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Chapter 1

Sally was lying in the sun on a chaise by the complex pool. She was in her favorite, tight bikini, which was a couple of sizes too small, just as she preferred. She hoped the guys would notice her tummy bulge and love handles more if they were “enhanced” a bit.

She looked to see her best friend and her new husband just back from a several week honeymoon cruise on one of the largest ships of the best cruise line. Sally quickly noticed that Janie had gained some serious weight, with a now very pronounced bulge over the waist band of her bikini bottom. Her husband, Matt, was wearing a black bikini “Speedo” nylon brief bathing suit showing a very large “beer gut” and a equally large “bubble butt”.

Sally waved and caught Janie’s eye. “Oh look, Matt there is Sally and there are two chaises next to her!” exclaimed Janie. “Great!” replied Matt, “I really like her the most of your friends, let’s hang out with her for awhile before we go out to dinner!”

Sally gushed, “You guys look great! How much did you gain? Your tummies are to die for!” Janie, patted her round belly, making it jiggle. “I gained fifteen pounds, but Matt takes the cake, literally! He gained twenty three pounds! Doesn’t he look so handsome with his belly sticking out, he is so hot!” Janie nearly shrieked.

“You both look great! The weight really complements you both, you guys really do look totally hot!” Sally continued. “So how did you gain so much, you weren’t gone that long!”

“Sally, it was great. The food is fantastic and so much of it! We barely did anything else but eat. The crew is absolutely wonderful, you literally do not have to lift a finger, they wait on you hand and foot! The snack bars, kiosks, restaurants and kitchens run twenty four hours a day. It was so great, if we were the slightest bit hungry, even in the middle of the night, just pick up the phone and order room service and we did!” explained Janie patting her round tummy.

Sally could not believe how fat Janie and Matt now were she was totally jealous, they looked so great and so hot! She could barely keep her eyes off of Matt’s huge belly and his butt was driving her crazy in the way too small “Speedo”!

She knew the rest of their group of friends would be in awe too. She was hoping her boy friend would see how much Matt loved being married, enjoying growing a nice fat belly, that he would finally pop the question. Sally’s dream honeymoon was a cruise ship just like the one that Janie and Matt went on, being pampered and fed twenty-four/seven!

Ann laid down here six week old son in his crib for a nap. Closing the door she went to the kitchen to fix one of her special shakes. She loved staying home with him, everyday she felt more and more comfortable with the decision she and Joe had made.

Ann had decided to be a stay at home mom, but she and Joe had also decided that they both loved the way Ann looked when she was pregnant. They decided that Ann would now start on one of the many permanent abdominal distention weight gain programs.

Ann and Joe had chosen “Belly Perm” by one of the most respected companies, totally safe and had the best track record for highest gain and most important, the largest distention.

Ann went into the kitchen and mixed up a “Belly Perm” shake, four scoops of her favorite ice cream, whole milk, eggs, syrup and the powdered mix. She loved the flavors and how rich and filling it was. She had gained back all of her pregnancy weight and her belly was now almost to her eighth month size. She lounged around house in just bikini panties and one of Joe’s t-shirts taking care of her new baby and relishing in her growing belly! She loved how her belly was so nice and firm, even when she wasn’t full from the shakes or the rich dinners that Joe loved to take her out to.

Ann had finished her shake and sat caressing her bloated belly full of the rich fat laden calories. She started looking through maternity catalogs for some new clothes and above all new lingerie for her to show off her fantastic, permanent round body to her Joe!
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
This series is extraordinary. I envy your skills and just how damn much good stuff you can write!