Waddle in my shoes

chapter 1

Danny and Nat lived on the same block. They went to the same school and knew each other fairly well, but were not friends at all.
Nat was overweight, being an only child of two workaholic parents Nat was left alone a lot. He got into the habit of overeating when he was pretty young and now was overweight.
Danny on the other hand was a fit jock type. Slim, athletic Danny was also popular where Nat was not. Danny was on the baseball team in the spring. He had started to tease Nat about being fat on the school bus on the way home and even at school.
Danny's ribbing annoyed Nat, but he was used to it by now. Nat, though shy, had pretty good social skills and got along with most of his peers, despite standing (sticking) out do to his weight.
It was three thirty and Nat was walking to his home from the bus stop. Danny called out, "Fat Nat, hey you're taking up the whole sidewalk!" Nat just replied, "Sorry." Letting Danny go by him. Nat's neighbor, an older lady, who was quite fond of Nat, saw and heard the noise. She didn't care for Danny , or his type, for that matter, at all. Mrs. Faber had some darker secrets as well. She adored overweight and obese children. She wasn't an abuser or pedophile; she just thought children and young people should be plump and chubby. She was also from Eastern Europe, of gypsy decent and what some might have once referred to as a witch.

When Danny ran past Mrs. Faber's house, she was watering her garden with the hose. She splashed him, just a sprinkle, but that was enough. She was saying an incantation as well. Danny just looked, she nodded at him and he just kept going bye.
Nat came past and Mrs. Faber smiled, "Nat, dearest, would like to come in for a nice snack?" Nat smiled, his stomach growled, knowing Mrs. Faber's "snack" was closer to a large meal. "Yes I'd love too, Mrs. Faber." Nat came through the gate and hugged her. Mrs. Faber had become almost an aunt to Nat, with his parents seldom home, he spent a lot of time with her.
They went inside and just as Nat knew, Mrs. Faber piled him with all he could eat. Sitting back in the kitchen chair, his belly clearly bloated and full, she patted his belly. "Did you get enough to eat dear?" Nat just smiled, clearly full, "Yes Ma'am." "Oh good!" she cooed. "Nat does that awful Danny tease you?" Nat burped, "Urp, excuse me, yes he does, but not much more than some other kids do." Mrs. Faber smiled, "I think Danny's attitude will be changing soon." Nat wondered what she meant by that, but decided to press the issue.

Danny got home. "Hey Mom, what's for dinner?" "Danny, you could at least say hello or hi, before you ask. We are having spaghetti with meat sauce." "Sounds good Mom, when are we eating?" "The usual time after your Dad and brother get home."

Danny, for some reason was ravenous. He went through the kitchen and grabbed a handful of cookies without his mom seeing him and ate them right away. He went up to his room and hung out weighting for dinner time.

Finally an hour and half later his mom called upstairs. "Danny, dinner's ready!" He went downstairs and sat at the table. Danny ate more at dinner than he ever had before. He ate fours pieces of garlic bread, and four helpings of spaghetti, getting stuffed. His Mom, teased, "Danny, you're going to look like Nat if you keep eating like that!" "No way Mom, I'll never get as fat as Fat Nat." But a half hour later, Danny wanted some dessert. His mom could only comment, "Danny, I don't know what's got into you, I've never seen you eat like this." Danny only kept spooning ice cream into his mouth.

After dinner Danny just wanted to sit and not do anything. He usually went outside and tossed a ball around or rode his bike. He was one of those kids/guys that just never sits still, well at least until now. Danny lay, half sat on the couch. His jeans were digging into his belly so he un-snapped them. His belly bulged out. He gave it a pat, and for the first time, felt a little tingle of arousal. He lay around watching television, until his mom told him it was time for bed.

Danny put on his pajamas, tying the drawstring waist. He got in bed and fell asleep. He had a weird dream that he and Nat were really, really fat and had to waddle around school. He dreamed about eating huge meals and getting super stuffed and bloated. Danny slept more soundly than he ever had before.

He woke up earlier than usual. Most times, his Mom had to come in and wake him up, but this morning he felt weird. He reached down to his waist, it was really uncomfortable. The drawstring was cutting into him and felt painful, he undid the string and felt his belly bulge out. Danny thought, "Wow, I feel so strange." He went to sit up, but it was hard. He managed to get to a sitting position, but he could feel something warm on his thighs. He looked down and was shocked to see a round, fat, soft belly lying on this thighs. He patted it, it was soft and squishy. His pajama bottoms were very tight. He went to stand, but couldn't without using his arms to push himself off the bed. He stood , staggering a bit, his center of gravity had changed. He looked down at his now bulging belly, sticking out from his chest several inches. He reached around, feeling love handles jiggling, his butt was round and soft too, as were his thick, soft thighs. Danny's arms were soft, he had plump moobs on his chest too.

Just then his mom came in to wake him up. She looked at Danny and smiled, "Well you certainly filled out last night. I didn't think you ate that much. She noticed his new double chin, fuller cheeks and neck. She patted Danny's bulging belly. "Well let's see what you can fit into for school today, we will get you some new clothes this afternoon." Danny nearly cried out, "Mom I can't go to school like this, look how fat I am! I need to go to the doctor's office!" Mom, poked Danny's belly. "No Danny, you're going to school, there is nothing wrong with you that some exercise wouldn't cure."

Mom dug around and found some jeans she knew were too big for Danny , at least before this morning. She also found an XL t-shirt too. Danny took a shower, he was stunned by how fat he felt, his belly was round and soft, his thighs rubbed together and his butt was round and soft as well. He dried off and pulled on a pair of briefs, that were very tight, but he managed get them on. The jeans barely fit, he was had to struggled to snap the waist band, the t-shirt rode up on his belly.

He went downstairs feeling his body jiggling. Mom had breakfast on the table and despite being so shocked by his body, he stuffed himself with waffles and bacon. "Danny, hurry, and finish or you're going to miss the bus." Danny got, knocking over his chair with his thicken body. He was surprised how hard it was to try to run. He got to the bus, winded, several of the neighbor kids did a double take on the new "Danny". Nat was there, he was as stunned at Danny's appearance. "Morning, Danny." Danny looked over at Nat, "Morning to you too, Fat Nat." Nat was struck by the irony of Danny's reply.

The bus pulled up, Nat, Danny and the rest of the kids at the stop got on. Danny walked down the aisle he saw one of his friends and went to sit down, but his fat butt caught on the back of the seat in front causing Danny to stumble. His friend, laughed, "Whoa fatso, sit somewhere else there isn't enough room here." Danny just grunted and moved on. He ended up sitting next to Nat.

The rest of the morning didn't go any better for Danny. He could hear kids snickering when he came into classrooms. Lunch was the worst, his "friends" didn't want the new fat Danny at their table. Danny saw Nat near the back of the cafeteria and headed for his table. Nat looked up, "Hey Danny, sit here." Danny mumbled, "Thanks." Danny was starving, he had loaded his tray and started eating.
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