Programmed to grow

chapter 1

Wesley couldn't believe his eyes. His gaze landed on an old cassette tape labeled "Weight Gain Transformation Hynosis". He'd heard about such things before and had even seen a few videos online, but he never expected to see one in person, and especially not at his next door neighbor's a garage sale. Quickly before his wife could see, he snatched up the tape and went over to pay his extemely fat neighbor Bob Wu, for the oddity.

Upon seeing Wesley's nervous fret and his unusual selection, Bob smiled warmly and waved off the twenty dollar bill Wesley was trying to put into his hand.

"No need Wes", said Bob, looking over Wesley's shoulder to see if Jan was in earshot or not. When he was satisfied that she wasn't listening in, Bob leaned into Wesley, with his massive belly pushing into the smaller man's own body.

"Gotta warn you though", said Bob in a half whisper, "It works. It really works. Trust me", he said as he began to gafaw, causing his gelatinous belly to bounce and jiggle as raucausly as his laughter.

Wesley didn't know what to say or do. He just stood there, hoping his erection didn't show through his pants. Momentarily Wesley bit his bottom lip before regaining his composer, and thanked Bob for the tape.

"If you want it to work, listen to it every night as you fall asleep, okay little man?", teased Weslwys immensely fat neighbor.

"Okay", repeated the flush Wesley. He was so caught up in the moment that he didn't even notice Jan approaching from his left side. When she tapped him on the shoulder Wesley almost jumped through the roof.

Both Bob and Jan laughed hysterically at Wesley's startled reaction.

"What the hell Wes. You and Bob doing a drug deal over here?", she teased.

Guiltily Wesley replied, "No, we didn't do anything?"

"Wow, calm down, their stud. Just wanted to know if you found anything you liked or wanted?"

Wesley's eyes darted over to Bob's before the big man bailed him out, "Nah, I think you're husband's a little to fickle in his tastes for anything here. And it's not like any of my clothes would fit him anyway."

"Well not yet", chuckled Jan, but you should see the way Wes puts it away sometimes, like he cant get enough."

"And do you like that?", asked Bob in an overplayful manner to hide his true interest in the subject

"Well, I like when he eats my cooking. You know. I think all women like it when their man enjoys their cooking, right?", asked Jan almost flirtaceously.

"Well, I do love Vivian's cooking", he said, giving his belly s firm pat.

Nervously Wesley interupted, "Well, not to be rude Bob, but we've gotta get going", he said to Jan winking at her, their special code for a "quickie".

"Oh, yeah", agreed Jan, "I'd love to continue this conversation one day Bob, soon"

"I wouldn't have it any other way", said Bob gently leaning his 500 plus pound bulk into Jan and giving her a pack on the cheek. Wesley watch with conflicted feelings as Jan's fingers dug deep into Bob's thick and juicy love handles. It was just for a brief instant, but it was as little too familial for Wesley's tastes. In truth, he was kind of pissed off and normally would have at least said something, but seeing as Bob just covered for him, he let this one slide. Besides, he found it quite erotic and wished it was his fattened flanks that Jan was digging into.

When Bob and Jan relinquished their brief embrace, Jan returned to Wesley, and he could tell she was worked up. As the thin and athletic couple turned to leave, Bob said, "Hey, remember Wes, if you want it to work, you have to use it right before falling asleep, ok?"

Shocked, Wesley didn't know what to say. His mind screamed, "WTF!!!", but outwardly he just stood frozen.

"What the hell are you two talking about?", asked Jan inquisitively.

"Um, um, um", stammered Wesley, before Bob interjected, "When using Valerian Root tea. You need to drink it right before bed to work. Remember that Wes, okay?"

"Um sure", said Wes, before grabbing his wifes hand and tugging on her to leave. This was too embarrassing, especially with Bob teasing him.
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Aquarius64 5 years
Far too short. I gather you’ve spellchecked it since sir doge’s comments, as I found very few errors.
Growingsofter 5 years
Did you listen to the audio? Starts slow but gets really hot, if you're a feedee.
Sir Doge 5 years
Second chapter is a big improvement, the only problem now is that i need more smiley
Sir Doge 5 years
This is interesting but please take a look at your spelling and make sure everything is spelled the way it should be
Nibler 5 years
looking forward to seeing this story develop great so far smiley