What happened?

  By Fanedfox

chapter 1

I walked, well really waddled into the restaurant . I was there for a reunion of my college class. I didn't really want to go, but Claire had wanted to go, but she got a cold a day before so she bailed, saying, "Oh Nat, you will have a nice time, I sure there will be plenty to eat too." I smiled, thinking about the food, but also concerned no one would recognize me, given how much I have changed in just the last year and a half. I have gained, with the encouragement if not insistence of my spouse, over one hundred and twenty pounds. I am now morbidly obese and though I hate sometime admitting it, I really like being this fat.

As I walked/waddled in I tried to avoid eye contact on several people I recognized, but obviously did not recognize me. When I graduated from college I weighed only one hundred and seventy pounds, I was five foot ten inches tall. I exercised regularly, ate right and really watched my weight.

I spotted an empty table and made my way toward it. I eased myself onto a chair, hoping it wouldn't creak or worse break, it did neither, thank goodness. I looked around the room spotting a nice big buffet, which is part of the reason I'm so fat now. I was contemplating hauling myself over there and start eating, my favorite pastime, when a couple I knew, Joe and Eve, started staring at me, I thought , "Here it comes, someone's about to freak out over my weight."

They came over, "Nat is that you?" I blushed, smiled and replied, "Yes, guys it's all me." "Oh Nat, I didn't mean to be rude." Eve replied, blushing too. "Eve, its okay, I expected a reaction to my current appearance." "Nat, may we sit down?" "Oh, of course, I'm sorry for not offering." They took the two chairs opposite me. "It is nice to see you again, how is your wife, Claire, isn't it?" "Oh she's fine, she came down with a cold yesterday and didn't feel up to joining me tonight." "Oh that's too bad, I would love to see her again." We chatted for a while, and then the embarrassing silence kicked in.

I really didn't want them to leave and I'm sure they wanted to know how I gained so much weight so quickly, so I broke the ice. "Joe and Eve, are you curious about how much weight I have gained? I mean I don't want to sound like a confession or getting to personal, but, as you can obviously see I have changed a lot in just a year and a half." I could tell right away I had struck a chord with Eve, "Oh Nat, you don't have to explain if you don't want too."

I started in, "I think I should explain all of this." Patting my huge belly. "Why I'm so obese now. You know that Claire was and still is quite overweight. That is what attracted me to her, just my thing. But I didn't know when we got married how much Claire loved heavy men. She never really said much to me about my exercising and diet before the wedding and frankly, I love her so much, it really wont' have mattered. "

"We set up a home and started our day to day routine. I started my usual running in the mornings, but Claire, really didn't appreciate me getting up early. She would insist that I "cuddle" with her, then have a large breakfast too. She also started doing all of the grocery shopping, buying a lot of snack food, richer foods, more chips, cookies, crackers, lot of other snack foods. We also started to eat out, much more often. One of the things Claire liked to do, was order entrées and then feign not being able to finish them, insisting that I finish my own and hers' as well."

Eve cut in, "So Nat you started to gain weight I assume." "Yes Eve I did and a lot quicker than I thought I would. I stopped exercising, and started to snack more, eat larger and larger meals, have dessert and get lazy. It only took three weeks before my clothes didn't fit any more. Claire shopped for me and got bikini cut briefs, insisting that my "boxer briefs" were too boring. She got larger pants, and dress shirts. She bought me sweat pants and XL t-shirts to wear around the house. She bought more and more food too. I was encouraged to eat something at the all times. She insisted we have larger and larger meals, she wanted me to eat until I was full."

"Nat, didn't you realize how much weight you were gaining?" asked Joe. Who was trying not to stare at my huge belly. "Of course I did, but Claire always had an answer. She would insist I was just filling out a bit with new married life. She also constantly complimented me on my appearance. How great I looked with a thicker waist and bigger butt and thighs."

Eve asked, "Nat, did you try to get any exercise at all?" "I did try a couple of times, by the time it really hit me how much weight I was gaining I had already put on over twenty pounds. I struggled into my old running shorts, getting totally appalled by my fat rear hanging out of the brief and the shirt riding up on my growing paunch. I tried to run, but could only go a block before getting totally winded. I staggered home, feeling totally sorry for myself, and usually overeating, defeating the effort."

Eve blushed, "But Nat, I mean you were getting fat, didn't that affect your love life, I mean you were in really good shape when you guys got married." I blushed this time. "Ah, Eve, remember I said that I realized after the wedding that Claire was really into heavy guys?" "I do Nat, but what has that got to...." She trailed off. "Exactly Eve, Claire loves my gaining weight. She made a huge deal about any weight I put on, she loved it. I would come to bed, full and bloated and she would go nuts and get aroused." Eve really blushed at that comment.
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GrowingLoveH... 5 years
Ned, as always, you spin a great tale.