The fng

Chapter 1


I worked at a large utility in the Midwest. I was in my mid-thirties, single, not great looking, but not ugly either. I was a little overweight, but not carrying too large a paunch. I had a good job with the company, an upper level professional, no supervisory responsibilities, but pretty well paid.

Since the company was a utility, we had very little turn over. So it was rare to have anyone new in our department, so when a newbie showed up fresh from college, we were all surprised. Her name was Katie, she was cute, only five two, slim and very pert.

Being new at a place where the previous “new guy or girl” was still referred to that way, even though that person had been here over ten years was difficult. Katie tried her best, but most of her fellow employees really did not want to help train someone new. They also were very set in their ways socially within the office, so breaking in to a group to even have lunch with was also challenging.

Katie did break into one group and got along well with them. I thought she was really cute, but too skinny for me.

I met her after she had been at the company for four months. She was sitting at the only table in our break room with vacant chairs, so I asked “May I sit here?” She smiled, “Oh yes certainly!” she responded. “My name is Matt. I do not think we have met.” “I am Katie. I actually work just down the hall from your office Matt.” She replied. “I am sorry I have not introduced myself earlier Katie, I have been pretty busy, though.”

We started chatting, I filled her in on the latest office gossip and the pecking order, who is friends with whom, who to ask for this or that. We had a very pleasant lunch. After our chance lunch together, I started to see a lot more of Katie. She would come to my office to ask questions or get help with starting an assignment.

I liked Katie she is pretty, very outgoing, considerate and friendly. However for me, there was a small problem, I am an FA or chubby chaser. I am currently single, but I have had several girl friends in the past. My preferences have caused a problem or two. I lost two girlfriends who gained weight but did not like the gain and broke up. I have been introduced, by mutual friends to some heavier girls, but most of the time they were not very attractive, slobs or had no self- confidence. They would complain constantly about their weight and how they wanted to go on diets. This kind of talk totally turned me off.

Katie told her office friends that she wanted to go out with me. They all giggled, one of her friends, Darlene said, “Oh be careful of Matt.” “Why?” asked Katie, a little concerned, “Is he weird or mean?” Darlene giggled, “Well Katie, let’s just say, if Matt had his way, all of us would be waddling around here overweight or obese! Matt is a real chubby chaser or what is called today an FA or fat admirer.” Darlene went on, noticing Katie’s rapt attention. “He dated a few girls in the office. All of them were soon gaining weight, he took them out to lunch, dinner, brunch, you name it, any excuse to get them to eat! “

Katie asked, “What happed to them? Did they get fat or just break up?” Darlene said, “Let me think. Two broke up with him, they really liked Matt, but did not want to keep gaining weight. One really liked him and probably would have even married Matt, but she got transferred by the company.”

Katie started to think. I really like Matt, and I am really getting sick of working out all the time. I really did not mind how fat I was in high school either.

One Friday right after eating lunch together in the break room, Katie, blurted out, “Matt would you like to go out for dinner tonight and see that new movie?” I thought for a moment, “Sure Katie, that would be fun, not that I have to check my social calendar or anything.” I replied. She smiled and seemed a lot happier than just arranging to meet a co-worker for some supper and a movie. “Oh Matt, great, how about that new bristro on 3rd Avenue, I hear it is pretty good?” “That sounds good to me, Katie, why don’t we just leave from here, go eat and catch the early show.” I suggested.

Right at five we set off for the bristro. It was very good, Katie impressed me with a decent appetite. She cleaned her plate, which was a pretty good sized entre and she even had desert. Nothing turns me off more than a date picking at her food complaining how fattening it is.
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There is just so much joy in your stories.