Never trust a thin chef

COMPLETED 12/6/23! the cover art is by little_king_terry on tumblr. When a human FFA meets a supersized Tiefling chef, sparks fly! He's always dreamed of a smaller partner to dominate and crush, while she's always dreamed of a man as big as him.   More ▼

Leila's misadventures in the pillory  

A young, slender thief is caught stealing, and is forced to endure the humiliation of being put on display in the town's pillory. But what happens next is far from what she expected...   More ▼

[commission] her perfect pig  

Updated: 12/2! A disastrous flight over the Bermuda Triangle lands Theo on a tropical island. The native islanders are welcoming and friendly -- but not so gentle. A beautiful woman and her accomplices force fatten him into the hog of her dreams!   More ▼

Breaking the mold (premium edition)  

(Completed!) The continuations of Enya and Isolde's story with plenty of additions. Cover by SilverPathfinder. Check out their artwork on Deviantart!!   More ▼

The dragons princess

A princess named Erika has no will or freedom trapped in her room by her father using her for political gain when a dragon girl comes breaking her out. She begins her life in the dragons town while cooking for her rescuer putting the pounds on her.   More ▼

Never make a bet with a demon lord  

In fear of having their entire kingdom lost to the impending war with the forces of the Underworld a Princess and a Queen make a bet with the demon lord. Warning: Contains demons, breast expansion, lactation, inflation, public humiliation, etc   More ▼

Out of the moonlight

In this WG fairy tale, the life of a simple baker's apprentice takes a turn for the strange as, one evening, seemingly out of nowhere, a mysterious young woman with a great love of food emerges into it.   More ▼

The weasel of malgoren

A street urchin living in the fringes of a wealthy fantasy city finds her way into the prosperity of the upper classes, but doesn't realize what she may sacrifice as she leaves the streets behind her. *contains weight struggles /weight gain /stuckage   More ▼

The bimbo pill 2  

“I am getting so fat. Just look at my ass.” “Eat like a horse, look like a horse,” quipped Lucy. Two women and their husband continue to grow as 'the company' and the gov make more moves to fatten them.   More ▼

Pudge from the past

Kyle runs into Courtney, an old friend from high school. She was always a bigger girl, but lately the pounds have caught up with her. The two reconnect before their relationship takes an gluttonous turn!   More ▼
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