Josh and alex at university 2

chapter 1

Josh and Alex at University, The holidays

An hour later, Josh and Alex half staggered half waddled back to their room. They walked in and looked at each other. "Josh, your belly is awesome, it's so big I can't believe it!" Alex nearly shrieked. Josh, laughed, "Alex, your belly pretty amazing too, I really like the new briefs your Mom sent, they really look great on you. They make your butt look fat too!" Alex laughed, "Well your butt pretty big too, you know." He went over to Josh and belly bumped him. Josh laughed falling back on to his bed, bouncing, his belly and thighs jiggling. Alex hopped on the bed.

They were lying there facing each other. They looked at one another for a minute. "Josh, we should have gotten this fat in high school." Alex ran his hands over Josh's bulging belly. Their bellies were now touching. Josh ran his hand over Alex's, soft thigh and squeezed his friend's chubby, soft butt cheeks. Alex laughed, "Josh, I love being this fat! I can't weight to go home and show my Mom how fat I am!" "Me too!" Josh replied. The boys lay on the bed, really just fondling each other's fat marveling at how soft they had become. They fell asleep on Josh's bed waking up, spooning.

They boys were now closer than ever. They knew something had changed, but they weren't quite sure what it was. The practice of just wearing briefs and tight t-shirts continued. They didn't even bother with robes or towels when they used the communal bathroom. They didn't always sleep in the same bed, but would sit on one bed or the other, poking and fondling each other every night.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving came. Alex's Mom had volunteered to pickup the now quite fat best friends. She pulled up in front of the dorm, they were weighting outside, as Mom had texted them from a stop light that she was nearly there. She wanted to get right back on the highway to be home before dark.

She laughed when the boys got in the car. "Look at you two, you are so chubby now. How does it feel? Are you happy? The food here must be fantastic." Alex said, "Mom." "Okay, dear sorry I didn't want to pry, but you both look so contented and plump." Both Alex and Josh were just wearing sweat pants and t-shirts, as none of their jeans or other clothes still fit.

On the way home, Josh and Alex told Mom how much they ate at meals, what was served, when, how many times they went back for seconds. The conversation was pretty light all the way home.

Mom dropped off Josh at his house and both she and Alex watched a now quite heavy Josh walk/waddle up they front walk of his house. Mom giggled, "Alex, Josh has a huge booty now. He has gained a lot more weight this fall, even more than he did last summer." Alex smiled to himself, "Yeah he has Mom." She giggled again, "Alex, did Josh gaining weight have anything to do with you putting on so much weight this fall." Alex blushed, hoping his Mom wouldn't notice, "Yeah Mom it did."

Alex asked, "Mom is Ashley and Doug here for Thanksgiving?" Alex, liked his new brother in law. Doug was in the Navy and an officer, actually he was a pilot, which Alex thought was really cool . He didn't get along with Ashley all that well, being older sister, younger brother, they naturally fought about nearly everything. Mom smiled, "Alex, Doug's carrier is deployed right now. Ashley is with us until he comes back. She is pregnant, and due next month." "Oh, Mom do you think Ashley's going to give a raft of crap about my weight?" Mom laughed, "Well she shouldn't. Ashley has already gained over sixty pounds, and she has another six weeks before the babies due." Alex laughed, "So Ashley's gotten fat too?" "Now Alex, Ashley's pregnant, now you be nice." "I will Mom if she's nice."

They got home just in time for dinner. Dad had fixed spaghetti and meat balls, kind of a pre-thanksgiving tradition at their house. Mom and Alex came in through the garage door that opens into the kitchen. Ashley was getting ready to serve herself a large portion, when she looked up and saw, her now much heavier brother, "Wow, fatso's home! What did you do at college Alex, major in eating?" "Oh look who's talking, your huge!" "I am not, I'm pregnant and eating for two." She replied absently patting her large belly. "Yeah right!" Mom spoke up, "That's enough you two, now be nice it's Thanksgiving after all. Mom and Alex hung up their coats and got plates for supper.

Ashley and Alex were not shy about portions, they both had three helpings, then a huge slice of cheese cake each. They glared at each other across the table. After supper Mom asked, "Alex, let's go up to your room, I want to measure you for some new clothes before you go back to finish the semester." Actually Mom really wanted to see for herself how fat her son had become.

They went into Alex's bedroom. Mom said, "Alex just pull off your sweat pants dear." Alex pulled down the tight sweats. Now just wearing his new, but tight, shiny, nylon briefs stood in front of his mom. "Oh dearest you look so cute. I just can't get over how good you look with all the weight you gained. Let's measure your waist." She ran a measuring tape around Alex's substantial paunch. She giggled, "Alex, you have a forty inch waist! You had a twenty nine inch waist when you left for college! Looking at you in these briefs, I think you have grown a pretty big booty as well." She gently poked Alex's chubby cheeks, causing them to jiggle. Alex blushed, "I know Mom, I kind of let myself go." He lied. Mom looked into his eyes, "Alex, did you put on so much weight, because Josh gained so much over the summer?" "Yeah Mom, that had a lot to do with it. I mean I couldn't get over how Josh looked with the weight he gained. I really got turned on looking at him, all chubby and jiggling. All I could think of was to get fat too. We talked for a while, Josh suggested that we both get really, really fat before Thanksgiving and surprise everyone that we got so fat."

Mom sighed, "Alex, how do you feel about Josh? Do you love him?" Alex blushed, "I'm not sure Mom, I really, really like him, I like the way his body looks now and I know he likes my body looks too." "That's fine dear. I was just curious. One more question, How do you like being so much heavier?" Alex chuckled, "You mean how do I like being fat?" "Well, yes dear if you put it that way." "Mom I love being fat and I plan on gaining more weight too. When Josh and I agree to get fat this fall, I kind of cheated. I would get up after Josh fell asleep and go down to the cafeteria and stuff myself full of donuts and pastries and sneak back to bed." Mom poked gently poked Alex's belly, "So you mean to tell me you deliberately gained all this weight." "Yup!" Alex slapped he belly.
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