Danny's mom

chapter 1

It was a late spring day. Sally, Danny's Mom, was just taking the clothes out of the dryer. She was wearing her bikini swimsuit, thinking about doing some yard work later.

She pulled some of Danny's size 40 jeans out of the dryer and started to fold them. She felt a tingle of arousal at the size of her son's pants. She pulled out some of his briefs, she bought Jockey Life style bikini briefs from Wal-Mart, knowing Danny would think "whitie-tighties" too nerdy. She was surprised at how she felt about Danny's sudden weight gain that started just a few months ago. But she thought, "Danny, despite being so fat now has become such a nice young man. He's not the self-center jerk he was before all of this happened." Sally still couldn't believe how much she loved to watch Danny overeat and how much weight he was gaining.

She finished folding and decided to go into the yard to do a spring raking in the flower gardens. She had a "cover-up" on when she went out, but it was getting pretty hot and besides, no one was around anyway, okay, maybe Mrs. Faber, but she was sure she wouldn't be put out if she saw her middle aged body in her bikini.

Sally was raking over near Mrs. Faber's fence when she heard, "Oh Sally dear, how are you?" "Fine, Mrs. Faber, how are you the fine spring day?" "Well, dear, I'm just fine, too, thank you for asking. Sally you look so cute in your little bikini." Sally blushed, a little embarrassed by her tummy bulge and the thickness of her thighs and bottom. "Thank you Mrs. Faber. I always feel so self-conscious wearing this, I'm afraid I've put on some weight since I bought it." "On nonsense dear, you look wonderful. Sally would you join me for some lunch? I love to cook, but it is hard for just one person." "I'd love too, Mrs. Faber, let me get my cover-up." "Oh never mind dear, the house is a little warm, you'll be more comfortable in your bikini." Sally thought it odd to be eating at a neighbor's house in just essentially a bra and panty, but oh well.

There was an old gate between the two properties and Sally went through to Mrs. Faber's yard. Sally hadn't really seen Mrs. Faber close up before, it was always over the fence or through a window, so she was startled to see how big she was.

Sally followed Mrs. Faber, large, round, bouncing rear into the kitchen. She was surprised that the kitchen table already had a huge spread of food on it. Mrs. Faber said, "Please Sally, sit down and make your self comfortable." She poured her a large glass of sweet tea and Sally took a long pull.

She was amazed by how sweet it was, but how refreshing too. She took another and then another long drink finishing the glass. Mrs. Faber refilled it right away and Sally had some more. Then it hit, Sally's appetite went into "high gear" she was suddenly famished.

Mrs. Faber knew the signs, she loaded a huge dinner plate with burgers, bratwurst, potato salad, chips and jello. Sally literally started in on the wonderful food right away. She ate three burgers, four bratwursts, all of the potato salad and jells, plus three more glasses of sweet tea.

"Urp, Oh excuse me Mrs. Faber, I've made such a pig of myself, but your food is so delicious I can't seem to get enough!" Mrs. Faber laid another huge, full plate in front of Sally and she started in on it. She watched Sally stuff herself with the rich, very fattening food, gleefully thinking what it's going to do to Sally already thickening figure. Mrs. Faber too ate plate after plate while piling her rapidly bloating guest.

Mrs. Faber weighed nearly three hundred pounds, she loved her weight and lifestyle of over eating and she equally loved sharing it with anyone she could. She watched as Sally belly bloated toward the table and her thighs and bottom cheeks thicken with the rich, rich calories.

Sally leaned back her belly bloated and nearly engorged with the rich food. She absently patted her belly and felt aroused by the feel of her bulge. "Oh Mrs. Faber, your cooking is so fantastic, no wonder my Danny and Nat stop in to see you every afternoon." She smiled, "Sally, I do so adore your son he has filled out so well. I can't believe how skinny he was just a few months ago." Sally giggled, her belly jiggling, despite being so stuffed, "I know, he is so handsome now. I just love how he has matured with his gaining so much weight. I'm so surprised too that he really seems to enjoy being fat. I have to make him get dressed, or he would just waddle around the house in his panties, I mean briefs, eating."

Sally drank another glass of sweet tea (her sixth). Mrs. Faber put a huge chocolate cake in front of Sally. "Oh Mrs. Faber I really shouldn't I'm so full and bloated now, but chocolate cake is my favorite!" "Oh really! Well how lucky I am that I just baked and frosted this, this morning." Actually Danny had told her that Sally loved chocolate cake and could barely control herself around it. In fact it had been a craving of hers when she was pregnant with Danny.

Mrs. Faber pushed the cake toward Sally. She gave Sally a fork, "Now dear you just enjoy yourself, and eat as much as you want to." "Oh Mrs. Faber, I really, really shouldn't I have eaten so much of your cooking already." "Nonsense Dear, I have plenty more, don't worry, I didn't get this big, being frugal with my cooking. I just love to bake too." Sally looked over at Mrs. Faber, she really hadn't thought how fat Mrs. Faber was, but clearly looking at her sitting, with her huge belly sagging down, Sally could see her under belly, encased in bright pink silk panties sagging from under her house dress. Sally just thought to herself, "I wonder what it would be like to be that fat?"

Sally stuck her fork into the huge cake and took a bite. The flavor, rich and sweet, the texture was almost creamy it melted in her mouth. She couldn't stop herself she took bite after bite, shoveling the rich cake into her mouth. Mrs. Faber sat back in her chair, her arms crossed on top of her massive belly, she shook her arms every so often causing her belly to jiggle and sway.

Sally continued to shovel cake into her maul. She didn't even realize how bloated her belly was becoming. It was pushing her legs apart. Her bottom was now sagging through the slats in the back of the chair and her thighs were sagging over the sides.

Sally had no idea what time it was, she had gorging with Mrs. Faber for three hours. The bell rang , Danny and Nat waddled into the kitchen. Danny laughed at seeing his Mom gorging herself. "Hi Mom!" Sally looked up her mouth full of cake. She mumbled, "mm, hi Danny, umm, sorry I'm busy right now." Danny laughed, "It's okay Mom, enjoy yourself."

Nat and Danny sat down and Mrs. Faber filled huge plates for her favorite protégés. Patting each boys' round bellies. They all sat around eating and drinking the sweet tea.

Two hours later, two bloated and full boys were ready to waddle to their respective homes. Sally was slouched in her chair, her now, huge, round, bulging belly was sagging onto her, equally, round fat thighs. Her bottom, was barely in her biking panty which was digging in to her new rolls of fat, sagging over the edge of the chair.
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Fanedfox 8 years
I did write another story in this "series". Danny's girlfriend/wife, Ashley gains weight as well.
Mikeself46 8 years
You are without a doubt, the best writer for all of us FAs and fattys.