Careful what you wish for

Chapter 1

My wife and I have been married for over twenty years. In that time she has gained around fifty pounds and me around twenty. She is only around 5’4” so her pounds show a lot more than mine do. She has a pronounced belly and a wide round bottom. I think she looks fantastic. But she has issues with her weight and appearance, I try constantly to reassure her that she is beautiful to me, but society’s values have encroached into our perception of each other. I have always wished she would become a FFA. She would then feel about her body the way I did and she would be so happy and self assured. She might even encourage me to gain some more weight and get a nice pot belly and maybe even a bubble butt!

Well we were sitting out one evening cuddling and I saw a shooting star. I said to Katie, “Look honey a shooting star!” She shrieked, “Ned, make a wish” So I did. (Bet you can’t guess what for!) She asked, “Honey what did you wish for?” I replied, “It’s a secret, Babe, I can’t tell or it won’t come true.” “Ok, Ok, your right.” We forgot about and after a couple more glasses of wine went to bed.

During the night there was a wicked thunder storm, bright flashes, and loud cracks of thunder. I slept right through it. But in the middle of the night, Katie was startled awake.

She got up to use the bathroom, she felt her body jiggle as she walked to the bathroom and suddenly felt turned on! She ran her hands over her round tummy and squeezed her bottom. A rush of joy ran through her. She started to feel a little hungry and turned on. She looked in the mirror at her dorky panties and cotton top and thought of the old teddie that was in her top drawer. It had to be six or seven sizes too small now, but it felt so right to get it out and put in on. She tore off her nightie and old panties and struggled into the bikini panty that went with the teddi, she pulled the tight top over her head giggling that it rode up on her tummy. The bikini cut deep rolls into Katie plump bottom, which she marveled at running her hand over the tight fabric and her own soft bottom flesh.

She raced down to the kitchen and fixed herself a whole box of waffles, syrup and nearly a half a gallon of whole milk. Now bloated and giggling she staggered back to bed, falling asleep rubbing her bloated tummy.

I woke up to the sound of Katie in our bed munching on cookies. She was rubbing her tummy and looking at me. I was shocked, “Honey, what’s going on?” “BURP, nothing dear, I was hungry before breakfast, so I thought I would have a snack, that’s all.” I could not help noticing the teddie she was squeezed into. “I thought you hated that teddie, because you could fit into it anymore.” “Oops,” I thought, now she will be pissed at me for bringing up her weight. “Ned, this fits great! It’s a perfect on me, I love the way it fits.” “Well I do too, Babe, you look so hot right now!” She shrieked, “ I feel so sexy right now, I can’t believe it, my body looks and feels great to me.”

I kissed her hard on the lips, running my hand along her soft assets, we made love, nearly the best we ever had that morning.

After showers, Katie dresses in some stretch pants and a tight top, I pull on a bikini brief and at Katie’s insistence a pair of sweat pants and a t-shirt. We head to VI for breakfast.

Katie can not seem to keep her hands off of my butt and even my modest paunch. We arrive she is giddy like a child and a candy shop. She insists on ordering for both of us and orders a massive, calorie leaden breakfast feast.

I’m stunned. Katie fidgets anticipating what we will be doing next, stuffing ourselves silly! I am still trying to figure out what is going on. For Katie to eat like this, especially in public is impossible for me to imagine. Until I remember that wish! “Oh Shit” I say out loud. Katie looks at me. “What’s the matter honey?” “Oh nothing dearest” I reply.

I sit quietly waiting for our “transforming feast” to arrive. I start thinking about getting fat myself and watching Katie gain more weight and I got turned on. She reaches over noticing my “condition” and places her hand on my crotch. She looks me in the eye and horsely whispers “you better eat up honey, I love my men with fat bellies and huge butts, I am going to stuff you like turkey until you get big and fat for me!”

Six Months Later..

I waddle into the kitchen. My huge belly bulging out in front of me, swaying side to side as I breathlessly struggled into my favorite room. I am only dressed in tight custom made nylon briefs that accentuate my condition. I have a big round very, very fat bottom that jiggles with every move I make. I tight t-shirt only covers a portion of my massive belly.

Katie in dressed in a tight bikini panty and a t-shirt riding up on her expanded tummy. She has gained weight, but the tables are now reversed, to say she is now a lot slimmer than me is not correct, let’s just say I am a lot fatter than she is. Neither one of us could ever be described as “slim” again.

She smiles and sinks her hands into my belly fat, jiggling my massive belly. “Is baby ready for a nice big breakfast?” “Oh yes babe, fill me up please fill me up, I’m so hungry.”

The two weeks after that morning at VI, I only wore underpants and t-shirt, I never left the house or yard and I ate everything that came near my mouth. I was bloated, full, stuffed, engorged, distended and so happy to eat anything to make Katie happy.

We arranged for me to work at home, thus opening the flood gates of fat and calorie’s destined for my ever increasing girth.

Our story ends with a happy and very fat kept husband and his loving and now FFA wife.
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