Southern belly

Chapter 1

I was working the morning shift as a short order cook at a small diner at a junction where two state highways came together. We had a sign in the window looking for a new waitress and had not had much luck finding anyone who wanted to work in the middle of nowhere.

The bell rang on the front door, I looked up and a cute, petite little woman came in. She slim and only about five foot two inches tall, fairly neatly dressed. She came up to the counter and sat down on a stool. “May I get you some coffee, miss?” I asked.

She giggled, “Why, yes you can y’all”. She replied in a deep southern accent. She continued as I got a coffee cup and started to pour. “I would like to apply for the waitress job you have in the window.” “We really need someone, do you have any experience?” I asked.

“Yes I do I have worked in diner’s and bars from since I was in high school. I have done the cashiering, bussing and waitressing too.” She answered.

I told her what we paid, that we provided uniforms and of course meals were free. She asked “Is there was any where to live around here?” “Yeah, we actually have a couple of units in the motel next door, the diner and the motel are owned by the same people, we are so far from town that its just easier to live here. So what do you think, you are hired if you want the job.”

“I would love to work here, I love to work around food and people.” She giggled in reply. “That’s great, what is your name?” I asked. “Oh I am so rude, sorry. My name is Bobby Jo Spears from Alabama.” “Bobby Jo, welcome to the B&G Dinner!” I said.

I got out all of the hiring forms and Bobby Jo quickly filled everything out. She gave our address as her home and did not list an emergency contact at all. I asked her about it and she just said there is no one.

While I was showing Bobby Jo around the diner and getting her familiar with the menu, I mentioned that most of the female customers were overweight, even obese. The guys were all in pretty good shape from working on the farms in the area, but the women stay at home taking care of the kids and eating.

“Oh Matt, don’t worry I love fat people, most of my family is fat. I am very comfortable talking with them. Bobby Joe said.

She was true to her word. Despite having a slim figure and being quite petite, Bobby Joe charmed all of our patrons, men and women alike.

There were a couple of things about Bobby Joe that did confuse me. She certainly ate a lot for such a small woman, though I did notice after a couple of weeks, that her bottom and belly were “growing”. She was mysterious about her past too.

One day after Bobby Jo had worked for us a couple of weeks, she bent over and her bottom popped out of her uniform dress. She blushed, but then said, “Oops, my genes are really starting to show!” Saying that, she slapped her bottom causing it to jiggle showing off her tight panties.

I got her a larger uniform and she changed into it. I was getting just a little turned on seeing how much weight Bobby Jo had gained in just a couple of weeks. I had to find out what she meant by “her genes showing”.

“Ah, Bobby Joe, what did you mean about your genes showing?” I stammered/asked.

“Matt, I never mentioned this, but all the women in my family are obese. Not just fat, but obese. Down South in Alabama where I am from, the guys work hard in the fields, orchards and barns. Women though stay home with the kids and mainly cook and of course eat!”

“But Bobby Jo, you really have a cute, slim figure, how come you are not fat, if all of the women in your family are?” I asked. Bobby Joe giggled and patted her now round and plumper little belly, “Matt, I used to be fat, well not real fat be our standards at home, but I used to weigh around one sixty in high school. I fell in love with a guy from high school, we moved away and nearly got married. He really pressured me to lose weight and get slim. In fact the situation got worse and worse. I lost weight, but he kept wanting me to lose more and more. I was really un-happy and the relationship finally became abusive. I left him a couple of month ago in California. I really don’t want to go back home, because he will look for me there. I thought I will just find a small town and settle there.”
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RFBurton 12 years
Superb!! I DEMAND a sequal.....Time Marches On!!! A few years later maybe?
Fanedfox 12 years
Thanks I appreciate the feed back!
Giantjay 12 years
A nice, innocent story, very well written.