Janie's wedding

Chapter 1

It had been six months since Janie had gorged herself into a plumper at her Mom’s house with her pregnant sister and her now obese husband.

Matt had proposed as soon as she woke up from her pizza gorge and love making session and of course she said yes. Janie moved in with Matt at his insistence, he did not want any of her annoying friends trying to persuade her into losing any weight.

Janie’s Mom continued to over indulge herself even after Amanda and Ned moved back into their own home after the baby was born. Mom now weighed well over two hundred pounds and being only five foot two, she looked as big around as she was tall. She loved to lounge around the house nibbling on candy, chips, and other snack foods while dressed only in panties and a house coat in the winter and t-shirts in the summer. She became very lazy and sedentary with the huge weight gain.

Janie and Matt frequently visited her. Matt loved to watch Janie and her Mom practically dueling with food to see who could eat the most. Teasing Matt to tell them whose belly was the most bloated!

Janie now weighed one hundred seventy pounds. She had only weighed one ten when she had her weight gain epiphany at her Mom’s those months ago. Matt only encouraged Janie to eat more and more, rich and fattening food, thus Janie gained another thirty pounds!

Janie too, was now lazy and sedentary. She lay around Matt’s house eating and lying out at the pool. In usually an over-tight bikini so her tummy could roam free!

Amanda and Ned had moved back to their own home. Amanda loved being a stay at home mom, being able to eat when ever she wanted and not having to wear much more than panties and a t-shirt around the house taking care of the baby. She and Ned decided not to have any more children, so Amanda went on one of the more popular abdominal distention formulas, “Belly Perm”. She rapidly gained back her weight loss after the birth and was steadily gaining and growing a round large belly rivaling her pre-delivery girth!

Ned had gorged himself to nearly three hundred pounds. He had a sixty inch waist and had trouble walking he was now so fat. He nearly lost his job do to his massive girth. Then the company signed on a new client, a large chain of “big and tall” stores. Their management team insisted that Ned be their account representative, since he was so fat, he obviously could empathize with their customers and employees.

Matt, Janie, Amanda , Ned and Mom were all at Mom’s house planning the wedding. Matt wanted to move up the date. He was really worried about getting Janie pregnant , he could not keep his hands off of his prized creation. Janie wanted the service soon too. She was a bit worried how fat she was getting, not that she really minded, but she did not want to “waddle” down the aisle alone, taking up to much room for Matt to be beside her. She was also worried how big Amanda’s belly was getting, thinking what kind of matron of honor dress could she fit into!

They went down the list of potential bride’s maids eliminating any “skinny” ones, choosing only Janie’s plumpest friends. Matt did not have any brothers, so Ned would be his best man. That meant that the groom’s men would have to be on the hefty side also, with huge Ned standing up there too.

The invitations went out, dresses were ordered, tux’s ordered and things began to fall into place.

Janie’s dress and the bride’s maid’s dresses were being made by a jolly, round woman who specialized in making maternity wedding gowns. She loved measuring the plump bride’s maids and especially the ballooning bride. Janie had to be fitted several times as she kept “eating her way” out of the dress.

Janie had worried that her best friend Sally would not want to be in the wedding or look ridiculous with the rest of the wedding party being either plump or fat! Janie had not seen Sally since the night she spent at her house on the way back from her Mom’s to show Matt how fat she had become.

When Sally showed up four days before the wedding, Janie almost did not recognize her! Sally had gained over forty pounds! She looked pregnant her belly bulged out in front of her so much. Her bottom was nearly as wide as Janie’s round bubble butt!

Janie shrieked, “Sally you look fantastic! When, how much, why?” Sally giggled patting her soft, round belly. “I got so turned on when you visited me, so fat and round and happy, I have not been able to control myself since! I just want to eat and eat! I LOVE IT!”

“Sally, we need to get over to the seamstress’s house, I gave her way to small measurements for you dress! She needs to measure the “new you” to get your dress ready.”

Janie and Sally headed to the seamstress’s house. She was amazed at how much bigger Sally was compared to what Janie had told her. Janie, Sally and the seamstress were all giggles measuring the ballooning Sally! Janie also warned the seamstress about the bachelorette party, that restaurant hopping was the plan, and the dresses for all should be “let out” to accommodate soon to be expanding waist lines!

The next night, Sally, Janie and the rest of the bride’s maids went on a four hour food binge at six different restaurants and desert places. The girls gorged on the rich, rich food stuffing themselves comatose!

The next day Matt and Ned thought they had gone to heaven. Janie had a pool party at Matt’s house with her now ballooning wedding party in tight bikinis with bottoms, boobs and round tummies bouncing around. The guys thought they would have to spend hours in cold showers!
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