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Claire had just started a new waitress job and a high end restaurant. She was petite, five foot two and weighed around one-ten . She had to be careful about her weight, because Claire was a foodie, she loved rich food especially pastries and deserts.

Claire loved working at Du Chaise it was located in a very nice part of town and the patrons were usually very nice and excellent tippers especially to cute waitresses. Claire also enjoyed working with the first class kitchen staff. They were total professionals and very talented too.

Claire had been working a Du Chaise for six months and she was really enjoying being there. The restaurant hired a new pastry desert chef, named Adam. He fit in very well with the rest of the kitchen staff and worked well with the wait staff as well.

A few months later, Adam and Claire were both done with their respective shifts and were walking out together. Adams really liked the petite, cute little waitress and Claire found him pretty good looking too. Adam asked, "Claire, it's still early, would like to join me for a drink?" Claire giggled, "Adam I would love too." "How about the Palace Hotel Bar?" suggested Adam. "Oh that sounds great to me Adam. I'll meet you there in ten minutes." Replied Claire.

This was the first of many dates that Adam and Claire shared. They had similar interests and soon were falling in love. Adams loved to cook for Claire and of course she loved the treats he fixed for her. She struggled to maintain her weight, working out several days a week to keep the wonderful calories in Adams temptations from her belly and thighs.

Adam and Claire got married a year and half from when they first dated. Du Chaise catered the reception and everyone had a great time. Adam and Claire were very happy for a while. Claire continued to work out. She had to leave her job since Adam had the better paying job there so she opted to stay at home for a while. Claire was getting bored at home, which caused some nibbling and buying more comfort foods. Claire did try to work out, but it was harder getting motivated to do so. She also was not nearly as active as she was when she was working. She lay around the house or by the pool, nibbling and snacking. She did notice she was gaining weight, but Adam seemed attentive and loving even though Claire started to feel kind of fat.
Things changed though. Claire went to lunch with a former sorority sister from college. Her friend Ali had been on the lacrosse team and in college was totally buff. She met Ali at a downtown restaurant known for a very rich heavy barbeque menu. Claire arrived at the restaurant and looked around, thinking, "I wonder where Ali is, she picked this place and I'm just a couple of minutes late." Just then, "Hi Claire, how have you been?" Claire turned around and there was Ali, but Claire barely recognized her! Ali had gained over fifty pounds, she had wide soft thighs and a pot belly bulging out from under round soft boobs. Claire stammered, "Ali ,um, I , it's good to see you again." Ali giggled, patting her fat belly, "I'm a little bigger now than I was in college I'm afraid." The two were seated and ordered drinks, a beer for Ali and a diet coke for Claire. They started looking over the menu, when the wait person came back, Ali ordered one of the largest entrées on the lunch menu, Claire ordered a salad.

They talked catching up on old friends when there was some silence. Ali giggled, "Claire, are you curious how I gained so much weight?" Claire nearly choked on her drink, to tell the truth, Claire was more than a little turned on by her super buff friend turning into a fatty. "Well, um, yes, Ali just a bit curious, I guess."

Ali giggled, "Well this was not an accident! Greg and I wanted to start a family, but no matter how much we tried, I could not get pregnant. I went to my OB-GYN and she told me to ease off the exercise and even try to put on a little weight. I told Greg and he loved the idea. I bought more meat and pasta. We also started to go out to eat much more often too. Well of course I started to gain weight. I first was a little put off by my getting softer, clothes tighter and getting winded quicker. But Greg loved my figure, we started making love much more often. I gained more weight and started to get a pretty good pouch and my butt was getting rounder and my thighs started to rub together and Greg loved it! I would tease him by walking into our bedroom in just my panties and stick up my belly and tell him in a little girl voice "Honey look how fat I'm getting!" It drives him wild. I still haven't gotten pregnant, but our love life is so fantastic now, that we really don't care that much if I get pregnant or not. But I have really gained a ton of weight, over fifty pounds."

Claire was really turned on now, she was barely in control, staring at Ali's bloated and now quite full belly bulging out from under her boobs. "Ali, does it bother you that you have gained so much weight?" Ali laughed out loud, "Claire that is what is so weird! I get turned on looking at myself in the mirror! I used to be so buff and now I've got a fat belly and my hips rub up against our bathroom door I'm so fat and I love it!"

Claire was now so turned on she thought she might wet herself. She finished her salad, thought about desert but she had a better idea. Claire planned to binge as soon as she left the restaurant and Ali, who now she thought of as a heroine. Claire watched as Ali gleefully ate bite after bite of a rich cheese cake . When Ali was done they split the check and paid. When Ali hugged her Claire had an involuntary shudder of arousal. Ali giggled, "Claire, you should talk to Adam, I bet he wouldn't mind a few more pounds on you! You look good, but come on, your married to a pastry chef! That's a dream come true for me!"

Claire watched Ali waddle/walk away. She couldn't believe that Ali's stretch pants were even tighter than when they sat down for lunch. She could clearly see the outline of Ali's panties through the over stretched material. Claire thought, "She's right, I should talk to Adam, and then again, maybe not, it's my body after all. I'm so horny right now, I want to eat until I burst!"

Claire got in her car she drove over to Dunkin Donuts and bought two dozen donuts. She drove through Dairy Queen and picked up parfaits and sundaes. She drove home hauled her stash inside. She put the ice cream stuff from DQ in the freezer , the donuts on the counter. She then stripped off her clothes except for her panties and a t-shirt. She grabbed the donuts off the counter and went into the family room, set down the donuts , she laid on the couch and started to eat.

The donuts were warm and sweet. Claire sucked the rich cream out of the stuffed ones and ate the rest of it. She pounded down the cake style donuts one after the other. She licked the rich frostings off and then finished the donut in two bites. Claire patted her bloated belly, thinking, "I better get the ice cream before I'm too stuffed to get up." She hefted herself off the couch and staggered to the freezer and got out the frozen treats and went back to the couch and starting eating again. She ate slowly so she wouldn't get "brain freeze". She finished a sundae and then laid into a parfait, downing that she saw the other had melted quite a bit, so she drank that one down. She started to eat the last seven donuts one at a time, finally they were all gone.

Claire's belly was taught and hard, bulging up against her modest boobs. She had a pretty good belly ache going, but she thought, "I'm so stuffed, but I'm so turned on too. I can't believe that seeing Ali so round and fat would have such an effect on me." Claire feel asleep.
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