Being fed

Chapter 1 - being fedchapter 1getting caught

I was home alone, Katie, my wife, had gone to see her Mom, or so I thought. I was a little turned on, a little full from too much lunch, so I decided to "pad up" for a little fun. I found a pair of my favorite micro fiber briefs, a tight t-shirt and some of my padding I had hidden in our walk in closet.

I stuffed the padding in my briefs and under the t-shirt, creating a nice big round belly and a bubble butt. I was enjoying rubbing my fake belly when I heard, "Nat honey, what are you doing?" I turned, blushed bright red and stared at Katie, who, obviously was staring at me. "Uh, I pretending to be fat, honey. I'm sorry." I stammered. The shock on Katie's face wore off. She smiled, "Nat do you mean to tell me that you want to be fat?" I blushed again. "Yeah, I have to admit, I get turned on thinking about getting really fat and having a big belly and ***."

Katie walked into the bathroom, she pushed up against me and ran her hands over my fake belly and squeezed my fake ass. There was a gleam in her eyes that I had not seen in many years. I tried to stammer another apology. "Don't apologize, Honey. Let's go downstairs." I started to "un-pad". Katie said, "Oh no you don't, I want to enjoy you like this." As I went down stairs behind her, I kept thinking, does she wants to embarrass me, or humiliate me in some way. We went into the kitchen. Katie pulled out a package of cookies, two bags of chips and a six pack of regular Dr. Pepper. "Nat, go sit on the couch please." She brought the food over and set it on the coffee table. "Nat, I'm going down to visit my mom. I want you this all gone by the time I get back, which should be around four thirty." I started to protest, "Hey big boy, you are not in any position to argue, Okay, so just eat up. I want you to stay dressed the way you are too."

Katie kissed my on the cheek. Her hand ran down my fake belly to my groin, which was a little "damp", she gently squeezed, the look in her eyes returned, "Nat honey, do what I ask okay dear, don't worry, I'm not mad at you at all, okay?" "Yes dear, I will do what you ask."

Katie left. I looked over my "assignment" and started to eat the chips. I finished one bag in about fifteen minutes, drinking to cans of Dr. Pepper too. I started in on the second bag, which contained "Fritos". I ate those in about a half hour and two more cans of "D.P." I let go a huge belch, patted my fake belly and surveyed the cookies. "Well" I thought, "might as well get started. I don't want to disappoint Katie. I'm not in a very good bargaining position right now either." I finished to sleeves of cookies and another can of "D.P." I was getting really stuffed. One more sleeve of cookies to go and I had about a half hour before Katie got back. I ate cookie after cookie, sip of D.P. and more cookies, finally I was done. My belly felt like I was going to burst any second. I slouched back on the couch resting my hands on my padded belly.

"Nat I'm home!" I sat up feeling my bloated belly under the padding. Katie came in the family room she smiled when she saw the empty chip bags and pop cans. "Good job Nat! How do you feel honey?" I stifled another burp, "Uph, Okay Katie, but I'm really stuffed." She smiled, "Well dinner will be ready soon. I want you to go upstairs and change into those cute red briefs you bought and wear a medium t-shirt too." "Katie, dinner? I feel like I might burst right now!" "Nat, you'll be fine, I'll take care of you. Now go change. I want to see your real belly now!"

I staggered upstairs and pulled off/out all the padding. I found the briefs Katie wanted me to wear. They are a bikini cut, and at least two sizes too small. I pulled on the briefs and a medium t-shirt, which rode up a bit on my now stuffed and bloated real belly. My ass cheeks were not completely covered and the t-shirt didn't go down to the waist band of the briefs. I thought, "God, I look like I'm pregnant! Katie's going to have a fit when she sees how fat I am!"
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