mutual attraction weight gain

chapter 1

Nat decided to go over to Dairy Queen for a burger, fries, shake and a parfait. He lived alone, single, male, about five ten tall and overweight. He was not huge, but his job was calling on small “mom and pop” restaurants. He liked to eat. Nat was in his mid-twenties and really, despite a fair paunch, he was not bad looking. He really did not mind his weight and having a belly. He wore bikini cut briefs, he even had a couple pairs of “Speedo” bathing suits. This morning Nat just pulled on a t-shirt, that was a bit tight and an old pair of gym shorts that too, were tight and too short. He even had to be careful getting in his car to drive to DQ, the shorts were that tight.

She was single, petite, only five two tall and she too was overweight. Both of her parents were obese, and she loved them dearly. Lately with an office job and boredom she had started to gain weight. Her clothes were getting tight, but she loved the feel of the tightness. Her name was Claire, she was quite pretty, pert breasts, a round plump bottom perched atop nice round thighs. This morning she was craving DQ, burger, fries, coke, and a Blizzard too. She pulled on a too tight t-shirt, which didn’t quite cover her little tummy bulge, and a pair of stretch pants, that were so tight, the material was transparent, showing not only panty lines, but the pattern of the material of her panties.

Claire arrived at the DQ a little before Nat did. She parked went in and got in line. She was absently playing with the waist band of her stretch pants, snapping it in and out, thinking she might get a large order of fries and a blizzard. Nat arrived and got in line behind a couple in back of Claire.

I immediately notice the adorable girl at the counter, she was so hot! “ Nice round butt, her stretch pants were so tight I can see her panties right through them! Awesome! She is really pretty too! Wow, I hope she is eating here”. I thought.

Claire got her order, large burger, large fries, large Coke, and a blizzard. She turned and saw Nat. “Wow that guy is really cute! I wonder if he realizes how tight those shorts are! His thighs completely fill them and it looks like he has a bubble butt too. Oh cute belly too. I hope he is eating here.”

Nat got his order, two large burgers, large fries, and a milk shake. He turned, “Yes she is eating here! Awesome!” He is shy so he didn’t want to go right up to the “dream girl”. He sat a few tables away facing her. Nat thought, “Oh God, she smiled at me when she saw me looking at her!”

Claire thought, “He is shy, well that’s okay, I will just eat my lunch and hope he will have the nerve to come over here.”

They both were nervous and pounded down their respective feasts. Nat knew he had to make his move soon, before Claire got up to leave. Nat got up and went to the counter to order a sundae. He absently pulled down his t-shirt to try to cover his now bloated belly.

Claire giggled to herself, “He is so cute, his belly is bulging with his lunch! Oh good he is getting something else to eat. Oh Please, please come over and say hi.”

Nat finally got the nerve up. “ I turned around, pulled my t-shirt down again and walked toward the adorable, plump little angel.” “Hi” I managed to stammer, “My name is Nat, may I join you?” Claire’s smile lit up the DQ. “Oh yes please do, Nat. My name is Claire.” Nat slid into the booth, careful not to split his tight shorts, now regretting not wearing sweats. Claire had finished her lunch. He asked , “Claire can I get you something else, I hate to eat in front of someone.” “Oh Nat, yes, please a small, peanut buster parfait would be great.” Nat got up to get Claire’s treat.

Claire thought, “God I am so stuffed right now, but I don’t want to embarrass Nat by not eating.”

Nat came back with her parfait. “Here you are Claire.” “Thank you Nat, I just love these, though they stick to my figure.” Claire giggled, “Oh I think your figure looks great Claire.” He managed to stammer. They sat there nervously starring at each other and gradually started to chat. They worked in similar industries. They both liked history and museums, similar movies. Neither one of them wanted their little “luncheon” to end. Claire asked , “Nat would you like to come over to my building for a swim. Most of the other owners are older and don’t use the pool.” “Claire that sounds great!” She quickly gave Nat the directions to her building. Both Nat and Claire were thinking of how the other would look in bathing suits. Nat hoped that Claire would wear a bikini and Claire hoped that Nat’s swim suit would be as tight as his gym shorts were!

They shyly shook hands and went to the respective condos.

Nat was thinking “This is so awesome, I finally met a hot girl and she doesn’t mind how big my belly and ass have gotten. I hope I can squeeze my ass into those old trunks.” He pulled them out of his drawer and pulled them on, not without some difficulty. Nat thought, “Dam these are so tight.” He went to get some sun screen out of his bathroom vanity, he dropped the bottle and bent down to pick it up. RIP, Nat’s big ass burst right through the seam! “Shit” he thought, “Now what, dam I may just have to wear one of my “Speedos” . The black one should be okay, it’s a size thirty eight.” He got it out and pulled in on. His bloated belly bulged out, but his big ass did fit in, though the leg openings were creating serious rolls. Nat grabbed a towel, the sun screen, pulled on a t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts that used to be baggy and headed for Claire’s condo.
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