Josh and alex at university 3

chapter 1

Josh and Alex at University/Chapter 3

Josh's Mom dropped the two boys off at their dorm on Sunday afternoon. No sooner did the two get to their room, than Josh suggested, "Alex, I'm starved, let's get something to eat." Alex checking out Josh's even bigger booty/bottom, "Sounds good to me." The two headed for the cafeteria.

They went through the line, loading their trays with their favorites fattening items, macaroni and cheese, burgers, bratwurst, muffins, cupcakes, mashed potatoes smothered in rich gravy and big glasses of sweet tea.

Josh and Alex sat down heavily and started eating. While resting from stuffing himself, Josh asked, "Alex, did your family give you any grief about how much weight you gained?" Alex, finished chewing a big mouthful of mac and cheese, "Ashley sure did, she teased me about my fat belly and big butt. She said I looked like a girl in my briefs my butt was so big." "Did that bother you?" asked Josh, now eating is fifth cupcake. "Nah, Ashley has put on a lot of weight with her pregnancy, she's eating for two, she says, I think it is an excuse to stuff herself silly. Mom seems to be encouraging her to eat too. I gave her grief to about how big she is. She just said she's pregnant and supposed to be big." Alex shoveled more mac and cheese into his mouth. Josh replied, "So getting grief from Ashley didn't bother you at all?" "Naw, she's such a pain anyway, she would find something else to give me grief about. Hey why are you asking?" Josh blushed, "I was just curious. I think my Mom really likes that I have gained so much weight. She didn't give any grief at all, she even bought me new clothes and let walk around the house with just my underpants and a t-shirt. So your Mom didn't give you a hard time about all the weight either?" Alex, chuckled, "You know I think she really likes that I got fat. She was always poking my butt and belly. She let me eat all I wanted too."

After another load of food, the guys half staggered/waddled up to their room. They went in and immediately took off their jeans, letting their bloated bellies bulge free. "Oh that feels so much better!" Josh said, tossing his size forty four jeans on his bed. He tugged the waist band of his tight briefs letting it snap against his soft love handles. Alex, looked over, while taking off his own jeans. He couldn't believe that Josh's big, round, bubble butt was even bigger, his thighs now jiggled when he moved. Alex couldn't resist, he walked over to Josh and poked his bubble butt. "Josh, I think your butt is even bigger than it was before Thanksgiving." Josh blushed, "I know, it is getting hard to pull on my underpants, and my jeans are really tight around my butt and thighs."

Josh laughed, "But look who's talking, your belly is a lot bigger, and you are getting a fat bubble butt too." Alex patting his cheeks incased in his tight nylon briefs, "Yeah, I know, Ashley and I tried to out eat each other over Thanksgiving." He slapped his belly too. "A couple of times, my Mom got mad at us for eating so much. I think she was afraid that Ashley would hurt herself or the baby by eating so much." "So did your Mom really encourage you to eat a lot?" Josh patted his bloated belly, "Yeah, she really did, it seemed like all I did the whole four days was eat."

Josh sat down on his bed; Alex came over and sat down next to him, "Josh, do you want to "spoon" for a while with me?" Josh poked Alex's belly, "Yeah I would, I missed having you around over the holiday." "Me too." Replied Alex. They lay next to each other eventually falling asleep. The next morning Alex got up first and went to the floor rest room, just wearing his briefs. When he came back, Josh was sitting on the bed, his belly resting on his thighs, which seemed to spread out on his bed. "Did you just go to the bathroom in just your briefs?" "Yeah I did, I guess I'm just used to wearing only my underwear from being at home, besides, and there are only guys on this floor, no girls." "So you are not embarrassed if someone sees you in just your underwear?" Alex thought for a minute, "No I'm not embarrassed, why should I be?" Josh, laughed, "Alex, you are getting fat. Those underpants, are so tight on you." Alex, laughed, "Josh, are you jealous, that I'm walking around the floor in just my underwear?" Josh blushed, "No, no, not at all, I was just a little concerned about your modesty." Josh reached out quickly and grabbed the waist band of Alex's tight nylon briefs, pulled it back and let it snap against his plump love handles. "Ouch, what was that for?" Josh blushed, "That's for being naughty, let's get on some sweats and t-shirts and go eat before class, and I'm hungry."

Josh stood up and leaned down to pick up his sweat pants. Alex, reached over and pinched Josh's bubble butt. "Hey, Ouch, that hurts!" "Well now you know how it feels, your booty is getting really soft, you should not eat so much, it might get to big to fit through the door!" "Ha, ha, look whose talking, that belly of yours is getting pretty round too!"

Alex laughed, "Come on thunder thighs, let's go eat!" The guys went down to the cafeteria. Alex was following Josh into the dining area, he couldn't keep his eyes off of Josh's round bubble butt. He could see lines of Josh's briefs digging into his cheeks and the waist band under the sweats, he "Darn, Josh has panty lines!"

They ate, both of them getting full. They went back to their room. Josh, pulled on a larger t-shirt that was clean and went to his first class. Alex took a shower, still walking back and forth the bathroom in just his underwear. Now that he knew it bugged Josh, that he did that, he would continue to do so.

The days went by pretty quickly as they settled back into their routines. They would meet in the afternoon at the library to study, back to the dorm for supper, sometime back to the library, or just to the room to study. The mornings started off with breakfast, classes, lunch, classes, library, supper, studying, a snack then to bed.

The boys weren't gaining as much weight as before. Their bodies were getting used all of the fat and calories. They both were filling out. Alex's belly was getting rounder and softer, it jiggled with every move he made, much to his and Josh's delight. Josh, had a decent belly, but his real asset, was his widening and softening bubble butt. He really couldn't wear any of his jeans even though they were size forty-fours. Sweat pants were now getting tight, showing off how tight his briefs were.

One afternoon, only a few days before the Christmas break, Josh came back to the room. He took a shower and was rummaging through his underwear drawer looking for another pair of briefs. He found a couple of folded t-shirts in the back of the drawer. He pulled them out a jock strap fell out of the folds. Josh bent down to pick it up. He held up the strap, noticing it was a small, which was the size he wore when he started classes during the summer. He thought" I wonder how tight this will be on me now?" He bent down, not without difficulty and pulled the strap on. It was really tight, he pulled on it to get his round, plump thighs through the straps. The waist band was really tuff to get over his round bottom cheeks he finally pulled it on. He looked in the mirror, it was a total turn on!

The waist band cut into his cheek fat, cutting two inch roles on top and below. The straps dug in, cutting into his cheeks, creating roles of fat that jiggled. His butt creased where his bubble came down to his thighs. Josh stared in the mirror looking at his huge bottom hang out of the tight strap. He picked up one of the t-shirts, it was a size medium, which he wore then, but not anymore, he could barely squeeze into an extra-large now. The shirt was really tight he had wriggle to get his plump arms and shoulder through the sleeves. He pulled the shirt down, it didn't cover his belly, a nice three inch role hung out, the waist band of the strap was digging into his belly, creating a "mini" apron of fat. Josh reached down and jiggled the fat role, making it bounce up and down. The shirt was so tight it really showed off how big Josh's "moobs" were too.

Josh just stood there staring at his reflection. He put his hands under his butt cheeks and flopped them up and down, they bounced several times with each lift. He couldn't believe how big his belly looked in the tight t-shirt, he played with his belly role too. He kept thinking, "I'm so fat now, this is so awesome, I look pregnant I'm so fat!" He lifted his heels up and down to make his body jiggle with the motion. "I'm so soft, this is amazing." He turned and looked over his shoulder in the mirror seeing his round, bubble butt bulging out of the strap, he lifted up his heels again, making his butt wobble.

He was still staring at the mirror when Alex came in their room. Josh blushed bright red, "I found this old jock strap and tried in on! I'm so fat now!" Alex looked like he might faint. "J-Josh, you, you look amazing, so hot!" Josh smiled at him, "Take off your pants, I want to fool around." Alex pulled off his sweat pants and rushed toward Josh. He wrapped his hands around him and sunk them into his amazing round booty cheeks, squeezing and shaking them. They fell back onto Josh's bed holding each other squeezing various body part, poking, pinching and kissing. They lay for nearly an hour, Josh looked at Alex, "I want to get so stuffed right now!" "Me too!" he replied. "Josh, just pull your sweat pants on and just let your belly stick out."

They arrived in the cafeteria, a couple of people gave them a double take, with Josh's belly sticking out from the tight t-shirt. They loaded trays to over flowing and sat down and gorged. Alex fed Josh platefuls of macaroni and cheese, corn dogs, "pigs n' blankets", bratwurst and burgers. They made
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