As it should be series

Chapter 1

Sally struggled out of the car. It was late, she had been driving for nearly sixteen hours to get home from her first year at college. She was the third daughter of an upper middle class family in medium size mid west town.

Sally hoisted herself up out of the drivers seat, stood up and stretched. Her round tummy bulging out over the tight waist band of her sweats, her tight t-shirt riding up nearly to her plump boobs showing off Sally freshman thirty-two!

Sally giggled patting her tummy bulge, she grabbed her overnight bag, leaving the rest of her stuff for tomorrow and headed inside. She was thinking, “Mom is going to be so proud of my new belly and big round booty, I almost want to wake her up to show how much weight I have gained since our big fight at Christmas!”

During Sally’s first semester, she only put one six pounds while at college. When she came home for Christmas, her mom was appalled that Sally had not partaken in the rich cafeteria food her room and board plan provided for.

She and Mom had a real knock down drag out fight. Her mom screamed, “Sally, I didn’t pay for an enhanced meal plan for you to starve yourself at school, look at yourself! You are not some little high school gymnast any more. You are a young women, and you need to get a woman’s figure, not looking like a skinny little stick! Your sisters gained forty or fifty pounds their first year at college, what is the matter with you?”

By now Sally had tears streaming down her face. “I’ so sorry mom, I just didn’t think eating was that important! I promise, when I go back I will eat everything put in front of me and I promise not to miss any meals or snack times!” Sally wailed.

Her mom calmed down with Sally’s promise to eat again. “You make sure you stuff yourself at mealtimes, Sally, you really need to pack on some pounds before bikini season next summer!” “I will mom I promise, I will gain weight and get a nice fat tummy like Janie’s.” Sniffled Sally.

Sally lazily slept in the next morning. Around ten there was a knock at the door. It was Mom with a huge tray of rich breakfast goodies for her youngest daughter.

“Time to get up sleepy head, I have a nice big breakfast for you dearest.” Cooed Mom.

Sally giggled, “Oh thanks Mom I am starving! Let me use the bathroom first, and I want to show you what I have grown at school for you!”

With that comment, Sally pulled back the covers and got out of bed. She placed her hands on the small of her back and arched her back sticking out her fat belly, now dressed only in a too tight bikini panty and a short, tight t-shirt.

Mom exclaimed, “Oh Sally you have a nice fat belly, GOOD GIRL! I am so glad you are eating enough at school, I was so worried about you at Christmas! Oh, your bottom is so cute and round, we have to get you some new bikini panties, those look like they are going rip any minute!” Sally giggled, slapping her round soft bottom causing her cheeks to jiggle, “I know, I almost like my big bottom more than my round belly! You were so right to insist that I gain weight and fatten up, Mom. I had so much fun this last semester eating and eating, it was great.

Sally used the bathroom, she and mom chatted while Sally gorged herself on the massive breakfast Mom had fixed for her. Sally had to take a nap before she could get up and take a shower, she was nearly distended she had eaten so much rich, heavy food.

Sally pulled on a tight, black nylon bikini panty and a match halter bra and went downstairs to see her sisters and begin unloading her car. She loved the feel of her body jiggling and she went down the stairs.

She walked (with a hint of a waddle) into the kitchen, her oldest sister Janie was snacking on bagels and cream cheese, she too was dressed in a bikini, but Janie’s belly sagged down over the panty, it was hard to tell if she had anything on at all!

“Hey there skinny, welcome home!” said Janie between bites of her third bagel. “Well Mom was right, you are not skinny anymore, you finally grew a belly! It is about time!

Sally giggled and spun around to show off her new round figure to her huge sister.
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