Josh and alex at university 4

chapter 1

Josh and Alex at University-4

Josh was in his room, supposed to be packing to go back for the next semester, he grabbed some of the new nylon, shiny briefs that Alex had given him, holding up a pair and he noticed that they were a bikini cut. The thought of his big bubble but in the briefs got him aroused; he had to try them on. Josh was only wearing a pair of cotton briefs. He pulled them down and started to pull on the new nylon ones. They did stretch better around his thick thighs and bottom cheeks. He snapped the waist band as he finished pulling them on.

When Josh looked in the mirror, he almost lost it, he was so turned on. There was a nice roll of love handle fat rolling over the waist band, but his bottom cheeks were bulging out of the leg openings, round and soft, jiggling with any move or touch. His belly bulged over the waist band. Josh raised his heels and shook his body, making his fat jiggle. He couldn't tear himself away from the mirror staring at the curvy fat guy looking back at him.

Mom came into his room startling him. "Josh, I sorry I didn't mean to startle you." Mom noticed he was wearing the new briefs that Alex had given him. "Josh, you look so cute in those briefs dear." Josh laughed, "I was packing and I wanted to try on a pair, they really make my butt look big. They feel nice and tight too." Mom was really getting into how fat Josh was becoming. She patted his soft bottom cheeks, making them jiggle/wobble, she patted his bulging belly too. "Josh, the waist band seems tight on your tummy, I mean belly, is it uncomfortable?" He hefted his bulge and let it fall back, wobbling, "No Mom the waist band feels fine, I like how tight they are." She had brought in some more laundry for Josh to pack and put it down, "Honey are you hungry? You haven't had anything to eat in over an hour." Josh loved eating, "Yes Mom I'm hungry." "Put on a t-shirt dear, I'll fix you some sandwiches to tie you over until lunch. I've ordered pizzas so you will be nice and full when I drive you two back this afternoon."

While Josh went downstairs for a much needed "snack", Alex was home packing as well, but teasing and being teased by his very pregnant, very overweight sister.

Alex was standing at the bathroom counter, looking at his belly in the mirror, trying not to get aroused. Ashley waddled through the bathroom they shared and couldn't resist snapping the waist band of Alex's tight, shiny, black nylon briefs against his plump love handles. "Ouch, darn it Ashley cut it out!" "Oh get over it, fatso, God you are so fat I can't believe how much weight you and Josh gained at University." "Oh look who is talking, your huge, you can barely fit you huge belly and fat butt through that door!" "Shut up fatso, I'm pregnant, I'm supposed to be big and round!" "Ashley, you waddle you're so fat now, I bet you can't even see your feet, your belly is so big!" "Oh shut up, at least I have an excuse, you and Josh just made pigs of yourselves at university and got fat!"

Mom had had enough, "Ashley, Alex, please come down for something to eat, neither one of you has had anything to eat in over an hour." She knew the only time they weren't arguing or teasing each other was when they were eating. Dad had gone to work, so Ashley and Alex just wore briefs and t-shirts around the house. Both of them "waddled" into the kitchen, as Mom prepared several peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for each of them, plus large glasses of whole milk.
"Alex, you need to hurry and finish, I need to take you over to Josh's house to go back to University." Alex nodded, his mouth too full to say anything.
Alex and Josh had both finished packing at their respective homes. Alex's Mom, helped her overweight son heft his bags to the car and drove him over to Josh's house. They pulled in the driveway, Josh's Mom came out, "Hi, just put Alex's things in the trunk, we'll be leaving right after lunch. I've ordered a couple of pizzas for our growing boys."

Alex and his Mom went into Josh's house. The house smelled of pizzas. Josh's Mom asked if Alex's Mom would like to stay for lunch, she giggled "Yes, thank you. I really enjoy watching Alex eat." Josh's Mom, gave knowing look. The boys sat at the kitchen table gorging themselves on slice after slice of pizza, watching each other eat. The "Moms" sat at the kitchen island counter and watched their boys gorging themselves. Josh's Mom, Carol, asked Alex's Mom, Jane, "Jane, may I ask you a question?" "Of course Carol." "Does it bother you that Alex has put on so much weight?" Jane smiled, "Carol, to tell you the truth, I love that Alex has gained so much weight, I don't know why, but can barely keep my eyes off of him when he's waddling around the house in just his tight briefs." "Jane, thank you so much for saying that. I thought I was some sort of weirdo enjoying watching my once slim, athletic son gain so much weight. I even fed Josh this morning after I caught him playing with his fat bottom in the wonderful briefs that Alex gave him for Christmas." Jane giggled, "Don't you love those briefs? I bought several pairs for them for Alex when he told me he was putting on weight at University." Carol giggled, "They are so cute on Josh's butt and thighs, I wanted to sink my hands into his fat butt this morning when I came in his room."

Carol giggled, "Jane, should we help them gain even more weight?" Jane laughed, "I don't think we need too. These two seem to be gaining weight and getting fatter and fatter all by themselves. I mean watch them eat! They literally gorge themselves with food." The women turned and watched Alex and Josh, cramming pizza slices into their mouths at an incredible rate.

Carol whispered to Jane, "You do know that they love each other, don't you." Jane smiled, "Yes I know, I asked Alex how he felt about Josh when he was home for Thanksgiving. I really think it was Josh putting on weight over the summer that really brought out their true feelings for each other." Carol, smiled, "I know Josh was amazing and thrilled that Alex started to gain, nearly the moment he saw how heavy Josh had become over the summer semester." Jane giggled, "I know Alex told me he would sneak down to that cafeteria of theirs and binge on pastries and cookies to put on more weight to catch up to Josh."

Carol looked over at her bloated son and his best friend, and now lover, also bloated. "Boys, we need to get going, so finish up please." "Yes Mom." Replied Josh.

Carol and Jane watched their two bloated, engorged, nearly obese boys stand up from the table, both boy's t-shirts were riding up on larger, round, stuffed, bloated bellies. Josh's sweat pants were showing panty lines of his tight nylon briefs digging into his round, fat bubble butt. Carol winked at Jane as Josh, literally waddle by on his way to the car. Jane hugged a very bloated and full Alex, resisting the temptation to dig her hands into her soft son's fat.

Carol got the boys into the back seat, which they nearly filled up and started back to University.
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