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Chapter 1

I dated Claire after I broke up with her roommate, Bridgette, who though nice and fat, was quite a shrew. Claire was then, quite slim and petite, which usually wasn’t the type of girl/woman I would have been attracted too. She really came on to me, rather than me asking her out. I wondered about this until our wedding night.

We dated the last year of University. I was already quite fat, at five foot ten inches and I was up to two hundred and thirty pounds, with a good size belly and bubble butt. She was, as I mentioned quite slim being five foot two inches and weighing only one hundred and three pounds. She told me her dad was obese and she loved heavy guys, so I just shrugged off any question of why she wanted to have a relationship with a fat guy.

We went out to eat quite a bit and I kept on gaining weight, which I enjoyed and she did too. She would order a large meal/entre and then feign unable to finish it and ask me to eat the rest, which of course I was only too happy to do. The only real issue between us was my difficulty “getting it up” when we made love. She always dismissed it and helped me become aroused, but it really bothered me.

It was getting to the end of our senior year, and pressure was mounting on me, to ask Claire to marry me. My friends were constantly telling me, ask her, before she realizes she’s with a fat guy, kind of teasing me. They all wondered behind my back why such a little hottie would want to be with a fat guy.

I finally worked up the courage to ask her, and to my surprise and shock, she was delighted, to the point of crying. We got a ring, my family is very well off and I already had a job weighting for me in the family business.

The first “clue” for me, that Claire, might have an ulterior motive for marrying me, was when I met her family for the first time. Her dad, was and is obese, her mom was getting plumper getting older, but it was her older sister, that really set off some alarm bells, she was huge! Ashley was Claire’s height, but weighed two hundred and fifty pounds! She had beach ball sized booty cheeks, a huge protruding belly, modest boobs and she waddled her thighs were so thick. They had a chubby little boy.

While at her parent’s house, Ashley and Claire spent a fair amount of time together, which thinking about later I should have realized a plan was being put together.

Claire and Ashley were in Claire’s room, “Claire, Ned’s adorable, I love how fat he is.” Claire giggled, “I know he has gained twenty more pounds dating me!” “Oh you little vixen, will he want you to gain and get fat?” “Oh, he will, he dated that bitch Bridgette, you remember how fat she was. She treated him so badly, I really felt sorry for him. She dumped him for a lineman on the football team, who weighs, like weigh over three hundred pounds.” That’s fine Claire, but will he want you to get fat?” “Oh I know so, he has trouble getting hard with me, I’m so slim my body just doesn’t do it for Ned.”

Ashley patted her huge belly. “I’m giving you the name of my doctor, he’s a fat friendly doctor and will take great care of you, especially when you start getting fat. When you see him, Claire get a prescription for an appetite stimulant. Now Claire promise me, you will not gain an ounce until your wedding day.” Claire giggled poked Ashley’s huge belly, “I promise.”

While we were at her parent’s, Claire made an appointment and went to see Ashley’s doctor, Dr. Faber. She was ushered into an exam room by an obese nurse, who told her to disrobe except for bra and panties, and put on a “gown”. Dr. Faber waddled in a few minutes later, “So you’re Ashley’s little sister.” “I’m Claire, it’s nice to meet you Dr. Faber, Ashley really recommended you to me.” He chuckled, “So you want to gain weight and maybe become obese young lady?” Claire blushed, “yes doctor I do.” “When do you want to start overeating and gaining, if you haven’t already started eating.” “I’m not going to start until my wedding day.” “When is that day?” “Our wedding day is in September on the 10th.” “Very well, Claire please step on the scale for me, let’s get a base line weight and measurements so we can tract you gaining better.” Claire weighed one hundred and five pounds, we five foot two inches, bust was twenty six inches, waist nineteen inches and hips twenty four inches.

“Doctor, Ashley mentioned that I should ask for a prescription for an appetite stimulant.” “Very well, I’ll write a script for you, but young lady do not abuse these pills, they are very strong, follow the directions to the letter, is that clear?” “Yes doctor it’s very clear.”

When Claire got home for the appointment she seemed kind of giddy. “Honey, are you okay, how was the appointment?” Claire giggled and poked my belly, “It was good Ned, no issues at all, I just wanted to get a new doctor, now that I’m getting married.”

The rest of the visit went very well. I got along great with her dad, both of us being fat, helped. Her mom was very nice, resigned that she was getting heavier. Her sister Ashley was very nice to me at was her husband, she was a bit of tease making sure I saw her waddling with all her fat giggling.

The planning for the wedding went well. I was a little surprised by how rich and heavy the meal selections were for the reception, but shrugged it off. Claire despite all the stress of planning and making choices for flowers, dresses, table settings etc. she didn’t start to stress eat or gain any weight at all. Thinking about it I knew she had serious will power, she never overate while watching me gorge myself when we went out to dinner.

Our wedding day finally arrived. I had put on more weight I was now near two hundred and seventy pounds with a fifty five inch waist. Claire looked amazing in her wedding dress, the bodice hugged her slim waist and slim thighs, showing just enough cleavage of her modest boobs.

All during the ceremony Claire was a little jittery. I just brushed it off do to nerves, but it was the appetite stimulant pill she took, as directed an hour before she was to eat. We got to the reception hall, started the receiving line. Claire seemed to be even jitterier, I was getting a little worried, “Honey, you okay?” “I’m fine Neddy, I just really hungry right now.” I never, ever up to that time heard her say the word “hungry”.

The receiving line was finally done. We went to the buffet, Claire surprised me by loading up to huge plates of food, “Ned, bring me another plate, please dear.” I was stunned, was she really going to eat all that food, or was she going to make me eat it, I actually had a hard time deciding which I preferred. To my shock, Claire was gorging herself, almost shoveling food into her mouth, she pounded her two plates and ate the third I brought her. “Ned, get me more honey, hurry I’m starving!” I got two more plated discreetly as I could. I looked over at her family’s table, Ashley, was stuffing herself, watching Claire gorging herself, smiling and giggling.

After five plates of food, Claire seemed sated, for a little while. “Claire, are you okay, dear?” “Oh Ned, I’m fantastic, I love you, this is so great, I’m really enjoying myself.” I thought, “That’s right, you’ve eaten more today, than practically the whole time we dated.” Some of Claire’s bridesmaids, started to speculate, that Claire was now going to get fat for Ned the way she was eating.

We did the cake cutting and the traditional feeding each other Claire ate the whole piece I cut for her, then managed five more slices. Her dress she had the bodice around the waist made of a stretchable material which was now showing a serious tummy bulge.

We went to the room for us to change in. I unzipped Claire’s dress and her bulging belly surged out, she giggled started playing with her bulge, looking in the mirror, I had to remind her, that we had to make our flight to the port for our honeymoon cruise. We got dressed, to my surprise, Claire or Ashley had left her a larger size pair of jeans. I was thinking “What is going on.”

Our trip to the port was uneventful, we were shown to our cabin, there was a huge selection of fattening foods on a cart in our room, the steward pointed it out us. We unpacked, as it was going to be a three week cruise. She handed me a black nylon brief bikini cut, “Ned, this is what you’re going to wear the whole cruise.” “Honey I look like the “Pilsbury Dough Boy” in this.” Then to my surprise, she started crying. She pulled off her blouse, and jean, now just in bra and panties, “Ned, sit down I need to talk to you.” I sat on the edge of the bed, wearing the tight briefs my belly was sagging onto my thighs.
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