From fantasy to reality

chapter 1

*** This is the true story of your favorite WG Fiction writer, Growing Softer ***

*** Not all parts of this will read the same as some of it is written in prose with full dialogues where possible. And some parts will be written as journal entries and simple weigh ins. If you kik me at gaetano2733, I'll send you pics and maybe write you a story or two if I get to know you. ***

*** If you ask questions in the comments I will try to answer you as honestly as I can ***

*** All real names will be changed to protect the innocent, with a hint of falsehoods here and there to throw off any assholes trying to fuck with my actual life. ***

*** Brief intro to me, GrowingSofter ***
For among as I can remember, I always had a thing for chubby and fat girls. And thinking back I had many opportunities with some really fat girls back in high school that regretfully I turned down due to fear of peer pressure. I myself was a razor thin, 6'5", and 180lbs of ripped muscle.

In college I gained a bit but due to playing college hoops and working out it was virtually all muscle, not that I was a raging hulk at 200lbs. But while in college i exclusively "dated", actually fucked only really fat girls, none under the 250lb threshold.

One really big fatty (about 450lbs), freaked me out and even told me one day that "she was now fat enough, and that now it was my turn". That really got to me, scared me to my hard core. I freaked out and never returned another one of her phone calls. Now that I think on it, I probably ditzed out because deep down inside I wanted that more than anything.

So only fatties, until I met my mow wife at a brokerage firm where we were both traders. She was a young and hot 5'4 130lbs of pure gym fitness. Not exactly thin, but super fit and hard muscled.

To make a long story longer, over the next twenty years while I was off in the army (joined in 95' after doing great in the 90's bull market) she managed to gain almost 200lbs and shes still sitting around 320lbs today.

I remained fit, even after retiring, that is until I discovered this website a few years ago. Started writing stories but noticed that I was always either eating or smoking weed whenever I wrote my stories, thus promoting me going from 210 to a out 260 where I am today.

I used to be a complete feeder until just recently I discovered a feedee on this site who actually turned out to be a dominant feeder.

God, it's so unbelievable. All I can think about now is growing fatter. To make matters worse, I think my wife and her feeder friends that we're moving in with, all want to fatten me up. I would deserve it as I used to make fun of them a lot for being fat asses.

*** That's a quick overview. I'll add details and answer as many questions as asked. ****

**** Next is a journal entry for an audience of one, sorry if you dont understand it ****

Didn't get donuts. None in the way. Did stop and order a family meal at McDonald's. Wife was fine with it but then shocked when I asked her what she wanted. Ate it all while driving. Made a bit of a mess though.

When I was done Carey passed me over a family sized bag of thai coconut penut m&ms. She said, "Well since your into family size", and passed it over to me. I then ate them all, which she rubbed my belly. Very erotic almost made me crash.

Now eating again at a road side dinner. Fuck I'm full. Gotta go

Got to hotel really late at night. Everything was closed except Jack in the box. She complained of being hungry, had me order and then she ordered 3 large boxes of chicken. In the past I would have been cramming that down her gullet.

I think you can imagine where most of "her" chicken went. Lol.

Woke up starving. Weve got breakfast buffet vouchers. Headed there now.

**** Wore one of my tighter shirts yesterday as ordered master to tease my wife. My shirt kept riding up and my belly spilling out. It caught her attention to say the least. She joked about me becoming fat, all the while playing, poking, and caressing me.

I told her it wasn't so bad and that "she had no room to complain, in reference to her huge belly.

"For now", said Carey just smiling.

This all made me so hungry and greedy that I just stayed in virtually all day ordering from the hotel menu.

But then she made Ms go to the gym with her. I quit on the treadmill after 6 minutes, complained about my hamstring hurting (as you ordered). She kept going for almost another half an hour.

Haven't weighed myself. Dont know my weight. It may not be that much higher as I'm losing muscle due to your orders about not working out.

Sorry went over my pedometer limit yesterday.
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Inthecourt 4 years
Thanks for sharing! This is cool- sort of "man behind the curtain" stuff.