Graduate gain

Chapter 1

This story takes place in our much warmer future. Our heroine is a sociology graduate student who decides to research obesity causes in the transportation industry, especially those related to truck stops and the restaurants that are with them in the deep South.

Her name is Ashley, she is from a well to do Connecticut family. She graduated from Smith College in New England and really knows little about the south and southern attitudes toward food and eating, especially over-eating.

Her professor arranged for Ashley to do an “internship” as a waitress in a truck stop in Mississippi. He warned her that she might gain weight doing her research, and could even risk becoming obese!

Ashley said, “I have a good metabolism and I work out everyday, don’t worry, I will not gain any weight!”

Ashley arrived in Osborn, Mississippi in early May. It was already hot! She would stay on the premises, which included a motel, the restaurant, truck facilities and a large parking area in the middle of nowhere.

Ashley was teamed with a local girl, Mary Jo. She was the same height as Ashley, but a bit heavier and several years younger, just graduating from high school that spring.

The manager greeted them both, he knew Mary Jo’s family pretty well and introduced Ashley to Mary Jo. They got along well right from the beginning.

Ashley, though from money, was not snotty at all, she was warm and outgoing to all. She was quite naïve especially in the ways of the South.

The new “girls” were to work bussing for their training. There was also another requirement to “work” the counter or table. All of the waitresses were fat, some even obese. The “girls” would have to gain weight to work out front!

Mary Jo already knew this and resigned herself to getting fat. In Osborn, there were almost no slim women after high school age anyway. The ones that were skinny, were either chain smokers or had some medical issues.

The uniforms worn at the restaurant were, as elsewhere, skimpy. The waitress wore a nylon black panty with a short frilly skirt, tight, short blouse or shirt, that had to expose their belly and of course, low cut.

The bus girls wore just a black panty/brief with a high waist and t-shirts.

Mary Jo and Ashley started working together the first day. They got along well and Ashley was constantly asking Mary Jo about different local characters and truckers that came in.

“Mary Jo, who is that young driver who just came in?” asked Ashley. “Oh that’s Ned Fox, he grew up around here and was about five or six years ahead of me in high school. Why, Ashley?” Oh he is kind of cute, he has a big belly though.”

“Ashley”, said Mary Jo, “All the guys around here have big bellies, it is the way things are!”

When Ashley took a load of dishes to the back, Ned caught Mary Jo’s attention, “Mary Jo, who is that skinny girl working here, I have never seen her before”. She giggled, “Ned, she asked about you too! She is from the University, a graduate student, doing some research on why everyone around these parts is so fat. She is pretty nice, but, I think she told me she has a boyfriend though”.

Ned chuckled, “Well did you tell we all eat too much! She will not be staying very skinny working here for long.” Ned paid his bill and headed back to his rig.

Ned was right about both things!

The cooks took pride in fattening up the new waitresses. The running joke was the black highrise briefs were “training panties” when they did not fit anymore, the girls were now fat enough to work the tables and counters.

Mary Jo and Ashley ate several meals a day. They worked a twelve hour shift, from six in the morning to six in the evening. They had to in by five-thirty for a big, rich country breakfast, all the southern delicacies. The girls ate again at ten, usually donuts and pastries, a big lunch at noon, again at three and topped off with a big full course meal at six fifteen. The tight, black panties showed every once the girls gained too.

Ashley was so tried after a hot day working, plus she was so full after work, and the heat all conspired to keep Ashley from any exercise at all. Even with Mary Jo and Ashley on their feet all day, they were getting so many calories and fat, that they both started gaining weight almost immediately.

Ashley started to notice that her panties were getting tight around her now growing belly and thickening thighs. She thought, “I do need to watch myself here, or I will gain weight too!” It was already too late, Ashley, had she checked, had already gained ten pounds!

Mary Jo, who grew up in Osborn, new how to pack away the “groceries” she plumped up by fifteen pounds. It looked like Mary Jo would work the front before Ashley or would she?

The girls did get one day off a week. Ashley’s boyfriend, Arthur, came down to see her. He was shocked at how “fat” Ashley had become, he told her there no way he could stay with someone who could not control themselves and left early.

Ashley was crushed, she adored Arthur, even though he was a jerk. She was crying in her room when Mary Jo came back from a date.

“Ashley! What’s wrong?” Ashley, between sobs, told her story of whoa to Mary Jo, about being dumped for getting too fat!
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