Jay marx (aka stretch)

chapter 1

Jake Marxs - AKA Jay - had been relatively thin and fit his whole life, that was up until he met Melody Fisher, a fellow student of his at Franchise And Tehnical Polytechnic Academy, AKA "The Fats", as it was accectionately referred to by students and staff alike. No Melody and Jay didn't meet in the classroom as one might suspect, but in a shady strip joint called the "Pig Pen" located in a rough area just outside of town.

While his college buds were busy picking up young college hotties, Jay had other, more refined tastes. He could have gone to the plethora of local strip joints around the college, but the girls there really didn't tickle his fancy as they were the typical young and thin women with breast implants. While Jay understood his contemporaries' propensity for liking everything thin and young, he preferred a more matured woman with larger and more fattened assets.

His natural proclivities led him like a moth to the flame to the Pig Pen. All the way driving there he fantasized about the fat and saggy women that most reviewers complained about in detail. Driving erratically while swiping through reviews, he couldn't weight to see these beautiful chubby vixens, complete with celluite, big jiggly bellys, and sagging breasts.

Jay was quite surprised to see that such a out of the way place was crowded to the point of having to use a valet and paying a $20 dollar cover charge to get in. However, once inside the Pig Pen, Jay realized that his instincts hadn't led him astray but into the promised land.

Briefly looking around the club, Jay quickly noted that there weren't any young and thin dancers to be seen anywhere. Most looked to be in their 30's but there were a few outliers that either barely looked legal or were ready for social security. And while their ages varied wildly, Jay noted that none of them were fit and trim. Sure, there were smaller girls, but even they had soft bodies that showed the results of drinking and partying way too much.

Some of the older strippers managed to keep their shapes, even though they were more than marginally thicker than societies standards. However, some of the larger older women were substantially larger than most of their younger counterparts.

Jay was in heaven, he'd never dreamed a place like this ever could have existed. His only regret was that he'd only brought $200 with him. Many alluring women attracted his attention, and garnered his arousal, but Jay knew that with such a small amount of cash on hand, he would have to "choose wisely", if he wanted to maximize his fun tonight.

Having beautiful fat women surrounding him, touching him, and dressed to show off all of their goods, Jay thought things couldn't get any better. But that is until "The Betty the Bitch" took the stage.

Dressed in a single black on piece, the woman on stage looked to be in her late twenties and was built like a brick shithouse. Her simple attire showed off her thick curves and accentuated her thick and muscular legs and giant rear end. Jay was enthralled by her body and was amazed by how athletically she moved about the stage and up and down the pole. Too shy to go up to the stage himself, Jay watched as throngs of men held out dollars to drawn the sexy fat woman's attention.

Like a true pro, she worked her way through to each man like the sirens of yore, deftly devouring dollars instead of souls. He did however notice that "Betty the Bitch", seemed to take more true pleasure in rubbing the fat bellys of her more obese patrons, taking more time with them, rubbing, shaking, and even undulating her own thick form over their fat bellies.

He and Betty made eye contact as Jay stood staring at her giving the works to a 400lb man, with his belly exposed and laying on top of the stage. Jay looked away and then back again, and "Betty" was still staring him down. Jay thought about leaving, but his hard on kept him standing motionless except for the throbbing of his engorged cock.

When "Betty", finally came off stage she was surrounded by adoring fans asking for lap dances back in the VIP section. Coyly, she slipped through the horny men and to Jay's surprise, she sauntered her thick and curvaceous frame over Jay.

"So, I saw you staring at me on stage from way over here"

"Yeah, I couldn't help it, you're just... beautiful Betty."

"Betty?", she snickered to herself before continuing, "Its Melody, and thanks, that's so sweet", she said softly as she moved her chubby yet strong arms around his body. "Well, Jay, I'm done for..."

"Hey, how do you know my name?", interrupted the startled young man.

"Jay, its Melody Fisher from your bio class and we also had freshman English together last semester, remember."

"Oh my God, Melody, I totally didn't recognize you"

"Well, Duh, I dont always dress like this, at least not on campus, she said with a wink. "Hey, I'm done here, let's go get a bite to eat, I'm starving, how bout you?", she asked staring into his big and doe like eyes.

"Uh, okay, but I'm not really hungry"

Releasing him, she said, "Well, that's too bad, I figured a big guy like you would have a big appitite. I like guys who know how to eat, if you know what I mean."

But he didn't, Jay mistakingly thought the stripper was talking about oral sex. Melody thought Jay had found this place like most other patrons, through feederism websites. The two couldn't have been on further opposite pages but both delighted when Jay replied, "Okay, I'll eat, I can eat all night long"

Feeling his throbbing cock push into her soft flesh, Melody whispered in his ear, "Good, there's a little all night truckers buffet down the road, just a few miles from here", as she gently placed her hands around his waist and squeezed his ass with both hands, "Give me a minute to change", she said before bouncing away with haste to the dressing rooms.

When she returned in a pair of strecthed out yoga pants and a shirt that was way too small to stay down over her soft midsection, Jay thought he was just about to come in his pants.

Grabbing his nervous and sweaty hands, she took him out to the parking lot. Totally not at all concious about her exposed fat, Melody strode out jiggling for all to see, hand and hand with Jay.

By the time they arrived at Porky's 24 hour Buffet, Jay was a ball of nerves. He'd never been out with a stripper before and the fact that they shared classes together added to his anxiety.

Driving in her vintage 1978 Mercedes, Jay couldn't help from staring at her fat thighs and her soft belly that when scrunched up for the drive, sat on her lap exposed, along with her thick and jiggly saddle bags. Besides growing hornier by the second, Jay also couldn't help from getting a bit peckish from what smelled like McDonald's French fries surrounding them down the bumpy country road.

When he asked her about the curiously delicious odor, Melody explained how she only used filtered grease to run her diesel powered European import. As it produced zero carbon emissions, saw it as her way of helping save "the human race from its own destruction, and"... as she put it while smiling at Jay and rubbing his growling tum, "the heavenly aroma seems to bring out the carnal pleasures of whom ever smells it. Don't you agree?", she asked as her hand slid down to Jay's throbbing penis.

"Yeah", he croaked as his belly again growned in redoubled hunger. Before he knew it the wide German car with bench seats came to a halt. Melody undid her constraining seatbelt and reached over and kissed Jay hard for a few seconds, but when his hands went to explore her big body, Melody gently disengaged and pushed Jay back saying in a bubbly manner, "Okay, we're here. Let's see what you've got", and she lifted her big ass out of the car, lingering a bit for Jay's wanton eyes before closing the door.

For the first time it dawned on him that Melody didn't want him to go down on her, at least not now. No, she wanted to see him eat food. "Does she want me to stuff myself full of food? That's weird but... if that's what it takes to score, Ok", he thought to himself, "Its only one night, and you are pretty hungry big boy", he told himself, mimicking Melodies line from earlier in the night.

"Hey, Guys", waved Melody to the plump staff of Porky's. They all seemed to know her and were overly attendtative to her every whim, providing the two of them a private booth towards the back of the establishment which provided virtual complete privacy from the public.

"Wow, you're like the queen around here", joked Jay.

"Yeah, but it's better than being Betty the Bitch, or does that turn you on Jay", she asked while rubbing one of his legs under the table. Before he could answer she finished for him, "Well maybe if you're a good piggy for Ms Melody, then maybe Betty the Bitch might feel compelled to rock your world afterwards. Okay piggy?"

Rock hard and ready to run through a landmine field to get with Melody tonight, Jay nominally agreed by nodding his head. However, calling him piggy, wanting to stuff him, this all sounded pretty weird to him, but he didn't find it revolting either.

"Open up piggy", said Melody, hand feeding him appitizer after appitizer while herself downing just as much or more than he. After a half an hour of eating appitizers brought by the attendtative wait staff, Jay was beginning to feel a bit full, while the big stripper kept on munching away.

Melody got really turned on by just how big Jay's eyes got when several trays of fattening meat trays were displayed before them. Steak were sliced and chopped and before he knew it, their extremely large dinner plates were filled to capacity with thousands of calories and loads of fat.

"Oh my God. Melody, I dont kno if I can do this, I'm so stuffed already"

"Nonsense", said Melody matter of factly, "Here, let me show you a trick", she said
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Inthecourt 5 years
A very interesting start. The dynamic is different here, which I like.