Josh and alex at university 5

chapter 1

Josh and Alex at University-5

Carol pulled the car into the driveway of the boys dorm, it was late in the afternoon. She said, "Boys I need to get going right away, I don't want to drive home in the dark. The boys got their respective bags out of the car. Josh hugged Carol, she had to resist sinking her hands into her son's chubby body, in front of his best friend and now lover. Carol kissed Josh, said good bye to Alex and got back in the car and drove off.

Josh and Alex hauled their bags to their room, "Alex, are you hungry?" Alex laughed, "Ah Duh!" "Let's eat!" Laughed Josh. He and Alex went down to their favorite hangout, the cafeteria. The boys filled their trays with heavy, rich food and started to eat.

Between bites, Josh asked, "Alex, does your Mom mind that you have gained so much weight?" Alex finished chewing some lasagna, "Not at all, I think she really likes that I'm gaining weight. She doesn't even mind that Ashley has gotten so fat with her pregnancy. Why? Does your Mom give you grief?" Josh laughed adjusting his round butt on the small chair, "No, I think she really likes me getting fat and gaining weight, she's constantly asking if I want something to eat." "You know, I'm glad my mom likes me getting fat, because I love it! It would be such a drag to come home to be put on a diet, or criticized for my weight all the time." Alex said. Josh laughed, "You know I've even caught my mom staring at my big booty!"

They finished up their "snack" and went to the room to unpack and hangout, changing out of their sweat pants to just briefs and t-shirt and lay on Alex's bed watching NetFliks on Josh's laptop.

After the movie ended they started talking, while fondling each other's soft bodies. "Josh, do you ever think about how skinny we were in high school, compared to now?" Josh adjusted his tight briefs, "You mean thinking how fat we are now, versus being in such good shape then." "Yeah, kind of, I mean, did you have feelings for me when we were both skinny?" Josh thought for a moment, "I really, really liked you then, but not the way I do now. When I gained so much weight last summer, I really didn't mind. Truthfully, I enjoyed it, but when you came to university in the fall, your reaction to my weight really turned me on. No one had ever looked at me the way you did. Your mom and dad were polite, trying not to stare at my fat booty, but you were transfixed. Every time I looked at you, you were staring at me, you made me feel really good." Alex, smiled, "Yeah and then we decided to both get fat, that was the best! I have never enjoyed myself more than eating and being with you and encouraging each other to put on more and more weight!"

They stayed on the bed for a while longer, "Josh." "What Alex?" "I'm hungry!" Josh laughed, "Come on big boy let's go eat again!" They pulled on sweat pants and went back down to the cafeteria.

The semester went smoothly for both of them. Their courses were harder and more challenging but they both got good grades. The eating of course continued, though not at the pace of the fall semester. The boys started to think about what they were going to do during the coming summer.

Meanwhile at home both Carol and Jane were missing pampering their "growing" boys. Ashley had her baby, a bruiser nine pound boy. She still was way overweight, buy Doug, her husband, was supportive, and didn't mind is once svelte wife getting round and chubby. Jane was really missing having her children around. She got along well with her husband, but it wasn't the same, especially with Alex gaining so much weight.

Carol was in the same situation. She and her husband got along very well, but watching her little Josh, gain weight, especially where he gained weight, had enthralled Carol. She was really missing Josh waddling around the house in his tight briefs.

A couple of weeks before the boys semester ended, Carol called Jane to arrange to pick up the boys at University. "Hi Jane, it's me Carol, how have you been?" "Fine Carol, though I really miss having my chubby boy around." "I know me too; I love Alex wearing his tight briefs as well." "Jane, I'm calling to set up picking up the boys, do you want me to go, or do you want too?" "It is my turn, I'll be happy to go. Alex told me that they can store a lot of their winter clothes and larger items at school, so it will be just picking them up as usual. Is there anything else, Carol?" "Umh, Yes, Jane there is, can we get together for lunch, this week?" "Carol, I'd love to, tomorrow work for you?" "Oh, Jane that sounds great, where do you want to meet?" "Carol, can you meet me at the Burger Max on Main Street for lunch?" "That sounds great to me Jane, say around eleven thirty." Perfect."

The next day they met for lunch, they both arrived promptly at eleven thirty. "Hi Carol how are you?" asked Jane, noticing right away that Carol had gained some weight in the past few months. "Now that my Josh is coming home soon, I'm very well, thank you." They chatted and looked at the menu, after ordering, Carol got right to her point. "Jane, do you remember our conversation while the boys were eating before I drove them back to University?" "Carol, I do, we were talking about whether we should help the Josh and Alex gain more weight." "Oh I'm so glad you remembered, I know we decided then not to help them, but I have had a change of heart. I really want Josh to gain more weight and I think it would be so cute, for Alex to gain more too. I mean they are so close now. So what do you think, Jane?" Jane giggled, "Carol that's sounds wonderful! I, too would love to see my Alex put on more weight. I loved to watch him walk around the house with his big, round tummy in his tight panties! He was so cute and chubby. Yes we need to help our boys gain more weight. Do you have any thoughts on this mission?" Carol was so relieved, "Yes I do. Let's have a little contest to see whose son gains the most weight this summer. It will be so much fun, the boys will love it too."

They decided to weigh Alex and Josh as soon as they get home next week. Carol and Jane agreed to arrange jobs for their sons at places where they know they will gain weight the easiest. The plan set, the two hugged and weighted for the fun to begin.

Jane got Alex a job at a bakery, not far from their house, she could drop him off, so he wouldn't get any more exercise than was absolutely necessary. Carol got Josh a job at the local pizza place, Josh loved pizza, which would work right into Carol's plan. He didn't have to be at work until ten thirty, so she could stuff him full with a huge breakfast every day.

Jane dropped Josh off at his house after driving back from the University, both she and Alex watched Josh's big booty wobble up the walk, showing serious panty lines through the tight material. Jane giggled, "Josh certainly is a "pear" isn't he?" Alex laughed, "He sure is Mom, his butts even bigger than Ashley's was."

No sooner than Josh got through the door, Carol was hugging him, loving the feel of her son's soft body. "Josh, dear, please go upstairs and take off your clothes, except of course, you briefs, I want to weigh you." Josh just wanted to out of his tight sweat pants, he didn't care about being weighed. In his bathroom Carol gleefully watched her now very chubby son step on the scale. It banged to one hundred and ninety two pounds, meaning that Josh had gone from a skinny one hundred and forty pounds, to a now nearly obese, one hundred and ninety two, an over fifty pound weight gain. Carol looked at the scale, thinking, as big as Josh's huge bottom/booty and thighs were she thought he would be over two hundred pounds.

Jane and Alex drove home. "Alex, why don't you change into a clean pair of briefs and a t-shirt dear, I have dinner almost ready. Oh, by the way, I just curious, I want to weigh you, is that okay?" Alex chuckled, "Sure Mom." Jane came upstairs, marveling at the view of her nearly obese son in his tight briefs and t-shirt. Alex stepped on the scale and the reading spun to one hundred and ninety five pounds. Jane couldn't resist patting Alex's belly. "I'm so proud of you dearest, you look so handsome with you cute tummy in you panties." "Mom, they're briefs, not panties, girls wear panties, not guys, okay?" "Sorry dear, I just so thrilled to have you home, that' all." "That's okay, mom, but I'm hungry."

Both boys got a huge meal, and all the snacks they could eat that first night home, not suspecting a thing was going on.
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