What happened-part two

chapter 1

Eve and Joe watched as Nat waddled out of the restaurant. Joe commented, "God, Nat is so fat, I can't believe he let himself go that much!" Eve was still watching Nat move his huge body through the front doors. "Earth to Eve, come in please. Eve, did you hear what I said?" "Yes Joe, I did. Yeah, you're right Nat has really let himself go, but I think it is kind of sweet that he gained all the weight for Claire, it is really romantic." "Romantic! Oh come on Eve, he's morbidly obese! He can barely walk he's so fat now! He used to run five and ten "K" races, now he can barely waddle fifty feet!" "Oh, come on, Joe, he's not that fat." But Eve was thinking, "God, Nat really is enormous, but in some way really cute too, so round and fat."

Eve got up and went to the buffet and fixed herself a huge plate of food and came back to the table. "Uh, Eve, that's a lot of food." Eve starting eating, she looked at Joe while putting fork full after fork full of pasta into her mouth. She swallowed, "So, Joe, what would you do if I wanted to get fat?" Joe stared at Eve for a minute. "Eve, you're not planning on getting fat are you?" Eve smiled with her mouth full, "So what if I did want to get fat, what would you do?" Joe thought, "I love you, I might be disappointed that you were or are gaining weight, but I would still love you."

Eve got up and filled her plate again. "Eve, what are you doing?" Eve started eating. "Joe, you must have noticed, that I was getting a little aroused talking to Nat about how fat he got and why. " "Yeah, I did. You were getting kind of weird there." "Well Joe, I made a decision when Nat got up to leave. I'm going to put on weight, starting right now. I want to see how I feel about being heavier and how you will react to my new weight." Joe replied, "So right now, you going to start stuffing yourself?" "Ah Joe, what am I doing right now?" "You're stuffing yourself." "You got it!" Giggled Eve, patting her modest waist, "Joe, would get me a beer, please." Joe just smiled and got up, "Yes Dear."

Eve ate three more plates of rich food. She drank four beers and was buzzed and bloated when she and Joe left the restaurant. On the way home, Eve fell asleep, she slouched down on the seat, letting her dress ride up, showing some thigh and a bit of panty. Joe looked over, noticing the bulge in Eve's abdomen. He thought, "You know, this might not be a bad thing at all."

He helped Eve to bed, taking off her dress and bra. He put one of his t-shirts on her and put her to bed. He changed and got in bed too.

Eve woke up, a bit hung over and still feeling bloated. She got up and went to the bathroom. After using the toilet, she looked in the mirror, lifting up Joe' t-shirt and admired and her still bulging belly. She gave it a pat, and thought to herself, "Time to fill up!"

She padded down to the kitchen. She fixed a whole box of toaster waffles, smothered them with syrup and butter, and ate two bowls of cereal, a big glass of orange juice and a couple of pop-tarts. She went back to the bedroom, patting her bloated belly and climbed back into bed.

An hour later, Joe got up, used the bathroom. He came out and watched Eve, belly rising and falling with her breathing. He decided to fix her breakfast in bed, not knowing that Eve had already stuffed herself earlier.

Joe came in with a tray covered with pancakes, waffles and an omelet. He woke Eve, by poking her belly. "Good Morning, dear, look what I fixed for you." Eve, had to struggle not to shriek "YES" out loud. Eve said, "Oh Joe, thank you so much it is so thoughtful of you to fix me breakfast in bed!" Eve patted her belly and started to eat. She finished everything in forty five minutes of eating bliss, getting full and bloated again. Joe cleared and went back to the kitchen. Eve lay in bed and stuck out her belly as far as she could, caressing it, feeling how round it felt. She lay in bed for another two hours, feeling full and lazy.

She got up and showered lathering her "bulge" in the shower. She dressed in a tight pair of low rise jeans, and a tight t-shirt, she wanted to show off her growing belly. She came into the family room, Joe was watching television. "Good morning sleepy head." Eve giggled, "It's your fault I couldn't get up earlier, I was too full! Joe, I want to go out for lunch." Joe just smiled, "Where too?" Eve blushed, "How about, Burger Barn on Main?" "Sounds good to me, but it's your appetite."

They drove over and went in. Eve giggled, running her hands over her modest, yet growing tummy bulge. "I'll, have a two double bacon burgers, large order of fries, large milk shake and a large chocolate sundae." The counter girl just smiled, thinking, "She isn't going to have a cute figure like that eating all this." Joe ordered a more modest lunch.

They sat down and Eve laid into her food with gusto that Joe hadn't seen before. "Wow, Eve, how can you be that hungry, you just had a huge breakfast only three hours ago." Eve just smiled, "Joe, I want to gain weight, remember? I can't gain weight just nibbling and picking at food, I need to eat."

Eve gorged on the burgers, fries, shake and sundae. She finally finished and her belly was stuffed and bloated. Eve said, "Joe, take me home please, I want to sleep off this gorge." Joe helped up Eve, noticing how bloated she was. They drove home, Eve went into the family room and lay on the couch, falling asleep, she was so stuffed.
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