I blimp up

chapter 1

This is a little vignette that came to me based on a place I used to work. I have a fantasy about coming back to work there a lot heavier than I was when I first worked there. I even thought about incorporating additional weight gain after I was back. Hopefully you'll enjoy my little fantasy trip down memory lane.

I had gone back to work for my former employer. It had been years since I had worked there, back then I was in good shape. I used to walk up the stairs to our suite rather using the elevator. I'm thirty pounds overweight now, with a forty six inch belly, fat butt and thick thighs. My wife is over two hundred pounds, so no grief from her about my weight.

My co-workers were all heavy back then and now even heavier so my physique fits in pretty well. Work was going well. I fit right back in, actually a little better now that I was just as fat as everyone else. Things were about to change.

I got along with everyone pretty well. Our receptionist, Stephanie and I got along really well. No, nothing romantic or otherwise, she was there when I worked there before. I liked her, she was gaining weight steadily we kidded each other about how much weight we have each gained.

My wife, Katie, wanted to go on a cruise to celebrate our anniversary. She found a cruise line that was a bargain. The ships were older, they didn't stop in as many or as cool ports as the more expensive cruise lines, but they did have a reputation for excellent food and serving twenty-four hours a day.

Katie and I left for our cruise. We arrived in Miami and boarded the ship. We checked in and were taken to our cabin. The cabin was fully stocked with rich food, treats and drinks. The ship served food twenty four/seven. Soon, all Katie and I were doing was eating.

We had breakfast in bed every morning, snacking, then a heavy lunch around the pool, snacking all day, then a rich heavy dinner, more snacking, top off then to bed and repeat. This routine went on for three weeks. Well of course we "blimped". I couldn't stop eating and Katie was enjoying watching me eat so much and I enjoyed watching her, it was a mutual binge. We knew , obviously, that we were putting on weight, but we were only wearing the skimpiest briefs we could fit into and to tell the truth we could care less about our weight.
When Katie and I started to get ready to leave the ship three weeks later both of us noticed how much weight we had gained. I pulled on my bikini cut briefs and had trouble pulling them up over my now even fatter thighs. My belly bulged straight out from my chest, I mean I was kind of fat before, but now I looked pregnant. Katie loved it. She was having trouble walking she had gained so much weight. I managed to find a pair of sweat pants in the gift shop that I could fit into.
The flight home was uncomfortable, given our expanded figures, squeezed into airline seats, but we were looking forward to getting home, so no big deal.

We got home on a Saturday night. I was planning on going into the office on Monday. We got settled and went to bed. We slept in as usual. I got up and was about to start my usual routine as I walked, actually kind of waddled to the bathroom. I went to pee and noticed I couldn't see the toilet bowl. "What, I thought, I'm not that fat!" I peed and turned to look in the mirror, I was stunned. I was that fat!, I mean really, really fat! My belly bulged out from my chest, sagged a bit over my groin, love handles sagged and jiggled, my butt was obscenely big as were my thighs. I stepped on the scale and the dial zoomed to two hundred and sixty five pounds! "Holy shit! I gained over forty pounds!" I thought. Just then Katie, literally waddled into the bathroom. I hadn't really noticed how much weight she had put on, as she was usually lying on the bed or a chaise lounge chair on the ship. Her belly was sticking out as far as mine and her bottom was immense! Her body jiggled like jello. She giggled poking my huge belly apron, "Oh Nat, I love your nice big tummy, it is so cute!" "Honey I can't believe how fat I've gotten in just three weeks! I've gained over forty pounds!" Katie looked me smiling, "So?" "But, I'm fat!" "Nat honey, I love you! No matter how skinny you are, or how fat you are, so what? You're done with the reserves, so no one is bothering you about your weight. So why should you be so worried about gaining weight?" "What about my job?" Katie giggled, "Nat you work with a bunch of fatties. Like the guys are going to care that you have gained weight, when they've been overweight for years." I was looking in the mirror playing with my new belly fat. "Yeah you're right, I shouldn't worry what other people think. What do you want to do this morning babe?" Katie giggled, poked my belly, "I want to go out to eat breakfast silly!"

We managed to find sweat pants and t-shirts that at least gave us some modesty and went to a "VI" to eat. Of course we both got stuffed. After breakfast I suggested that we go over to Wal-Mart and try to find some clothes that fit us.

We went to the men's section first, since Katie stayed home most of the day, she really didn't want to buy many clothes. I tried on some XL sweats and they were too small! I was embarrassed, Katie just thought it funny. I found some shirts, new briefs, sweat pants to wear at least until I found a "Big and Tall" shop I liked.
We got home and Katie was hungry again. We had to some frozen burgers in the freezer and fixed those for lunch and finished up all the chips and crackers. We lay around the rest of the afternoon, really just snacking and drinking pop and a beer here and there.

Katie wanted pizza for supper. She ordered three deep dish, meat lovers pizzas and we got stuffed again. We went to bed early, still tried from our trip home. I lay in bed kneading my fat belly, worrying about how things would go at work tomorrow.

I got up at the usual time, showered, dressed and went down to eat breakfast. Katie was still in bed, she wasn't an early riser anyway and now with the extra pounds, there was no way she would be up before nine o'clock. I was sitting at the breakfast table feeling my fifty-four inch belly sagging onto my thick thighs. I gave my belly a pat and hefted myself up and got ready to head to work.
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Tommmy 4 years
This is wonderful and I hope you continue it soon