now she was used to lattes and milkshakes. He went running with her and convinced her to walk instead (better on the knees he said), then he'd introduced her to weights, constantly pushing her to lift heavier and heavier. As a result, she stayed curvy and fit, even with her eventual overall weight topped over190 lbs in their first year of marriage. The BASTARD was methodical.

After their second year of marriage, she'd gained about another ten lbs. Instead of helping her to lose weight and keep her Milano and Paris jobs, he'd convinced her to take a more lucrative state side, plus sized gig.

With her plus sized modeling career booming, so did her waistline. She'd steadily gone from 190 to 300lbs during these first five years of marriage.

Then he convinced her to quit modeling and have children but to no avail. She'd pretty much stopped working out and her eating habits had gone to the crapper. Yet, there he was pulling her strings the whole time. And over the last five years of marriage, she'd gained another hundred pounds of soft, ungulating flesh.

"He's gonna pay. And I know just how to play this game", Claudia thought as a wicked grin took over.
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Kexickus 3 years
Sooo good!
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ahhh always nice to read again ^^

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Nicely written and good story, but I advise you probably should have bigger time jumps, otherwise you will grow tired of it soon.
Pacing is important even in gainer fiction
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more, more, more !
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Love it