Weight gain stories


Dadbod for the one - largetwink

This is a story I posted on Tumblr back in 2020. It was my first story solely based on a dream.   More ▼

Super max gaining - largetwink

This story focuses on Max a dietician and his peculiar patients.   More ▼

The ex-jock's memory - largetwink

You should listen to everyone. They are telling you what a fat mess you have become. You used to be a fit, smart and ambitious guy in high school. What has college done to you??   More ▼

Dude ranch - largetwink

When Joseph’s car breaks down in the middle of a prairie in Montana. The young journalist gets help from a rugged guy who just lives life.   More ▼

Nineteen candles - largetwink

You are an 18-year-old named Harry heading for college. Your first action as an adult is to gorge, You are a gainer and without the intense workouts of being quarterback or the oversight of your family and you are finally seizing your opportunity.   More ▼

Lard bless this mess - largetwink

Managing and being a Mayor is hard. Especially when you are coming in without knowing anything about your constituents along with crippling debt. So, when Logan Spruce became in-term mayor and city manager on behalf of the state government.   More ▼

Dadbod +1 - largetwink

When Mark picks up an Uber ride for Tom. You wouldn’t think that you’d end up knowing more about yourself than you ever thought. Yet, that’s what happened.   More ▼

Overseas and overfat/overfed - largetwink

This story was released in 2021 Part A was released on Grommr and Part B was released on Tumblr.   More ▼

Seth and uncle andrew - largetwink

This story was released in 2021. It was my first non-FFA but still gaining story. Also stop shipping Seth and Andrew. It's wrong!   More ▼

#onemoremeal one more man (john) - largetwink

This was released to celebrate 25 users of the One More Meal diet in 2021. This is a series that I have planned to renew with a new character. FYI this character is loosely based on me on my diet   More ▼
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