Josh and alex at university 6

chapter 1

Josh and Alex now waddled out of the Dairy Queen after finishing three parfaits each. While waddling to the car, Josh asked, "Alex, has Jane put on any weight?" Alex thought, "No I don't think so, or I haven't noticed. Why?" "I think Carol gaining weight. Her booty is getting bigger and I've noticed she's getting a muffin top too." Alex, laughed, "Do you think all of your gaining weight and getting fat is rubbing off on her?" Josh chuckled, "I think so. I think she is getting weigh more out of me gaining all of this weight and getting such fat booty. I catch her staring at me a lot too." "So what are you going to do?" Asked Alex. Josh thought for a few minutes, "Alex, I think I'm going to tease her into putting on more weight. I think it would be fun to try to fatten her up, especially now that we know they're trying to fatten us up. You ought to try to get Jane to put on weight too." Alex thought for a moment, "That could be fun. I really liked challenging Ashley to eating contests when she was home and pregnant."

The boys got into Josh's mom's car and went toward home. Josh dropped off Alex, after a hug and some fondling, Alex got out. "So are you going to do it?" "You mean try to get Jane gain weight?" "Yeah, of course." "I will if you will get Carol to gain." "Deal." Chuckled Josh.

Alex walked inside. "Oh good you're home dear. You should get to bed, you have to be up at 5:00AM." "I know Mom." "What did you and Josh talk about tonight?" "Oh not much. Just how much we are enjoying our jobs. Josh says I've put on more weight. I told him he has too." Jane was staring at Alex jiggling belly, he caught her, "Mom you're staring at me." "Oh I'm sorry dear, I didn't mean to make you self-conscious, I was just concerned that you might be upset that Josh told you that you have gained more weight, that's all." Alex patted his belly, making it jiggle, catching Jane's eye again. "No, Mom, I don't mind gaining weight at all. I'm really enjoying this summer, all the pizza I can eat at work and the meals you are fixing me at home." Jane smiled, "Oh good honey, I just want you to be happy and enjoy the summer." Alex added , "and get fatter!" "Oh Alex, dear, I only want you to have a nice summer dear." "Mom, Josh and I figured out that you and Carol are trying to fatten us up. It's okay, we are enjoying all the eating too much to mind." Jane blushed, "You're not upset?" Alex slapped his belly then belly bumped Jane. "No mom not at all, but maybe you and Carol should join us." Jane blushed again, she was having thoughts about eating and her weight. "Well I don't know dear." "Just think about it Mom, okay?" "Okay, I will dear."

Josh got home, struggled out of the car. His fat bottom made it hard to get in and out of the car, though it was a turn on having trouble getting out. He waddled inside. Carol was in the kitchen, just wearing an old t-shirt of Dad's and a pair of tight panties. "Hi dearest, how was the movie?" "It was really good mom, we went to Dairy Queen too." Carol was trying not to be too obvious in checking out if Josh was bloated or not. "So, what did you an Alex talk about, dear?" Josh patted his fat cheeks, "Oh just how much weight we both are gaining this summer." Carol blushed, "Oh, are you putting on weight dear?" "Ah, Mom, duh! You weigh me a couple times a week, not to mention feeding me every chance you get." "Josh, I hope you are not upset with me, are you?" "No mom, not at all, I'm having a great summer." Josh was noticing that Carol's panties were really tight and that the t-shirt was riding up on her tummy bulge. "There is one thing I should mention, Alex and I think that you and Jane should join us." Carol really blushed, running her hands over her growing tummy bulge, "Josh, I think that would be a wonderful idea."

"Really Mom!" "Yes Josh, dear, really. I have had a hard time controlling my eating habits, especially when you are home. I mentioned my weight to Dad and he just said it's my body, so yes, I want to gain weight this summer too!" Josh asked, "Do you think Jane would want to put on some weight too?" Carol giggled, running her hand over her tummy bulge, "Yes, to tell you the truth, I think she would."

Carol giggled again looking at her son's wobbling booty cheeks, "Josh dear, are you hungry?" Josh laughed, smacking his fat cheeks, "Mom, I'm always hungry. Will you join me in some overeating tonight?" Carol smiled, "Of course dear, let me fix some macaroni and cheese for us."

Carol fixed two whole boxes of "Kraft" mac and cheese and she and Josh stuffed themselves. She put the plates and sauce pan in the sink, Josh came over and poked her bloated belly, "It's nice to have someone to eat with at home, Alex and I always ate together at University." Carol patted Josh's bottom cheeks, "You will now dear." Carol went to bed, bloated, stuffed and turned on.

After Josh left for the pizzeria, Carol called Jane. "Jane, we have to talk!" "Oh Carol I was just about to call you. Alex told me they figured out we were trying to get them gain more weight and that they wanted us to put on weight too." Carol replied, "I know, Josh and I binged on mac and cheese last night after he go home, Jane, I want to get really fat!" "Oh Carol me too! I love watching Alex eat and how fat he's getting. I loved it when he and Ashley were both home trying to out eat each other, I wanted to join them so bad!" "Jane, meet me at Burger Max in a half hour, wear elastic waist band pants!"

They both rushed over to Burger Max, ordered three burgers, milk shakes, large fries and sundaes each and gorged themselves. After the massive binge, Carol said, "Oh my God, this is so awesome, no wonder the boys put on so much weight!" Jane giggled patting her bloated belly, "If I had known how much fun getting stuffed was I would been so fat!" Carol said, "Tomorrow, its pizza, day after, the buffet, how does that sound, Jane." "It sound very fulfilling to me!" They both laughed and got up, not without some difficulty, hugged, poked and prodded, "Tomorrow, same time, but pizza!" Said Carol. They walked out to their respective cars and drove home, to start a new lifestyle.
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