chapter 1

"What the fuck is wrong with me?", thought Harry as he pinched it a soft layer of fat covering his rock hard abs. "Better get back in the gym, hard core, for the next few days", he told himself.

"Too much partying!", he sternly told himself before remembering last nights events where the fat weirdo Liticia Adam's had come on to him. Harry was secretly attracted to the fat goth girl, but there was no way he'd ever be caught in public with a hog like her. Then he remembered, he actually said that to her when his "Boyz" came around. "Damn, I was such an asshole", he chided himself before putting on a pair of loose fitting sweats and heading out to the gym.

...................................... ................................

Two weeks later, and countless hours of cardio and weightlifting left Harry feeling depleted, but to his shock and surprise, even with limiting his calories to 1800 a day and hours spent running and doing sit ups, none of his definition had returned to his abs. If anything, Harry noticed that his pants were fitting even tighter than before and his midsection had grown even softer.

"God damn it!", said Harry looking at himself in the university gym's full length mirror.

"What's wrong Harry?", questioned a familiar and sultry voice from directly behind him.

Looking in the mirror he saw Liticia. "Good grief, you startled me", said Harry, still flexing and looking at himself and the fat goth girl. "I'm sorry about how I treated you a few weeks ago at that party. I was drunk and should never had said those things. I'm so sorry."

Edging her soft and curvaceous frame around him like a lustful boa constrictor, she whispered in his ear, "No, but you will be, soon".

Her fat fingers gripped his sides. Harry would have said something, but if truth be told, he'd been fantasizing about Liticia from the moment they met a freshman orientation almost four years ago.

"A fortnight ago you said you wanted this body, but that was a lie".

"No, I really do", whispered Harry back in reply.

"No, you desire a fatter body, don't you?"

"Yes", said Harry meekly as Liticia squeezed his ass.

"Then you shall have it", said Leticia as she moved her other hand down over his throbbing cock.

"Hey, you can't...", started Harry as he spun round to only find thin air.
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Kexickus 3 years
So hot.
Aquarius64 5 years
Your spelling is getting in the way. Why would your hero wake up with cakes on his eyes? Oh because his eyes were caked with the encrustations of sleep.
MikeTehCakeBoy 5 years
So sexy!
Inthecourt 5 years
Excellent start, would love to see more!
Johnnyblaze 5 years
Really good, can't wait to read more. These last two chapters (4 and 5) have been fantastic.
EmilyMoon 5 years
Not a fan of fat guys so I'm gonna have to give this one a miss I'm afraid. I love all of your stories tho, keep it up