Gemma and tom

chapter 1: "i'll train ya

...said Gemma truthfully to Tom, the new hot fattie at the Gym. Her words actually surprised her just as much or more than they did Tom. For her, this was a first. Tom was different, she really liked him. Gemma always had a thing for fat guys but she guessed that if he really wanted to lose weight, she'd make the effort this time to actually help this fatty attain his workout goals.

As a physical trainer, she was supposed to help guys like Tom to trim down, but Gemma never helped any of her fat male clients to lose any weight. She supposed the only reason she hadn't been sacked was her steady stream of new clients. The Gym' s owner, Debby also didn't care that Gemma's clients unanimously failed at getting in shape. Unbeknownst to Gemma, Debby found this a real turn on, so she never chastised the younger woman. Gemma's clients paid their bills and never complained and that made Debby very happy.

The Gym was Gemma's perfect hunting ground for the types of hogs she desired. There were plenty of fat guys to chose from and most of them, if not all were intimidated and drawn like flies to her honey or more realistically, Gemma's 5"8, 170lb, thick and hard muscled body. While she definitely possessed the muscle mass and height to be a professional, heavyweight female body builder, but Gemma's natural genetics and healthy appetite kept her from ever developing the ripped appearance of her stiffer competition. Everyone in her family was extrrmely fat except for her. Gemma also had a healthy appetite for fatty meats and beer. However, these bad habits were more than kept in check by her spartan like weightlifting routines and daily intense cardio sessions. That being said, at her local Gym, Gemma was a goddess, but a goddess that had to stay in constant motion to retain her heavenly form.

Over the years, Gemma had dated her fair share or of ripped, normal, and more than a few really fat guys at the gym. With no more than a little coaxing, they almost all subcame to her desires and let Gemma stuff them full of food. Most got fatter and fatter, and more and more self conscious, until it led to a break up. Every time this happened, Gemma's love for her newfound power and dominance over her fattened lovers increased. Even the guys that were ripped, when they began dating, softened, making Gemma's physique even more prominent. However, somewhere deep inside, Gemma also fantasized about just how good it must feel to just eat like she wanted to and stop working out. Gemma knew she'd grow huge quickly, so she kept that thought categorized with her fantasies, never to be obtained. Nonetheless, she often found herself imagining what she would look and how her body would feel to the touch if all of her muscle mass rapidly softened under the thick growth of squishy fat. The idea often tickled her fancy and her libido but not until she met Tom did they actually begin to materialize.

Tom suggested that they'd try that something like the fit-to-fat-to-fit challenge where Gemma would gain a pound for every he lost, that is until her BMI was equal to exceeded his own. Then he suggested that there "weight loss journey back to fitness could be more intimate". Gemma bristled at first but there was something about Tom that just made her melt. She told Tom that she'd think it over and maybe give it a try if Debby gave her the go ahead. Gemma instantly thought regretfully to herself that she just got herself off the hook as Debby would never agree to such a silly scheme. She was one of the gym's stunning hard bodies that attracted so many male clients. "Debby will never allow that", she thought to herself.

The very next day Gemma was shocked when discussing what she thought was a ridiculous idea with her friend and boss Debby. Debby not only agreed but said it was "A GREAT idea" and that if she wasn't so "physically unattainable", that she might "increase her female portion of her clientele portfolio." To literally add a bit of frosting in top, Debby offered Gemma $100 dollars for every pound she gained. "Plus" added Debby, if you do it the right way with weight gain shakes and added protein, you'll gain mostly muscle along with just a little extra to your feminine physique."

"Okay, okay, I'll do it, but just for a while. I don't wanna get too big", said Gemma while simultaneously fantasizing about growing enornous.

"Great" cried Debby, "Tom, you can come in", she yelled. Tom had overheard and came bursting through the door with excitement.

"That's great", he said. "I overheard and I promise to lose weight fast so you can get your top trainer back in shape for her other clients."

"No worries, I've got big plans for Gemma. She's gonna be my big star. But first I need you both to drop down to your skivvies so I can weigh you and get your BMIs.

As Gemma and Tom undressed, Debby began thinking of how sexy a fattened Gemma would look. She'd been attracted to Gemma years ago when Gemma first began coming to the gym as a regular customer. Back then Gemma weighed almost 200lbs and was soft and squishy all over. Debby secretly hoped for years that Gemma would once again gain weight but that was a distant hope until today's unfolding events.

Gemma stepped on the scale first. At 5'8 168lbs, Gemma BMI of 25.5 was technically overweight, but her only 8% body fat and dense muscle made her look anything but fat. Tom was next. However, at 5'5 285 Tom looked extremely obese with his BMI of .47.4% .

Debby doubted Tom's chances of losing weight but knew the cash strapped Gemma would be quite excited to earn some needed dough. She ordered Debby to go home and not return until she'd gained ten pounds. Gemma initially protested until Debby reassured her that all of her clients would be taken care of and that she'd be paid double her base salary, just to stay home and eat. With that said, Gemma couldn't resist and she went off to get fat, "for just a while", she told herself unconvincingly.

A month into dating and staying home, Gemma had only managed to gain 5 pounds. Keeping abreast, Debby was quite disappointed in Gemma's progress. So, she conveniently put the fix in for Tom to win an internet sweepstakes Cruise for two.

Tom surprised Gemma with a two month cruise through the Bahamas. Gemma was excited but doubted her boss would allow her to go on a paid cruise. But once again, Gemma stood with her mouth agape as Debby told her not to worry and that she should go and just "Let herself go". Gemma agreed and thought "so what, if I gain 10 or 20 lbs, an extra grand or two would be nice.

To Gemma's surprise, Tom didn't seem at all worried about her "losing her figure". In fact, he started showing up home just before she was about to go through her home work out routines. Often showing up with food, movies, sex, and other sedentary activities. Where Tom managed to begin jogging daily, Gemma was barely doing anything, except for her eating and watching the telly. She liked giving Tom orders as he worked out but she herself actually enjoyed being lazy and not exercising.

In the first 2 months they dated Tom dropped 20lbs to 265lbs and was starting to look more fit by the day. During that same time, Gemma only gained 10lbs, but she'd lost all but a hint of her muscle definition and was literally busting from the seems in all of her clothes. She normally would have been more bothered, but her increased salary and first $1000 dollar bonus made life a lot easier.

One day after lazing around Gemma stood in shock as she barely recognized herself in her bathroom mirror. Her facial features softened, giving her overall face a more softened and feminine appeal. Gemma also positively noted that her breast looked amazing as they overflowed out of her size C bra that she secretly padded only a few weeks ago. Gemma was ashamed to admit it even to herself, but she loved the new flare of her hips and ass. It was her tummy that gave her great concern as within just a short couple of weekss, she'd managed somehow to obtain a small but very noticeable pot belly.

Gemma wasn't worried that Tom would say anything seeing how fat he was compared to her. And to her surprise, Tom seemed to enjoy her new softness and made passionate love to her while squeezing and kneading every new soft part of her body.

By the day of the cruise, Tom had lost another 15 lbs and was starting to look pretty fit except for his gut and love handles. Gemma's shorter workout routines and big meals added another 10lbs of squishy flesh to her ever softening frame while adding another grand to her purse.

At 5'9 190, Gemma still turned heads as her breast, thighs, and ass all softened, and thus accentuated her thickening hourglass figure. She still had a better figure than most other women on the boat and that drew scornful looks from jealous wives and girlfriends.

Having not partied in years, Gemma gave in at Tom's request and just "let herself go".
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So good and artfully crafted
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I normally do, but I wanted to write a quicky.
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Would love to read moreabout the fitness and gaining journey of both :-)))