There must be something in the air: a fatville/dr wu tale  


The felony  

Dr wu opens up a bakery  

A young and fit college senior named Johhny Robinson takes up an offer to intern at a local bakery with his namesake. It doesn't hurt either that a cute young girl there takes a liking to him, but just not in the way he wants. She likes bigger guys.   More ▼

Agent michael conway  


My roommate and friend in college accidental weight gain and the part I was roped into playing. (Based in true events) slightly lesbian but mostly a mix.   More ▼

My coach made me fat  

A swimmer boy is in love with his female coach, Denise, with already astonishing curves and dreams about feeding her even further. But for cheating on Denise with her own daughter, she decides to feed him instead of letting him know she found out.   More ▼

Rule number one

Jenny is going to feed her first fat guy. But, contrary to her online persona, she now feels shy and nervous to actually be doing this in real life. Luckily, fellow feeder, Vicky, seems to know exactly what to do...   More ▼

The cult of gluttony

Jane is a college girl with an affinity for 'plump' bodies, she finds a magical tome with a succubus of gluttony that tasks her to fatten up her classmates in exchange for power. What kind of magical artifacts, blessings and spells will she use?   More ▼

What a long sleep you’ve had  

💚 If I could make the world as pure and strange as what I see, I’d put you in the mirror I put in front of me 💛 (Full Story, see profile for soundtrack and illustrations)   More ▼
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