Would you?

chapter 1

Would you?

Katie and Jill were hanging out by the pool in their condo complex. They were lying on the chaises near the far end of the pool complex both wearing bikinis and a bit bored.
Katie, who had been putting on some weight recently, asked, "Jill, if you won a contest where you would get your weight in gold, in six months, would you gain weight?" Jill who was quite petite, and slim weighing on one hundred and five pounds, answered, "No, Katie I wouldn't gain weight." "Really!", Katie blurted. "Why not? You could be rich or at least richer, if you gained weight." "I wouldn't want to be fat, just to get more money or gold, as you put it. It sounds kind of greedy." "I don't think so, I mean, you won and they won't weigh for six months, what else are you going to do but gain weight. Think about it. It makes sense, what would you be "weighting" for? Get it, weighting for." Katie giggled. Jill just sighed, "So Katie you would stuff yourself silly and get fat, so you could get more money or gold, as you put it. Then what would you do? You would be fat then. It's not that much money, at some point you would still have to work."

They sat quietly for a while, Jill asked, "Katie, would you gain weight for a boyfriend." Katie giggled, "It might, depends on the guy." "Okay, so say he's hot, has money and adores you, but he can't get on with you, because you are too skinny. Would you "pork up" then ?" Katie giggled, "Yes, I think I would then, but he would have to make a commitment . I wouldn't want to gain weight and then break up, that would suck." Jill giggled, "Okay, so if mister right, super hottie, wealthy and loves you, asks you to marry him, then you would get fat or at least gain weight?" Katie absently patted her soft little belly, "Yes Jill I would gain weight for him."

"Jill why did you ask that question, I know you wouldn't gain weight for practically any reason." Asked Katie. "Katie, I was at a wedding of a friend of mine from college. I was sitting at a table with some of my friends, when another friend, who got married last spring, got in the buffet line. I did a double take, at first I didn't recognize her she had put on so much weight, then I realized who she was, I was stunned. She was bursting out of her cocktail dress with a pot belly, thick round bottom cheeks and plump thighs. She must have gained thirty pounds. But what really amazed me, while they were in line filling their plates, her husband must have pushed five or six mini quiches into her mouth, one right after another. Her husband, reached around her, put his hand on her plump bottom cheeks lifting dress squeezing her cheeks!" Katie giggled, "Jill that sounds kind of sexy to me. What did she do?" "She giggled, ran her hand over her dress to smooth it out, patted her belly and kept on loading up a plate."
"Katie, you said that sounded kind of sexy? I think she is getting fat and he is encouraging her." Katie giggled, "Jill you just asked me if I would gain weight and even get fat for the right guy right, that's what your friend is doing isn't it?" "Yes she is, her name is Heather, and she was on the gymnastics team at State. She was super buff, I mean a real work out freak. She is my height but weighed back then at least ten pounds less than I did. I went to her wedding, though she had put on a little bit of weight, not much though, she was still really slim and looked amazing in her wedding dress."

"Jill did you talk to her?" "Yes I did, later I went over to her table. She was still eating! I couldn't believe, she said she was on fourth plate of food. Her belly was bulging onto her thighs and the hem of her dress was riding up over her fat bottom, you could almost see her panties!" "Well?" asked Katie, now getting a little turned on my Jill's story. "I asked, Heather what's going on with you?" She smiled, giggling, "Jill, Jake and I decided that I need to put on some weight. He told me he likes girls who have some jiggle in their wiggle. So we agreed that I would start eating more and put on weight." I said, "Heather, you had such a nice slim figure, you worked so hard to stay in shape. I can't believe that you are letting yourself go!" "Jill, I love Jake, he loves me no matter what, but if I can make him happier, by just eating more and putting on weight, why not?" "But Heather, you're ruining your lovely figure. How much weight have you put on?" Heather patted her tummy bulge, and then her plump bottom cheeks, "Jill I have gained over thirty pounds and you know what? I love it! I can't believe how much fun over eating is! It's just amazing, I can eat whatever I want, how much I want, and not worry at all, because, I want to gain more weight. The best thing of all though, is our love life! Jake goes crazy when I take off my clothes, standing in front of him in my tight bikini panties, and tight bra. It is amazing, we make love now almost every night, he also confessed to me, he loves to watch me eat too!" Heather sat back in her chair, eating. "I stood there staring at bulging figure, I didn't know what to say to her answer." Jill said.
Katie giggled, "So Jill, tell me. How did Heather's gaining weight and why she was gaining weight, make you feel?" Jill laughed, "Katie, you sound like some sort of analysis." "Well Jill, how did it make you feel?" Jill blushed, "Katie, I felt turned on. I kept staring at Heather's ballooning figure, imaging her gaining even more weight, I had to go to the rest room I was getting so turned on. I even hung out with Heather and Jake the rest of the time I stayed at the reception, I just couldn't keep my eyes off of Heather's belly and fat bottom. I left a few minutes after they did. Heather got so stuffed, she was bursting out of her dress and she had a pretty good buzz going from the wine, she and Jake decided to go back to their hotel. When they got up to leave and gave Heather a hug. Oh Katie she felt so soft and round, I had to control myself not to squeeze her bottom and belly."

Jill sighed and lay back on her chaise. Katie got up and went over to Jill's chaise, she was sticking out her belly and jiggling her thighs, "Jill, can I sit with you?" Jill reached up and gently patted Katie's soft belly fat, then touched her thighs, "Please sit down with me." Katie lowered her soft, bikinied bottom on to Jill's chaise, "Hey scoot over I take up more room than this!" Giggled Katie. Jill slid over in the chaise as Katie's round bottom landed.

Katie kissed Jill gently on the lips. "We need to put on weight for each other, right?" Jill was almost in tears, she was so turned on and excited, she nodded. "Who is going first?" Katie asked staring into Jill's eyes. Jill trembling now, "You, Katie, I want you to get so fat for me." Katie leaned on Jill, pushing her chubby belly onto her girlfriend, "Okay, dearest, but after I get really fat, I going to feed you until you can't walk. You're going to look nine months pregnant with triplets, your belly is going to get so big, do you understand?" Jill trembled, "Promise?"
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
Ned, updating this makes it all the better. I like your writing style.
GrowingLoveH... 6 years
Scrumptuous, as always, Ned! I love your writing.
Jazzman 6 years
This is really nice! See if it is possible to correct the title spelling.Too good a story to have a title cause some to not read it.