Family's lifestyle change

Chapter 1

Ned and Sara had been married for nearly twenty years. They had two beautiful twin 18 year old daughters, Heather and Hanna. Sara was a work/health nut. She insisted that the family exercise and eat right at all times. She did not even bake any holiday treats and the Thanksgiving dinner was health fare also.

This really went against the grain of her mother in law attitude and upbringing. Ned’s Mom, Sally, was obese, she had been since she was a baby, food and eating were the main focus of Ned’s family. Ned was rapidly going from merely overweight to obese when he met Sara years ago.

This caused quite a bit of friction between Sara and Sally. Sally felt that a skinny person was an unhappy person, to her all children should be plump and happy too.

Needless to say, whenever the family visited Sally for any length of time, the twins and Ned would gain weight. Sally would have bowls of snacks all over the house in the hall, in the girls bedroom and by Ned’s side of the bed. Meals were always rich with huge portions.

All Sara could do was glare at Sally as she watched the twins stuffing themselves all day with candy and junk food, then eat way too much at dinner. Ned would be in hog heaven eating everything in sight at his mom’s house.

Once the family was home, Sara would start here regime of healthy, low calorie, small portions and bland food to whip the family back into her idea of “shape”.

This of course drove, Sally crazy, that Sara would impose her eating habits on her precious grand children and son.

Sara was in the local National Guard unit and got called up to serve in the middle east. The family was preparing for her departure. The twin were home from college, a bit plumper than Sara liked. She was worried about them, while she was gone. She laid out a diet and training regime for the twins to get them into shape and one to keep Ned from gaining weight.

This plan was derailed by a freak auto accident. Ned and the girls were coming back from running errands when their car was t-boned, fortunately only minor injuries for the family. Ned broke his ankle and sprained his opposite knee, Heather sprained her knee and dislocated her other knee, and Hanna broke her leg.

Sara, now very concerned for her family asked for a delay in her deployment, but the Army felt given the age of her children and non-life threatening injuries there was no reason to delay her deployment.

Ned suggested that they stay with Sally. Of course Sara nearly freaked, thinking what Sally would do the now immobile family, but she really had no choice. Sally’s house was on one level, had a swimming pool for therapy and was large enough to accommodate everyone comfortably.

Sara left, with a sense of trepidation at what she would find when she returned, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Sally loved having everyone at her house. She stocked the house to bursting with rich food, candy, snacks, cookies, pastries and other fattening treats.

The twins and Ned arrived. She had everyone change into swimsuits, which meant, bikinis for the Heather and Hanna and briefs for Ned.

Sally marveled at the twins “freshman fifteen” showing around their bikini panties. Both were sporting nice plump little bellies, love handles and rounding thighs.

The brief pinched Ned’s waist, causing a roll to form.

Sally immediately instituted an all you can eat policy for the family. She made sure Ned and the twins always had snacks, candy or other treats where ever they were in the house.

There was a mini fridge in their bedrooms, candy bowls on bedside tables, in the hallway on the kitchen counter and be the pool.

The girls and Ned Loved It! “Grandma, can we have some more candy and cookies, we are out again, and oh, more Coke too, Please!” Heather or Hanna would call. Ned just spent the day grazing from “snack station to snack station”.

Sally’s meals, were massive, calorie and fat laden gut bombs. She served them only the richest, most fattening meals she could think of and massive portions too.

She poked Heather and Hanna’s bloated tummies after each meal, teasing the girls with questions of “had they had enough to eat, were they still hungry, and more dessert, dears?”

Heather and Hanna spent their days lying in the sun, nibbling, munching, bingeing and gorging themselves with Sally’s rich, rich food.

Sally took special care of her son, Ned. She virtually force fed him every meal. She would tap his belly and feed him until his belly was rock hard, then let him rest and digest for a while and stuff him with snacks.
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I know it's old by now.but I would love to see some more
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