Best summer ever-2

Chapter 1 - nats homcoming

I pulled up to my mom's house in South Florida, it was hot, I had just finished my finals at college and driven home. I got out of the car in went in the house, it was pretty late in the evening and my mom had gone to bed. There was a note; "Natty, sorry I just could not stay awake any longer. There is a little snack for you in the kitchen, I will see you in the morning , love Mom."

I dropped my overnight bag and when in the kitchen. There was a huge pile of fresh baked cookies and brownies, another note said there was milk in the fridge. I thought "little" snack, but I am hungry, Oh well, I won't eat to many." Well, Mr. "No Will Power", I pounded nearly all of cookies and brownies, getting pretty stuffed. I patted my bloated belly and un-snapped my jeans and stuck out my belly. "Oh that feels a lot better." I thought. I rinsed my milk glass and put it in the sink and went up to my room.

I peeled off my t-shirt and jeans, now in just my bikini cut briefs and climbed into bed and quickly fell asleep.

Around eight thirty my Mom came in my room. "Natty honey, are you awake?" I rolled over, just barely opening my eyes I looked up and was startled. Wow, my mom must have gained a ton of weight! She was dressed in tight, black stretch pants, a tight t-shirt, that was barely covering some serious tummy bulge. I sat up, "Hey Mom it's good to see you! Good Morning." I stammered, trying not to stare at her round belly sticking out past her boobs.

"Oh it's great to have you home finally, Natty! I have a wonderful breakfast already for you, so don't bother to take a shower, or even get dressed just wear you cute little panties, oh I mean briefs, sorry dear, and a t-shirt." I got up hugged and kissed my Mom. I felt how round and soft she was. "Sure Mom I will be right down!"

Mom literally waddled out of my room and I used the bathroom. I noticed I was bloated from all the cookies and brownies I had scarfed down last night, little did I know this was only the beginning of a very enjoyable and fulfilling summer!

I padded into the kitchen, Mom was not kidding! The breakfast table was literally covered with a massive breakfast feast. "Natty, dear please sit down, while everything is still nice and hot!" "Sure Mom, wow this looks awesome! Are you having breakfast with me?" " No dear I ate earlier, this is all for you." I could swear she emphasized the word "all" in that sentence. Well I have never been shy about eating, so I laid into the feast with gusto. It took me nearly an hour to devour nearly everything in front of me. I slouched back in my chair my belly bulging under the now very tight t-shirt.

"Wow Mom that was great! I love breakfast!" I patted my belly and she smiled. "Natty you have always been such a good eater! I am so proud of you! I am going to clean up, why don't you go change into a bathing suit and go out by the pool, dear. Lunch should be ready before you know it." "Sure Mom, thanks for the great breakfast!" I said hefting myself out of the chair. I could now really feel how stuffed I was.

I took a shower, rubbing my bulging belly with soap, I got a little turned on. I thought, "Dam I have to be careful or I will get huge." I toweled off and found a bathing suit. It was one of those that are "old school" looking like a pair of short gym shorts. I had a hard time pulling them on, they were from a couple of years ago, and I had packed on about fifteen pounds since then. I managed to pull them up, but I would have to be careful sitting down or bending over.

Mom had finished cleaning up and had changed into a bikini! I was stunned she was huge! Her belly sagged over the waist band and her bottom cheeks over flowed out of the leg openings, her thigh rubbed together and she jiggled with every move. She must have noticed my shock.

"Natty dearest I have obviously gained a lot of weight since you were home at Christmas. I am afraid all I have been doing is cooking and eating. I love to cook, as you know, and I just can't adjust my favorite recipes to just one person. I tried not to eat everything, but I hated throwing away food, and I just started eating seconds and thirds until everything was finished. I am so glad to have you home so I have someone to help me eat everything!" "Mom, you look great, don't worry, you should enjoy yourself and not feel guilty about eating everything." "Oh Natty, thank you. I knew you would understand." She was looking at my own belly. "Natty have you gained a little weight dearest, you really look so handsome with your cute tummy." I patted my belly. "Yes Mom, but only about fifteen pounds. You know I really don't care for exercise, and the dorm food really isn't too bad." She smiled, "Natty I am sure you will really enjoy my cooking for you this summer! It looks like you need a new swim suit too!"

I was finally getting a clue! Mom was planning on "feeding" me this summer.

"Natty dearest, I am going to start getting our lunch ready. How about we have bratwurst, macaroni and cheese and a chocolate sundae for desert?" My belly growled much to her delight. "That sounds awesome Mom!" I patted my belly for emphasis.

In no time Mom had a rich, fattening feast ready for us. We totally pigged out, we ate a dozen bratwurst, three whole family size boxes of macaroni and cheese and then made huge chocolate sundaes with three scoops of ice cream, topping and nearly a whole bottle of hot fudge.
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Fanedfox 11 years
I was aiming for around fifty pounds.
Ssaylleb 11 years
i enjoyed reading this, as with all your other stories. i'd have thought they gained a bit more than 20-30 lbs over such a stuffing summer though smiley
Fanedfox 11 years
Thanks for the kind comments. I will add some more stories soon.
Jktab 11 years
Delightful I sure you add more