Patty's pot, pot belly

chapter 1

Patty's Pot, Pot Belly

Patty Stewart had graduated from college in Iowa that spring. She wanted to travel and take a break before really finding a career. She did some traveling during the summer and ended up in Colorado. She decided to take a seasonal job at a ski area and stay for the winter ski season.
While finishing up the paper work to finalize the hire, she asked about housing. "Do you have any housing available in the valley?" she asked. "Yes we do." Replied the HR person, "But it getting pretty tight. Can you share a room with another girl?" "Oh yes." Replied Patty. "I have one open bed in an apartment, close to the area in a room with another girl. There are two guys in the other bedroom. Is that a problem?" Patty was about to say, "As long as they are hot" but she thought better of it. "No, that's not a problem for me." "Good, I'll put you down. The rate on employee housing is four hundred a month for sharing a bedroom, utilities are paid by the Ski Company." "Great!" Said Patty.
She moved in that afternoon. Her roommate, Heather was from Denver. She seemed a little spacey to Patty, but was nice enough. The guys were pretty cool too. Ned and Alex were working on the grooming team, driving sno-cats, working in the evenings, and when it snowed. Heather was working in one of the many restaurants on the mountain. Patty was going to be a selling lift tickets and sometimes scanning tickets in the lift lines.
Heather and Patty got there room organized and were hanging out. Heather had a habit, as Patty found out, of only wearing bikini panties and t-shirts around the apartment. The guys didn't mind, as Heather had an okay body, a bit on the plump side, but otherwise she was pretty cute. Patty really didn't mind either.
After a few days, Heather got off work and brought home leftovers from the restaurant. Patty had never worried about her figure, so she felt a pastry here and there wouldn't be a problem. Heather did have one other habit. She loved to smoke marijuana. She couldn't afford a whole lot, but she enjoyed it, she asked Patty to try some. "Okay, if you insist", giggled Patty. She took a couple of drags and started to feel the buzz. It really felt good. She took a couple more getting a bit stoned. She and Heather giggled and started to come down, that's when it hit, the munchies!
The girls laid into Heather's leftovers. Patty had eaten one pastry earlier, but now she was ravenous. She ate four more, Heather ate five. They ate the leftover pizza, two canoles and a liter of regular coke. The girls went to bed with bloated and bulging bellies.
The next morning Patty woke up. She felt a little woozy, but otherwise, no other side effects from their smoking adventure the night before. She did feel a little bloated, while showering rubbing her belly with soap. Her panties and jeans felt a little tight, but she thought they were just freshly washed.
She went to work selling tickets and then working the lower lift lines. She enjoyed her job. Heather worked the restaurant. It wasn't really fun, but she got to talk to a lot of people and the resort was a fun place to be.
Patty and Heather started to indulge in the pot smoking nearly every night. Heather always brought home leftovers too. Patty asked where she was getting the extra marijuana. Heather giggled, "I talk to a lot of people when I'm clearing tables or serving. They ask me if I want their extra "weed" since they don't want to risk taking it on the plane and out of state." They both started giggling getting stoned. The binging munchies was a nightly occurrence as well. Heather brought home more and more leftovers from the kitchen and restaurant and nearly all of it would end up in the girls ravenous mouths by the time they went to bed.
Of course both of them were now putting on some serious pounds. Patty now had a round belly sticking out just past her plumper but still modest boobs. Her thighs were round, her thigh gap gone and she has grown a bubble butt as well. None of her jeans fit, she was wearing sweats to work and got issued larger outerwear to scan tickets in line.
Heather hip, thighs and bottom ballooned under the on slot of rich food and calories. She nearly waddled her bottom cheeks were so big and round. Her thighs rubbed together when she walked or waddled. She too had a belly sticking out as well.
The girls loved their lifestyle, they had plenty of pot from the skiers leaving to go home. The leftovers from the restaurant were plentiful so they were barely spending any money on food even though they were both packing on the pounds.

They guys really hadn't noticed that Patty and Heather were blimping up. They worked a lot of nights and Patty worked in the mornings and afternoons, Heather worked evenings.
One Monday in February, the guys were off and so were Heather and Patty. Patty and Heather were coming to after their smoking and binging. They went into the bathroom and then to the kitchen to fix some breakfast. Patty had on a tight t-shirt, which didn't cover her belly, her sweats were skin tight around her growing booty, showing panty lines from the several sizes too small bikini panties. Heather had on a tight t-shirt, her belly was sticking out, but she was only her bikini panties.
Ned went in the kitchen, "Hey girls what's up?" He was shocked. The semi-hot girls who were there roommates were now a couple of butterballs. Patty giggled, trying to pull the tight t-shirt down over her belly, "Hi Ned, it's nice to see you guys." Ned stammered, "It's, uh nice to see you two as well." Alex walked in to the kitchen, he did a double take checking out Heather's fat bottom bulging out of her bikini panty. Heather turned around on a blushing Alex, "Hi guys, would you like some breakfast?" "That would be great Heather." Replied Alex. He was still staring at her huge bottom wobbling in the tight panty. The guys sat at the small table watching their two roommates waddling around the kitchen fixing breakfast. Heather and Patty were belly bumping each other while fixing pancakes, bacon, French toast and scrambled eggs. The girls made a ton of food. The guys could only watch, there wasn't much room with the girls bumping each other as they fixed the meal.
Heather and Patty put a pan full of eggs, a huge stack of French toast and pancakes, a pound of bacon and a pot of coffee on the table. "Let's dig in!" Giggled Heather.
Ned and Alex watched in awe as Patty and Heather gorged themselves. They were now so used to overeating from the munchies and the pot, that they now could eat amazing amounts of food at a sitting. They guys did get a good breakfast, but the girls took overeating to a new level. They were a little nervous with Alex and Ned around, which led them to eat even more.
Alex had never seen women or girls eat like this before. His mom was very slim as were his aunts. The girls he had dated too, were usually quite slim. This was a totally new experience for him. He was getting aroused watching Heather gorge herself. She was the least self-conscious about overeating, gaining weight or her appearance, being barely decent.
Ned, had dated heavier girls in the past. His mom was pretty heavy, as was his sister, especially after gaining a ton of weight with pregnancies. He stared at Patty's pot belly, watching as it seemed to get bigger with every bite Patty took.
Heather and Patty finished off all the food and were now totally engorged, bloated, bulging and turned on. They knew that the guys too were feeling a little horny watching two chubby cuties, stuff themselves.
Patty got up, feigning having difficulty and bumped Ned with her bloated belly. "Oh sorry Ned, I have a hard time moving when I get so stuffed!" Ned stammered, "Hey Patty, its okay, can I help you?" Patty giggled patting her ballooning belly, "Yes Ned that would be great." Ned got up, again bumping into her belly. She giggled, now totally turned on and bumped Ned again. "Ned, I'm so full, can you rub my belly for me?" Ned thought he was going to pass out with desire, "Yes, yes, um sure Patty." Patty took his hand and put it on her belly and dragged Ned into the living room. He helped her lower herself onto the couch. Ned started to rub her amazing belly, soon they were making out.
Alex was trying to check out Heather's bloated belly and her huge bottom cheeks. Heather struggled to her feet, the chair got caught on her bottom which was squeezed through the back of the chair lifting it off the floor. "Oh Alex, can you get this pesky chair off my booty?" Alex, blushed and pulled the chair back down to the floor. She smiled at Alex, "Can you help me, I think I've had so much to eat, I'm going to need help to get into the living room." Alex got up and came over to Heather who leaned into him. She looked up into his eyes, "Alex, you can play with my booty if you want to." Alex, now getting seriously turned on, leaned down and sunk his hands into Heather's huge, round, soft, bikinied booty cheeks, squeezing and shaking them.
Ned and Sally went into Sally and Heather's bedroom, Ned running his hands over Patty's fat little body. Alex and Heather went into Ned and Alex's bedroom. They didn't come out again until late in the afternoon.
Ned and Alex sat on the couch while Patty and Heather pranced around the apartment in just bras and bikini panties getting ready to go out to dinner.
Ned turned to Alex, "You know, once you have had fat, you will never go back!"
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