reversal of fortunes

chapter 1

Lydia DeGraisse sat in Dr. Wu's reception area and looked around nervously. At 5'2" 290 lbs, she was by far the largest woman in the room. She would have been more intimidated by her size, except there we some real fatties here, all men. It was too much for Tommy's funny bone to bear. That's when he said, wow, "Look at these guys. If anyone should be on a weightloss program, it's these hogs". He said it a little too loud, and that's when he heard a sultry woman's voice reply, "Oh, but he is".

Across from him was a sexy and voluptuous woman with an over exaggerated hourglass figure. Her form fitting Red dress showed all of her curves; Tommy couldn't stop staring? especially at her bteast. And that's saying something, as he was an ass and belly guy. But "Wow!" thought, "They're almost mesmerizing, so juicy, so fat. He just wanted to yank them out and jam them in his mouth and suck as hard as he could.

He was so enthralled with looking at this lady's giant rack, that he hadn't even noticed that his own wife had moved over to talk with her. Her name was Maya and she and Lydia talked for what seemed like hours. Tommy couldn't hear much and his acuity went even further south while looking at Maya's larger and creamy breasts. He was however able to make out a few details like, "Maya had stated out way over 300lbs, but was now down to 150 or so and that she and her husband couldnt be happier. Besides that, the rest was a blur.

Tommy couldn't shake her breast from his mind until, Lydia said with a chuckle, "You can stop staring". The spell was broken. The thinner of the two whispered something into Lydia's ear and they both began to laugh. Maya then grabbed her husband's enormous belly and gave it a good shake.

"Mr. and Mrs. Jokate" came a yell from across the hall. "That's us" said Maya and she stood bolt upright and started for the Dr's door. Her poor husband struggled to his feet. And that's when Tommy and Lydia realized, just how fat he truly was. He must have been almost 400lbs. He had a soft jiggly butt, tree trunk legs, a ponderous belly and his own set of boobs. Everything was just so soft and jiggly his body wobbled for a couple of seconds after getting to bis feet. Both Tom and Lydia had a secret thing for fat. They were both taken in by the sight and both were turned on.

What Lydia noticed, but Tom did not, was the inverse proportional sizes of the men and women here. The bigger the lady the smaller the man, the smaller the lady, the fatter the guy was. Tom was oblivious, Lydia was almost at the point of orgasm as she imagined her thin and svelte husband growing into a fat and out of shape piggy.
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One of my all time favorites! Thanks for updating this version!
Bigboy308 2 years
Hey thats me! Thanks for using me as your character!