Heather is huge

chapter 1

I walked into the coffee shop it was around five o'clock on a Friday night. I had just moved to that part of town having bought a townhouse with three bedrooms, two car garage with three bathrooms. I had done pretty well since high school and college and now had a decent paying job. I had finally decided to buy.
The coffee shop was crowded, it was cold out and people were just bracing to get home. I ordered a latte and scone and started to look for a place to sit. That was when I spotted her. She looked really familiar to me in kind of a déjà vu way. She was plump, round face, brown hair and eyes, plump boobs, upper arms were soft and jiggly. I could see rolls of fat created by the creases cut by her too tight bra strap. Then her name dawned on me it was Heather Schmidt from high school, but I thought "That can't be right, Heather was a skinny gymnast type and cheer leader. She was only five foot two and couldn't have weighed more than one hundred pounds. This little cutie, had to weigh at least one seventy maybe more." I decided to ask to sit at her table, she seemed to be alone, and didn't really look very happy.

"Hi, may I sit here?" She looked up startled that someone had approached her. "Umh, yes, I guess so. Do I know you?" I said, "Well if your name is Heather Schmidt, then we went to the same high school." She blushed bright red. "Umh, well, I, uh, yes, my name is Heather Schmidt. But I don't really remember you, what's your name." I chuckled and looked down at my forty inch belly, "My name is Nat Fox, we didn't have any classes together, but I remember you. I've put on some weight since high school." She looked like she was going to cry, "Hey I'm sorry, I didn't mean to upset you. Is everything okay?" She smiled. I started to notice that she was a lot heavier than I first thought. Her belly was pressed against the table, creating a roll on top of the table. "I do remember you Nat, sorry, I haven't thought of high school in a while. How have you been?"

I told about my job, college etc. that I just bought a townhouse. She looked really sad. So I asked, "Heather how have you been?" She teared up, "Nat, not too good, I'm afraid. I just lost my job and apartment, things are not going well at all." "Oh Heather that's awful. Where are you staying?" Now she really did start to cry, "Nat, I may have to stay in my car. I don't have enough money for a motel room tonight."

"Oh wow, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to come and brag. Heather, I'd like to take you out tonight, how about dinner?" "Oh Nat, that sounds great, but I'm really a mess, I need a shower and a change of clothes." "Then you can come home with me, I have plenty of room. You can shower and get changed, we can order in if you don't want to go out." She was crying now, "Nat that's sounds wonderful, thank you so much." "I'm parked across the street, where's your car?" "Oh it's across the street too."

"Well then let's go." She smiled shyly, "Uh, Nat, I need you to help me up, please." I was startled, I mean she was an adorable plumper, but she didn't look that big. I got up and came around in back of her chair to help her scoot it back and that's when I saw the biggest, roundest, fattest bottom and pair of thighs I have ever seen. Heather's bottom and thighs were beach ball size literally. She had pulled her chair up to the table as much as she could so people could get by her massive bottom. I pulled and got her chair back far enough, so Heather could stand without bumping the table. I had to come around in front of her and she took my hands and she said, "Ready?" "Yup!" I pulled and she pulled and she got to her feet, kind of wobbly, but standing. I was in awe, her belly bulged out and her bottom was even bigger than I first thought. She was wearing an XXXL pair of sweat pants, which looked painfully tight. Her bottom cheeks were creating a "shelf" where her rolls of back fat met her bottom cheeks. She was incredibly wide, like at least three feet. Her thighs were so thick and round she had trouble walking. She smiled shyly at me, "Sorry I'm so fat." "Hey, it's okay, I don't mind at all." People were staring, Heather was that big. As we headed for the door, some *** sitting near the door made oinking noises as Heather waddled past. I "accidently" bumped his table causing his latte to spill in his lap. His not so slim girlfriend winked at me when I made eye contact after the "bump".

I helped Heather into her car. I pointed out my car and she said she would follow me to my house. Her car was an older Toyota, not in very good shape. She followed me to my townhouse. I pointed out a guest parking spot near my front door and told Heather that I was going to put my car away in the garage in back and come through the house to let her in.

I opened the front door and Heather was trying to get a small suitcase out of her car's trunk. I went out and helped her get it out and we went inside. "Heather there is a bathroom at the top of the stairs and the bedroom next to it is for you." "Oh thanks, Nat so much, I can hardly tell you how much this means to me." I watched her waddle up the stairs. She went into the bedroom and came out with a robe and bath essentials.

While Heather was in the shower I went to my bedroom and got changed. I put on a t-shirt and sweat pants, thinking that with a seriously obese woman as a "date" we would be doing some eating. I had put on weight so the sweats were more comfortable than my jeans.

Heather finished showering and getting changed. She got her hair close to being dry and changed into a clean pair of sweat pants herself and a too tight t-shirt. She was wearing a bra, which dug into her fat under her arms, just as before. I could see her tight panties outlined through the sweat pants.

"Heather, I thought I would order a pizza for us." She giggled, "Nat, you should order two pizzas for us. I can eat a whole large pizza myself." I laughed, "Then two it is." I ordered the pizza, bread sticks, and dessert rolls as well. The pizza arrived in twenty minutes. I got Heather and I a couple of beers and we went and sat on the couch. She nearly took up more than half of it, but her round thighs pressing against me felt great.

She hammered down four slices in minutes. I was pressed just to finish one slice and start on another in the same time. We slowed a bit, not because we were full, but Heather wanted to talk.

"Nat are you curious how I got so fat?" I could feel a touch of arousal in my groin, "Yes, Heather I am curious, but if you don't want to talk about it, that's fine with me." "Nat, I don't mind, I'm embarrassed and a bit ashamed by what I have done to myself, but I feel better after telling people how I got this big." I reached for my fourth slice, she for her seventh.

"Nat, I do remember you, though we never talked in high school. I was pretty wrapped up in gymnastics and cheering. After I graduated high school, I went to State on a gymnastics scholarship. I did pretty well competing. I won a few matches and events over my four years. I majored in physical education with a minor is sports medicine. "

Heather reached for her eighth slice, I for my fifth. I was getting bloated, I usually eat on two , three at the most, slices of pizza, but I was getting more enamored with Heather's story.

"When I graduated, there really weren't any jobs for gymnastics coaches or athletic trainers. I had some experience with "Palates" and looked for a job at a gym teaching/leading classes/groups. I found a job with a cruise line, doing personal training and palates classes on board. It seemed like a good idea/job at the time. Butl most of the people who took the cruises on my ship were either a lot older, or they were into partying, eating and drinking. So I barely had any passengers using the facilities at all. I got really bored and started hanging out in the crew's galley and lounge. I started to eat too much too. We weren't technically supposed to be in the crews mess deck/galley unless you were eating, so I started to go in there several times a day to hang out, but I had to be eating as well. Of course I started to put on weight. I tried to workout, which did help some, but I was eating, like six meals a day. By the end on my year contract I had gained thirty five pounds. I could barely fit into any of my clothes, I was getting a pot belly and my bottom and thighs were getting really thick and soft. The cruise line did not want to spend money on a trainer if none of the passengers were using the facilities, so I got laid off."
Heather reached for the bread sticks, dipping sauces and another beer. I reached for my sixth slice of pizza, now feeling really, really bloated, but I didn't want her to stop her story.

"What did you do?" I asked, trying to get comfortable, feeling so bloated. "Nat I was a sight! My underwear, workout clothes were now obscenely tight. Plus, I was so out of shape I couldn't lead a class even if I could wear my workout stuff. I decided to find a waitressing job, thinking I will get myself back into shape and go back to the fitness industry. Well, needless to say, working around food all the time, I started to gain again. Even though I was on my feet walking and carrying trays, etc. the opportunities for indulging in food were just too many for me. The restaurant I worked was a nice, kind of high end Italian place. Very rich food, and the entrées were huge, so a lot of food came back in as left overs, either to be boxed for patrons or thrown out. Well it didn't take long for me to start eating some of those. I mean sometimes whole entrees would come back in barely touched. It was so easy to have a few bites before throwing them out or boxing them. I worked there for two years and gained nearly fifty more pounds. My fat bottom and thighs got so big I couldn't
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