3 years
Fresh off the boat John wants to find a well paying job and he'll do anything to keep it. As his ever expanding waist thickens he realizes how easy it is to lose yourself in the gluttony.
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Eddie's older sister thinks he should be looking for love, so she constantly sets him up on blind dates. The dates are usually flops, until he meets Stephen.
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4 months
Jacob, just out of college and living with his roommate Alexander, has no clue what his best friend of 8 years has in store for him.
5 chapters, gay male
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Alex dreams of stuffing an acquaintance but knows it will only be a dream. M/M
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Chrisís life is about to change
1807 views, 9 likes, 3 comments
Nikolai is a 21 year old feedee who wants to finally weigh 800 pounds. With the help of his friend and feeder; 21 year old AJ, Nikolai will spend every single day for a week being stuffed and fed in hopes of breaking 800!
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Aliens come to earth to fatten humans as cattle. How fat will our protagonist make the humans he is charged with?!
1 chapter, gay male
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2 months
this is really shit oops
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3 months
A personal trainer tells the stories of his fat-ass clients and how they couldnít lose their flab....
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a guy pops
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